Ukraine: A City Under Siege

Civilians in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv living under daily attacks from Russian forces

Ukraine: A City Under Siege Since the early days of the war, Kharkiv has been a target of Russian bombardment. Many residents have fled the shattered city; those that have remained have been fighting to retain a sense of normality.
Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, has been subjected to near-constant shelling since February. The Russian onslaught was met with surprising resistance; unable to take the city, but still within shelling distance, Russian forces have resorted to causing heavy damage from afar. 'First they hit with a mortar. When all the people gathered, the police, the rescuers, they shelled us for the second time, with a multi-rocket attack. Such a system: strike the first time, wait until as many people as possible gather and cover a second time with shelling', explains a member of the area's territorial defense. Many residents of Kharkiv now shelter in the city's metro station - but it's not a healthy environment: 'Everyone coughs and sneezes. My children have been sick four times', explains Yulia, who has been sheltering in the metro. Though many have fled Kharkiv, those who have remained have rallied to keep morale high. Egor Goroshko volunteers at a community centre which provides food and medication to thousands daily, including to the military: 'The enemy is fed by outdated rations but our warriors eat hot soup'.

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