Gaza Diaries

Intimate recordings of Israeli airstrikes

Gaza Diaries Using mobile phone footage filmed inside Gaza, five people share the reality of continual Israeli air strikes. Their experience reveals the unprecedented humanitarian crisis created during the first weeks of the war.
"Some are still under the rubble, most of them are women and children," recounts Khalid, from Jabalia refugee camp, who documented the first few days of bombing. He recalls the lack of safe food and water: "we’ll take the worms out and eat it." Farida, an English teacher from Gaza City, had to evacuate to the south along with 1.4 million others. Unable to contact her family, she says, "I’m out of words to describe how I’m feeling, or what’s happening around us. A lot of bombing around us. All the children now are crying. We don’t know where we can go" she remarks. Adam is sheltering in a UN school in southern Gaza, along with tens of thousands of others. "The world doesn’t care if you live or die, if you get food today or not." The lack of food, medical aid and continuous bombing takes a huge psychological toll on Gazans. Even more so is the knowledge of being monitored and vulnerable to attack at any time. Salma, a dental student, says: "they cut us off from the world, then the massacres begin. Its horrific. The sound of Israeli drones never stops."

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