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....Mogadishu, testament to a failed mission. In this forgotten land, ‘technicals’, the combat cars of the opposing clans, prowl the streets, symbols of the anarchy and destruction which has engulfed Somalia for the past four years. Until now only stolen shots of these ‘technicals’ have been caught on film. Roadwarriors is the story of one such ‘technical’ and how Islamic law has sought to bring order out of chaos.

01.04 Close up shots of guns loading up, driving on technical

01.48 Destroyed Radio station& Commentator Good morning...this is radio Mogadishu, the voice of the people of Somalia...only to be heard in Mogadishu and the surrounding areas.......the studio clock says 7:30 this Friday morning. ...May the blessings of merciful Allah be upon you.

02.20 Technical crewawake Actuality: Big Ears, Big Ears get up....we’re moving! .. (ISLAMIC MUSIC FROM RADIO)

02.38 Intro v/o Mustafah 11 year old Mustafah, the youngest member of this technical crew
Mustafah sweeping I clean the technical .... dust it .... sweep it. I keep it free from dirt .... and whatever else I can do.
Sweeping I am not afraid of my enemies. I’m not scared to confront them. That’s how I feel.
Sweeping The militia are my brothers ... Whatever they want of me, its my duty to comply.

03.34 Mustafah in picture When I go to the front I look to see where the enemy are. That’s where I throw my grenades.

03.51 Gvs of BermudaV/O This is Bermuda, a besieged enclave 8km by 5km in the heart of Mogadishu. Since the beginning of the war in 1991, people here have become renowned as fearless fighters. Intensely xenophobic, no outsiders are permitted to enter. Though the people here are surrounded and heavily outgunned they’ve never been overun by the enemy forces loyal to General Aideed.

04.27 Hunchback with frontline GV’s It’s called Bermuda because when the enemy attack us we always defeat them. The enemy tell people this place is impregnable.

04.52 Technical sequence to mechanic

04.58 mechanic Mech: OK, - get down!

05.02 V/O on tehnicals with mechanic Technicals are usually cannibalised aid vehicles with anti-aircraft guns and heavy machine guns mounted in the back. They are painted and decorated by the crew for luck and intimidation.

05.22 Mechanic in picture As the technical goes into combat things can go wrong. It’s hard to be specific. It’s inevitable that things happen to it, it covers different terrain, hills, valleys, rocks. It can be hit by a bullet, rocket, whatever.

05.42 Mustafah walking I go to school in the mornings. After class, I go home, do my homework...then I go to the technical in the afternoon.

06.09 Assemby singing I want to learn something. When the war is over there will be nothing to do but study or get a job.

07.00 V/O Since the beginning of Somalia’s civil war, Bermuda has been cut off from the surrounding anarchy. Here Mustafah and the other children do go to school.

07.17 School teacher 1 He’s an average student. He needs to work hard, so he can support his family later in life. But he’s falling behind because he’s involved in the fighting.

07.34 Hunchback v/o pix of Zimbabwe fueling The community see this technical as crucial to their defence. It never leaves, day or night. These vehicles have become our fighting machine to ward off the enemy and defend the people.

07.56 Hunchback over Scar arm cleaning gun This one is very active - we really depend on it.

08.02 Hunchback in vision If it was destroyed, the boys would see it as a tragedy ..... They take good care of it so as to win fights.
Zimbabwe cleaning gun

08.19 Hunchback The gun is to fight off the enemy. We use this as cover for other guns in action. If one stops working, this one takes over, firing at enemy positions, providing covering fire.

08.50 Frontline departure, f/line 1 Ok... Listen! Only the gunner and the driver will stay on the car when we get to the ‘Tree of frustrated love’. Everyone else dismount fast!

09.10 Colonelv: bonnet and eagle They like fighting, they’re brave. They’re lions, they prefer action to lounging around.
Zimbabwe on gun

09.24 Hell raiser, f/line 1 My job is to defend the technical. I move up to the front-line, the technical moves up behind me into position. It looks out for me. If I move, it follows.

09.41 Boy walking through buildings This neighbourhood was destroyed by looters ... thieves who recently attacked us. The forces are the local vigilantes. They were born here, they went to school here and now they defending their homes ...or what’s left of them . It’s all rubble ....all ruined homes......we’ve stayed here to defend the schools.

