Drought: Spain's Liquid Gold

An unprecedented drought is draining Spain of water

Drought: Spain's Liquid Gold As global temperatures continue to rise, innovative water management solutions are being put in place in southern Spain to mitigate the now annual droughts: RTS investigates these techniques, both new and old.
For centuries the semi-arid climate of Andalusia has necessitated the effective management of water resources to support the agriculture of southern Spain. "The length of time we've been using and maintaining these (techniques), can be counted in hundreds of years." says Francisco Manuel Alvarez, a local farmer who has been using ancient canals first brought to Spain by the Moors. But the increased pressures on water resources brought about by climate change in the breadbasket of Spain calls for more modern techniques. Isabel Oller Alberola heads the solar water treatment unit at the Almeria Solar Platform:"We're trying to take advantage of photons, the sun's ultraviolet energy... to destroy contaminants". The recycling of waste water has proved useful in the growth of crops at this plant; scientific research shows that contaminants in the water are unable to reach the fruit. Technology is being used to save water in a domestic setting too: Waisense is introducing tech at home to promote water saving, "No one will thinking of saving water if they don't know why, or if they don't care about this resource.".

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