Florida's Anti-Woke Censorship

Parents and politicians taking issue with LGBTQ+ education in schools

Florida's Anti-Woke Censorship Books that discuss race, sexual orientation or gender are being censored in the United States. Schools and libraries have become a political battleground between progressives and conservatives.
In the United States, books on 'controversial' topics such as race and sexual orientation are being targeted for removal from school libraries. In Florida, one bookseller, holding a children's picture book on anti-racism, says, 'What are you afraid of? Why do you forbid these books that have no reason to be forbidden?'. Suppression of 'woke' books is happening throughout the country. At a librarian's convention in Texas, censorship is a hot topic of conversation. 'Suppressing books is a weapon. Many people use the slogan "freedom of speech for me, but not for you"', says one activist speaking at the convention. 'We have never seen such an effort to censor books. Librarians who have been working for 30 years have never experienced such a massive attack with lists of hundreds of banned books', says Wendy Woodland, head of the Texas Librarians Association.

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