10.22 Boy and skull, f/line 1 This was a member of an armed gang. They attacked our neighbourhood, and he was killed fighting us.
f/line 1 I was wounded in the fight defending our school. I was defending it so we can continue our education. I didn’t want it to be destroyed.

11.06 Islamic intro v/o and g/vs Every Western solution for Somalia’s crisis has failed. And today in their search for peace and security, Somalis are turning to Islam. Due to the endemic looting and killing that has run rampant since the civil war began, Islamic Shariah law is being enforced by the elders.

Cruising scene 1 CRUISING SCENE FAST
11.27 Cruising V/O crew/court relationship The technical crew was chosen by the newly established Islamic court of Bermuda to bring order to the streets. Until recently these men were freelancers on their own in a world of violence and anarchy. Today they are united fighting for justice under the banner of Islam.

11.46 Colonel over driving We behave as one family, because we are equal. If one gets a shilling so do the others.
Big Ears Until the courts were set up, the armed men believed they had power, and that they could rule the country. They had the country’s power, government, and administration.

12.16 Technicals outside the court Just 6 months ago Big Ears, the Colonel and the rest of the technical crew were among those renegade militias surviving in any way they could. There was no government, no police, no law, no order.

12.38 The Russian v/o Let bygones be bygones...let’s talk about the present...now we’re straight.
Russian in view Since the court was established, things have improved. There were fluctuations before, but, let’s not dwell on the past...let’s talk about the present...there’s nothing better than the court.

13.14 Vox pop v/o Even though the war between rival factions continues, the people of Bermuda feel safer under Islamic law. They no longer live in fear of the marauding technical crews that dominate Bermuda’s streets. Now the people have to accept that overnight their wild militiamen may have turned from murderers into protectors.

13.35 Woman in Green It is amazing. Before they were robbers breaking into Muslim homes. Now they‘re normal people who believe in the Koran.

13.49 Man in wheelchair When the women go to the market and the wells to fetch water, they were raped by armed youths. At night, homes were burgled, everything was taken.

14.05 Colonel It was a dog’s life - a terrible situation. There was nothing coming in. We lived in hardship. We fought for what we needed and took it by force. We attacked, robbed and looted.

14.29 Man with Red Turban Thieves were arrested, their hands were choppped off, and they were flogged, and it became peaceful. Having said that, some thieves are now part of the Islamic forces.

14.46 Scar Sequence. Colonel He’s been hit by grenade shrapnel. In the last battle with the Murasade he lost his right thumb. Thank God he’s still alive.
Introducing Zimbabwe He’s been fighting since the civil war began. He‘s lost a finger, broken an arm, he’s been wounded twice ...he has shrapnel in other parts of his body.
Introducing Six Fingers He’s nicknameed ‘Six Fingers’ as he has a tiny finger dangling here.
Introducing The Russian He’s been hit by tracers. You can see the bullet hit him here. That was in the last battle. He’s wounded elsewhere, too. The bullet is just sitting in his knee. He’s a real lion!

15.37 Introducing Big Ears This is Mr Big Ears. He’s been hit by a bullet on this side of his face and it came out the other side. All his teeth were shattered. He’s got shrapnel in his head. This cut was stitched, his skull was fractured. He’s also been run over by a tank. Luckily he survived. Thank God.

15.57 SCHOOL PART 2 SINGING GIRLS And say, may God give us knowledgeREPEAT

16.19 Mustafah goes to board- school 2 There’s a time for education and the militia. I join them when I’m free.
Mustafah, school 2, At board When I’m at school, I’m a student. When I’m with the older guys I act like them. When they go to the front, I am one of them ...

16.48 Mustafah, school 2 at desk with pen This is a classroom for work, when you leave school you do as you want. I accept that at school you can’t do what you want, but outside you are free.

16.58 Mustafah’s Teacher, school 2 in view We want him to quit the militia and concentrate on his education. We’ll force him to do that.

17.13 V/O teacher as Mustafah gets on technical It affects his education tremendously. We want him to concentrate on his work and to stop fighting and the defence activities.

17.26 Mustafah driving before shooting Being at school is better for me than being with the militia.

17.40 Mustafah on technical under fire. Mustafah: Drive to the corner!

17.58 Post shooting actuality Russian : My blood was frozen. Mustafah : Dadadahh! Ka boom.

18.10 Subtitles actuality What the hell are you there for?They only had the chance once to hit us, not two!You stupid son of a bitch.

