Protests rage in Peru against President Dina Boluarte

Soroche Violent protests have raged for weeks in Peru against the government of President Dina Boluarte. In Cusco, roads are blocked in and out of the city and chaos reigns the streets, with Peruvians angry at political corruption in their government.
Since December, protests have been sparked after Congress impeached and arrested President Pedro Castillo. Peruvians demand new president Boluarte’s resignation and a new constitution for the country. ‘We ask for our rights… Dina Boluarte is robbing us by force as President, we want her to resign’, insists one protester. The demonstrations have been violent, with a current estimated death toll of over 60 people. ‘We haven’t done any business in the last three days’, says one local shop owner in Cusco. ‘This is not Cusco, Cusco is peace, Cusco is culture… look at our Cusco now, there is trash everywhere, it’s no longer safe’, says one dismayed resident. '[The police] kicked me in the knees on the floor’.

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