Daughters of the Sun

Community healing in the shadow of war

Daughters of the Sun The Yazidi girls were often just teenagers when they were abducted from their villages in the mountains of Kurdistan by fighters of Islamic State. They were converted to Islam by force, were sold as sex slaves for terrorists. Now that the survivors return to their homeland, the question arises if they will manage to start anew. Theatre-maker Hussein tries to help them to find a new life.

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The Producers

Reber Dosky — Director

Reber Dosky is a Kurdish Dutch filmmaker. After studying film direction at the Film Academy in Amsterdam he graduated with his first documentary The Call (2013). In 2014 he founded his own production company Adar Film. After the short documentary The Sniper of Kobani (2015) received a lot of attention, his breakthrough came with his first feature documentary Radio Kobani (2016), which won the IDFA Award in the Dutch competition, and many other awards at festivals all over the world. In 2019 he won the IDFA award for best documentary with Sidik and the Panther. Reber Dosky aims at telling broad stories on social and political issues through personal, intimate narratives.

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