Signs Of Anger

Europe's farmers intensify protests

Signs Of Anger Farmers' protests are gaining momentum across Europe. On the border of France and Switzerland, farmers from both countries get together to express their dismay. This RTS doc investigates how anger is being turned into change.
Roadblocks and destroying road signs are the chosen means of action for farmers that feel sidelined in a turbulent political landscape. The regulations that are making their daily lives increasingly difficult, and silence from politicians on the matter have prompted mass protests. Part of a movement that extends across borders, one farmer asserted, “if there are no more [of us], there’ll be nothing to eat. The base of society will have collapsed.” The source of his anger: local produce being iced out of the market by international imports and rising prices, “cabbage from Portugal, that’s stupid.” Moving to re-assert themselves as part of one of the key pillars of society, the food-supply chain, thousands have come together to challenge the practices of large-scale supermarkets. This begs the question: how is the prioritisation of local products enforced? For farmers, this is precisely what they are levying at their politicians, and they are willing to go to extreme lengths to get their voices heard: “if there’s no listening, we have dumpsters full of manure”.

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