Money Crypt

The cryptocurrency cult luring in young people

Money Crypt Thousands of young people want to make a fortune in cryptos. IM Mastery Academy, a training institute, is under judicial investigation in Spain for mental manipulation and criminal conspiracy. We met the young survivors of a global scandal.
IM has invested a lot of money to recruit new students across Europe. But behind the promises of success hides a company with dubious methods. 2 years ago, Luis, a student from Spain, was approached by a student of the academy on social networks. 'Initially, I wanted to learn to be a trader. They twisted my brain and said first I had to create my own wealth, and if I could recruit other students, he would pay me a commission that I can then invest.' Once young investors tried to cut ties with the academy, they used harsh tactics to keep people enlisted. '​As soon as we want to leave, or if we doubt them, they say “have you thought about your parents, and their problems? What at first looked like a financial formation soon turned out to be a cult​.​' When families realize the scam, it is often too late. Maria Del Mar's son has slowly cut ties with her since joining the academy. 'At first, I went to ask the police for help. I was even ready to file a complaint against my son so that they would go get him.' Last April, the economic crime unit arrested 8 Spanish officials from IM Mastery Academy. The case is under investigation.

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