Death Row in Iran

Iranian government continue to crack down on protesters

Death Row in Iran For defying Iran's government, hundreds of people have been sentenced to death. Secret and expeditious procedures make the task of those who want to defend the convicts extremely difficult. Still, a brave few are speaking out against the regime and campaigning for civil liberties.
Since the death of Masha Amini, killed in September for a strand of hair sticking out of her scarf, nearly 20,000 people have been arrested in Iran, many now facing death row. With physical and sexual torture commonly deployed by the authorities to punish dissenters, almost everyone remains silent. Many flee to Turkey. A few brave activists risk their lives to communicate with prisoners and send them clothes and medicine. To carry the voice of these prisoners, a network of political sponsors has been set up around the world. "We believe that if this political sponsorship was not active around the world, Islamic Republic would definitely kill more people", says Maryam Banihashemi, Co-founder of Free Iran Switzerland.

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