Esther and the Law

One woman's fight against a multinational corporation

Esther and the Law For decades, Esther Kiobel has fought for justice for her husband, who was one of the nine men executed in 1995 after revolting against Shell's pollution of Ogoniland, Nigeria. Almost 25 years later Esther takes Shell to court in the Netherlands.

LaurelMovies That Matter Festival | Official Selection

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The Producers

Tatiana Scheltema - Director
Tatiana Scheltema is a Dutch investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has gained recognition for her work on complex and sensitive subjects focusing on human rights and the rule of law. Trained as a filmmaker at LIFS in London, Tatiana has produced and directed a number of short films. ‘Esther & the Law’ is her first feature-length documentary.

Ilja Roomans - Producer
Ilja Roomans has produced documentaries since 2003, she was responsible for more than 60 creative documentaries, fiction films, animation series and interactive projects. Her experience includes both Dutch productions and international co-productions. She is producer for Docmakers since 2019. Recent productions include Close to Vermeer by Suzanne Raes (2023) and Master of Light by Rosa Ruth Boesten (winner SXSW 2022 Best Documentary Feature Award, winner San Francisco Film Festival McBaine Documentary Feature Award, winner Special Mention Best Cinematography Atlanta Film Festival, Maysles Brothers Award for Best Documentary Denver Film Festival. Cinema EYE Honors Spotlight Award 2023).

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