Burning Man

The origin story of America's wackiest festival

Burning Man Deep in America's Black Rock desert, the nation's weirdest and wildest gather at a strange postmodern festival each year to try and 'recreate culture'.
It is a wacky celebration where anything goes. Thousands of festival-goers beat drums, dance naked, eat fire or do whatever makes them feel good - the only rule is 'don't interfere with anyone else's good time'. For gun-lovers there are 'drive by' shooting ranges and the camp ground is divided into 'heaven' and 'hell'. The grand finale is the burning of a huge effigy of a man. The organisers have no particular political stance or religion - they just like setting things on fire and relishing the 'postmodern' experience. ABC reports on the festival in 1994, at the beginning of a now widely popular event.

Produced by ABC Australia

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