Hotel Rwanda

Britain pushes ahead with 'Rwanda plan' relaunch

Hotel Rwanda Britain and Rwanda's recently-signed treaty seeks to relaunch the ‘Rwanda plan’, which last year was blocked by the British supreme court. This RTS report investigates Rwandan hotels preparing for the arrival of asylum seekers from the UK, as well as the impact on their soon-to-be occupants.
Seeking to strengthen the ‘Rwanda plan,’ which intends to send UK asylum seekers to Rwanda to process their applications, the UK recently proposed new laws declaring Rwanda a safe country. A hotelier in Rwanda, preparing for its new occupants, finds this a source of pride: “Rwanda is preparing to become a land of welcome.”

However, those at the centre of this policy are fearful. Ars was given a plane ticket in lieu of a response to his request for asylum in the UK. The promised 'land of welcome' does not measure up to reports of mistreatment of asylum seekers. “It was madness,” he said. “I thought the UK was the best country in the world. For me, it’s become the worst of all.”

The UK's policy of outsourcing asylum claims is being watched from abroad, with Eritreans in Switzerland facing potential deportation in a plan inspired by the UK. Amongst rising fears that models such as these "cannot be compatible with human rights," people like Ars look to their future with little hope.

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