Myanmar: The Forgotten Revolution

Myanmar's forgotten fight for democracy

Myanmar: The Forgotten Revolution More than 20,000 people are reported dead, air strikes are hitting towns and villages and artillery is pummelling positions of armed resistance. This isn't Ukraine, this is the world’s forgotten civil war, where thousands of twenty-something year-olds are risking death and sacrificing their youth to fight against a military coup that has removed elected government and stolen what they see as their future.
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★★★★★ | "As chilling and courageous as TV gets" - The Guardian

"The atrocities cannot be ignored" - The Times

Laurel Peabody | Shortlist

 Myanmar: The Forgotten Revolution
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Watch director Katie Arnold's interview with CNN here

The Producers

Evan Williams - Producer

Evan Williams is a TV news and current affairs reporter, presenter and producer with 20 years experience covering some of the world's most difficult countries, including Burma, Zimbabwe, West Papua, Iraq, the Middle East, South East and Central Asia. He has worked as a Sydney-based Senior Reporter on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's flagship international current affairs program Foreign Correspondent and before that he spent more than five years as ABC's South East Asia correspondent. He is now based in London as an independent TV journalist and documentary filmmaker working regularly as a reporter for Channel 4's weekly international current affairs program Unreported World.

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