The War On Woke

DeSantis 'war on woke' agenda sees poll numbers fall

The War On Woke The US State of Florida has become the centre of America's culture wars as Governor Ron DeSantis pursues a right-wing agenda focused on gender and race laws, which some hope will take him all the way to the White House.
Florida has long been touted as a prized swing state; a place where presidents are made. Now all eyes are on the state again. Governer Ron DeSantis has built a national profile by making Florida the place "where woke comes to die". As well as loosening gun laws and tightening abortion restrictions, DeSantis has made education his battleground, pursuing changes over issues like race and gender. They include legislation, signed by the governor last year, banning classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity. "He defends freedom, he defends education and the innocence of our children," says Catalina Stubbe from conservative parents group Moms for Liberty. His ability to energise voters on the issue of education has already ensured it's becoming a major focus of the 2024 presidential race, including with his chief Republican rival, Donald Trump. While Trump fights various legal battles, DeSantis is trying to lean into his moniker of "Trump without the chaos" as he aims for the Republican nomination.

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