Ukraine: Dancing Under Bombs

The resilience of the party scene in Kyiv

Ukraine: Dancing Under Bombs Dancing to forget the war: immersion in Kyiv's most famous club, "Closer". Before the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian capital held a special place in the European electronic music scene. Today, despite the suffering and war, young Ukrainians more than ever need these alternative venues.
RTS travels to Kyiv to discover how dancing has become a form of resistance. Despite the curfew, despite the constant threat of war that continues to rage, dancing allows Ukrainian youth to preserve a time of carefree joy and hope for the future. "Our lives have become so boring that it is important to go out and have fun" says a local partygoer. Although everyone is unsure of what is to come, and uncertainty is in the air "The city is very alive". Travelling across several different venues, it is clear that a vibrant and social atmosphere remains, and Kyiv holds on to its reputation as a creative hub. "It is so nice to meet new people and have a sense of normality".

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