18.24 Big Ears and Mustafah on sand dunes Big Ears: When we’re fighting, this man is brave. He can fend for himself. When it’s needed, he hands out the ammunition. He’s not afraid to go where he’s sent.

18.40 Mustafah: I spy on them. I look and see what’s happening no matter where the enemy is, then I report back.

18.47 Big Ears: I know he’ll be a good man. He’ll do well. I hope he’ll learn and benefit from the training.

19.06 Mustafah: He’s a good teacher. He teaches me about combat and the general situation.

19.16 Big Ears: I tease him that since I’m his teacher, he should give me his daughter’s hand in marriage. I’d like to marry her ... or his mother!

19.35 UN Destruction This is all the Somali people gained from the UN mission here, pickings from their last stronghold on the beach of Mogadishu. Today, there is little evidence of the vast sums they spent here. It was one of the their most expensive failures leaving behind a people disillusioned with the West and deeply paranoid of its intentions.

20.36 Lunch Wigs: That banana is mine - give it to me.Zimbabwe: How do you claim it for yourself ? It’s intended for us all.Wigs: It was meant for me!

21.03 Leave lunchV/O Not so long ago they would have stolen their lunch. Today it’s provided by the community in recognition of their role as protectors and defenders of Bermuda.

21.18 Technical reverses out After lunch most male Somalis crave the amphetamine-like drug - khat.

21.26 Khat Market It perishes quickly in the heat, so each morning it’s flown in from Kenya into airstrips dotted around the country. It’s the only trade that thrives here, despite the devastation.

21.45 C/S khat chewing The drug puts the fighters into a trigger happy high which has done little to contain their emotions , and serves as the only antidote to the reality of the war.

22.02 Ga’amey on technical chewing khat We like khat - it gets rid of fatigue and staves off nightmares. It also makes the work easier. It doesn’t really do you much good.
Ga’amey You do what you can to get your dose.
Ga’amey We get up fresh in the morning but when the time comes for khat we crave it. We need it to work. It makes our minds active.. we’re addicted.
Ga’amey We have shifts but we don’t sleep much.

22.55 Ga’amey in flickering light We don’t get high for fun... all around us people have died, lost relations in this war.

23.07 CINEMA V/O The militia haven’t left Bermuda since the war began, their contacts with the outside world are severely limited. Ironically Hollywood still makes it through.

23.40 CinemaColonel v/o Everyone has a hobby. Some chew khat and get high, some go to the movies, some play cards, some smoke, some play football. They all do something in their spare time.

24.42 Colonel on technical cruising /with f/line 2 If fighting breaks out, we have several fronts to defend. We‘re completely surrounded. Most of the time they come from two sides, attacking from the front and the rear.
Colonel on technical, cruising with f/line 2 We prepare our defences for any eventuality. Sometimes they attack us with their technicals. We never go on the offensive but we chew up and spit out anything that attacks us.

25.36 Mustafah on frontlines with ammo/F/LINE 2 When the infantry go to the frontlines I go too. I distribute the ammunition and carry grenades.

25.55 Hell Raiser v/o F/LINE 2 We’re here because we heard that supporters of the General want to cause trouble in the area. We’re defending ourselves, our homes, and our community.

26.39 Mustafah wakes up NEW DAY Mustafah get up, get up.

27.28 Mustafah c/s Who’s asking you? Shut up.

Mustafah I swear to God I’ll thump you.
Mustafah’s mum Come on you’re bigger than him.

Mustafah’s mum Come on, the plate, the tea.

27.46 Mustafah’s mother at Home I fear for his life , I wonder if he will come back or whether he will die. I fear for his safety.
We let him go because he’s useful to his country and he’s defending his people. We took that into consideration - that’s why we let him go.

28.10 Mustafah and Mum actuality I know that he looks after the technical. He’s told me he goes to the front-line.
Mustafah’s Mum Listen - it’s good that you work with the technical. you clean it, do as they ask you. Going to the front is a part of the job. Its good - you must be good at it. That’s my advice. Mustafah: I willMum: But work hard at your studies too.

28.48 Mustafah goes to well. There’s no money so I have to to the well and collect water.
Approaching well I’d like to provide for my family and take over my father’s role - If I get the chance.


30.30 COURT INTRO Issa walks into court & Big Ears Issa Mohammed Noor was the man responsible for persuading the militia to turn over a new leaf and become the Islamic court’s own forces. This is holy ground where only the fighters loyal to the court are allowed in with their guns.

