Difficult Reconciliation

The Ashkali in Kosovo face retaliatory persecution

Difficult Reconciliation The Ashkali are accused of collaborating with the Serbs during the ethnic cleansing, disposing of bodies after massacres. Today, following bomb attacks against them, Ashkali children go to school with a KFOR escort.
There is also tension between moderate Albanians and hard-liners who still want revenge on Kosovo's Serbs. KFOR protects Serb enclaves, and Serbs complain of ghettoisation: "The Albanians believe that KFOR are here to protect them and they can take every liberty". The moderate Albanian mayor of one village, having suffered two bomb attacks, admits <"Of course I am afraid". Meanwhile, the Kosovar Albanians have got neither jobs nor independence, and unfortunately for most, the radicals are setting the tone.

Produced by ORF

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