Citizens of the Reich

The rise of Germany's far-right movement

Citizens of the Reich In a country that has condemned far right extremism since World War II, an insight into the Reichsburger and AfD group unveils the role of these far-right 'sovereign citizens' movement in modern-day Germany.
An attempted coup last year in Germany took both the nation and the rest of the world by surprise. Intelligence officials claim that the Reichsbürger, who believe that Germany "is occupied and administered by the Anglo-American occupation regime," is in a dangerous alliance with far-right political party, the AfD. With radical policies on restricting migration and halting action on climate change, the position of both the Reichsbürger and the AfD claims to put the interests of German citizens first.The uncovering of the alleged plot by the Reichsbürger group poses the question as to whether, "Germany's history could repeat itself."

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