Gasflaring Madness

The toxic business of gasflaring

Gasflaring Madness Our dependence on black gold has fatal consequences. In oil producing countries like Nigeria and Russia, oil companies are systematically burning off the natural gas that is produced as a by-product when drilling for oil. They flare the precious gas to save money. It’s contributing to climate change, at a time when time is of the essence in fighting to save the planet. Can anything be done to stop this madness?

 Gasflaring Madness
(2022) on IMDb

The Producers

Inge Altemeier - Director

Born 1956, lives in Hamburg and studied English language and literature, politics and educational sciences. She worked as a freelancer for radio and TV. As of 1991, she is a television journalist, filmmaker and writer for the TV stations NDR, SWR, Arte and Der Spiegel. She is a specialist in worldwide investigative research.

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