The Bad Guy

Do active shooter drills do more harm than good?

The Bad Guy After moving to the US, filmmaker and first-time mom Louise is in the midst of searching for a daycare when, just a couple of hours away, one of the deadliest ever school shootings unfolds. In an elementary school in the sleepy town of Uvalde, Texas, a teenager kills 21 people, including 19 young children.
The Bad Guy examines life in a society that has entered a vicious cycle of excessive security measures due to a dangerous mix of fear and access to guns: a society that defends itself against international threats with the most powerful weapons, but collectively fails to protect the very young from its own citizens within its own borders.

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The Producers

Louise Van Assche – Co-director

Louise Van Assche is an independent documentary filmmaker, based in Austin, Texas. Her work has taken her across Belgium, the Netherlands, Congo, and eventually to the United States in 2019. Here, she's directed two short documentaries and has recently completed her first feature documentary. She is currently working on a documentary about growing up in the U.S., continuing her journey of exploring human stories through film.

Kwinten Gernay – Co-director

Kwinten Gernay is an independent editor and filmmaker based in Brussels, Belgium. Since graduating from film school in 2014, he has worked on documentaries and docuseries. The Bad Guy is his documentary feature debut as a director.

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