My Father, My Abuser

Investigating the impact of child abuse in France

My Father, My Abuser Recent revelations of celebrities subjected to intrafamilial sexual abuse have reached the public eye in France. This RTS report interviews two women who have had the courage to break the silence and embark on a healing journey.
"It was very complicated for me to understand what really happened... and to manage my anger towards my father," recounts Nicole, a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of her father. Uncovering a past trauma has led Nicole to speak out against her family and join other survivors in recovery of their past experiences. "For the past two years, she has been seen by a psychologist specialised in helping victims of sexual abuse" reports RTS. For another survivor, Josephine, a new life in Switzerland has granted her space for healing: "It's not a new chapter, it's a new book!"

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