The Ever Closer War

Investigating Russian war crimes in Ukraine

The Ever Closer War Four months after Russian troops invaded Ukraine, Belgian journalist Rudi Vranckx travels through the country to investigate the horrors of war inflicted on ordinary people.
From the massacre in Bucha to the front at Kharkiv in the east, evidence of Russian war crimes is widespread. Serhiy learned that his family were killed after seeing a photo of his wife and two children on Twitter: ‘I saw a photo from The New York Times on Twitter. Their faces were blurry, but I recognised their clothes and our dog’s crate’. Vitali and his daughter were held hostage by Russian soldiers, who beat them and fellow Ukrainians while holding them captive. He explains the horrors he witnessed: ‘They cut off one person’s fingers and laughed: “Someone won’t have fingers any more”’. Another woman’s 11 year-old daughter was killed as they sat eating breakfast. ‘Her head was all shot up. They blew her brains out’.

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