Unstoppable Me

For the smallest comedian in the world, the sky's the limit

Unstoppable Me In a heartwarming, hilarious and uplifting insight into the world of Tanyalee Davis, we discover that life is most definitely what you make of it. As she travels up the East Coast of America to tape her comedy special, she reveals to us the ups and down of life as a disabled road comic. As she navigates exclusion and prejudice, Tanyalee reminds us that nothing should ever make us feel like we can’t reach for our dreams.

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Festivals and Awards

LaurelFlickers Rhode Island Film Festival | Official Selection

Reviews and More

"3ft 6in of unstoppably hilarious, inspirational, menopausal Canadian"Kate Copstick, Chortle

"Unstoppable Me is a life affirming breath of fresh air to help us all beat the victim mentality that seems to be taking over the world at the moment. And breaths of fresh air have never come funnier than this."Bruce Dessau, Beyond the Joke

The Producers

Joe Bor – Director & Producer

Joe Bor is a British filmmaker and comedian, whose written, comedic and directorial content spans across the internet, television and advertising industries. Educated in Filmmaking, with an MA in Scriptwriting, Bor has worked with a range of TV companies, including the BBC, ITV, Talkback and Rough Cut. His work has also been admired and applauded globally at international film festivals, winning ‘Best Short Film’ in both Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival and Vegas Movie Awards. He also celebrates his win in British Documentary Film Festival and LA Indies Festivals for ‘Best Feature Documentary’ and ‘Best Documentary Director’. Winning ‘Comedian of the Year’ at Leicester Square Theatre, Bor approaches this project with an appreciation for comedy and the demands of the road.

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