Sweden's Gun Epidemic

Scandi noir come to life: Fighting gun violence in Sweden

Sweden's Gun Epidemic Sweden, widely regarded as a safe, progressive nation, has become the epicentre of gun violence in Europe. Last year alone, there were 342 shootings. What's driving the bloodshed in this Scandinavian country?
In Sweden, gun violence has become an epidemic. Per head, the nation had more shootings last year than any other nation in Europe. 'Those involved are from what we call "vulnerable areas". Areas with a high rate of immigrants, unemployment, a low rate of education', says one emergency room doctor based in Malmö. He's treated countless gunshot wounds. 'A month ago, there was a guy shot dead 50 metres from where I parked my car', says Mike. Many shootings happen in daylight, in public spaces. 'If you want to kill someone, it doesn't matter if it's broad daylight, if there's lots of people around you', says Mike. Drugs and gangs have been blamed - but some in the far-right are blaming immigration. 'Not a day goes by without headlines about fatal shootings ... Sweden should not be a free zone for illegal immigrants, or a paradise for criminals', says Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson. An anti-immigration stance has been at the cornerstone of their 2022 campaign. 'The Sweden Democrat's scapegoat is always immigration', explains immigration expert Lisa Pelling.

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