Between The Rains

A childhood caught up in tribal expectations and the looming threat of climate change

Between The Rains Filmed with stunning cinematography over four years, Between the Rains explores a childhood caught within a traditional culture that is a casualty of climate change. During a period of record low rainfall in northern Kenya, the Turkana tribe faces growing violent clashes with rival tribes and encroaching wild predators hunting their livestock. Kolei, a sensitive shepherd boy whose name translates to “living amongst the goats”, questions not only his path as a warrior, but also the erosion of the culture that has shaped every aspect of his life. With unprecedented and intimate access to the Turkana people, this moving coming-of-age story reveals the grave threats facing one of the world's oldest communities.

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The Producers

Moses Thuranira - Co-Director & Producer

Moses is a producer, journalist, activist & art teacher based in northern Kenya. As a journalist and community organizer, Moses has devoted his life to ensuring that the communities in Kenya’s northern region have a voice. Moses is also working to establish northern Kenya’s first art school - where students will be encouraged to become the creators & problem-solvers for Kenya’s tomorrow. Moses is currently a fellow in the Kenya Film Commission residency program for Documentary and Feature Films as well as a member of the 2022 Points North Fellowship.

Andrew H. Brown - Co-Director & DP

After his time as an enlisted Forward Observer in the US Army, Andrew has spent the last decade working as a humanitarian & filmmaker in sub-Saharan Africa. Most recently, he was the producer (p.g.a.), cinematographer & editor of KIFARU (Audience Award at Full Frame, Grand Jury Winner at Slamdance). As the producer of KIFARU, Andrew secured exclusive access to the story of Sudan - the last northern white rhino male in existence - allowing the crew to capture the story of extinction in real-time for the first time in history. As the editor for KIFARU, he was nominated by Jackson Wild for Best Editing. Prior to that, Andrew spent three years building relationships within northern Kenya’s poaching network, unveiling the intricacies of the illegal ivory trade as the producer of WHEN LAMBS BECOME LIONS (Best Editing, Tribeca Film Festival); a recipient of Sundance’s Documentary Production Grant in 2017. Andrew was also a member of the 2022 Points North Fellowship.

Samuel Ekomol - Producer

Samuel is an activist and studying to be a science teacher based in Kenya. Born and raised in the village where our story unfolds, Samuel prides himself on being a representative voice for the Turkana people and culture. As an advocate, he has worked on various peace building initiatives throughout northern Kenya’s rural communities. As a leader within the student body at Moi University, Samuel partnered with the university to help inform and equip students and their families from pastoral communities on their rights and opportunities available to them in their communities. Samuel currently works as a public school teacher for his rural community.

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