30.53 Koranic School Across the road is one of Bermuda’s Koranic schools run by the court. Ever growing in popularity they reflect a bolstering of Islamic influence as the court campaigns for citizens to live according to Islam. These children must memorise the entire Koran before they can graduate.

31.14 Sheik- cutaways Before the court began, the situation was terrible. The place was a chaotic mess. There was looting and killing, rape. When the situation became critical, we, as Religious men decided to take the holy Koran.

31.56 Fight outside and actuality Participant 1: I swear, I’ll kill you!Participant 2: Leave me alone!Participant 3: Shut-up!Sheik: Where’s the militia?....tie him up !Screams:.....Don’t break my aaarm!

32.22 Big Ears at Court He was told there was important work in the court . We asked him to move away . He refused - so he was arrested.

32.45 Beginning of trial Do you commit the offence you are charged with, namely, theft of these items ? I’ll start with you.Q: what did you steal?A: Light bulbs. Hassan Isahaq, you have been accused of theft...is that right ?No ...I didn’t steal them.I was working elsewhere yesterday. I’ve been falsely accused.Where is the first witness ?I’m here..Put your hand on the Koran and say after me....that you are telling the truth and that you won’t lie.Sheik: stand back What do you know about this man?I saw him carrying these at Bashir Lugley.You others go out ...where’s the soldier ? Put the three prisoners in the courtyard. The court will now make its decision.

33.50 The Russian We were ordered to detain these men. We took the summons and went to look for them. We found two and brought them to court. They said they didn’t know where the other man was. We found him hiding and handed him over.

34.05 Trial continues/Sentence given In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate, on this day at the Bermuda Islamic Court.
sentence given This man who denies the offence he is accused of but two male witnesses have testified to this court. The court sentences him to 30 lashes. The court has taken into consideration his 4 previous offences.

34.53 Issa When a person is flogged and his head is shaven, the sentence in accordance with the Koran, he will not repeat that crime.

35.11 Issa over pix of Flogging (Carlos’) When it comes to the implementing the Koran, everyone will be afraid to commit a crime. I would be afraid, the head of this court would be afraid, everyone will be afraid of the Shariah law. No one is exempt from the Koran. Everyone will be afraid for his life. If you know that a hand or foot will be chopped off, or you’ll be flogged if you commit a crime then you’ll be afraid of committing an offence.

35.46 Colonel driving on technical Before the Islamic Court things were a mess. I was a colonal but I wasn’t working as one. I was cruising with these men. The court was established bringing law and order. We were assigned responsibilities.

36.11 Police Chief in view The police don’t have any technicals at present. We use the militia of the Bermuda Islamic court. When crimes are commited we send in the militia. Even when things are peaceful they’re nearby.

36.34 Colonel and police speak to one another Col. Good MorningCapt. How are you?Col. I’m doing fine.Capt. Take a seatCapt. We’re having problems with increased deliquency. Young kids are creating havoc in the neighbourhood.Capt. We have one guy in detention. We want to take him to the court soon.Col. What did he do ?Capt. He broke into a house.Col. So he’s a thief ?Capt. Yes, he’s is.

37.20 With Prisoner Capt. 11.21 Do you have any complaints?Have you been beaten? Prisoner. He beat me up. Capt. He hit you ?Prisoner. Yes here, and here.Police. If that’s true, we’ll hear from the witnesses.Cap. OK. ... that’ll need attention. Report it to the court . We don’t appprove of this.

Colonel shot at and actuality. Take cover. Bang! He’s bluffing. Come on, follow me.
Colonel through ruins

37.53 The militia have heard the enemy is in the area. An Aideed technical has been spotted.
A technical, a technical ! Take cover!GUNFIRELoad your gun, get ready.Get off my back!

38.32 Colonel actuality Why didn’t you fight him? You’re making me angry. How many years have you fought here ?

38.47 Big Ears and Mustafah walk to sand dune frontline Everyday along with most of Bermuda’s young men, Mustafah and Big Ears patrol the front lines. Two weeks before, over a hundred died in a battle nearby.The memories of it make the fighters nervous.

39.03 Radio Actuality ..Chiptooth, Chiptooth!Go ahead!De-code message..Big Ears : This is stupid!Six Finger: What, this place? Big Ears: We shouldn’t be here....it’s not worth it...Six Finger: We’re going to go over there.Big Ears: To that dune where the house is? (Six Finger: yes.) Big Ears: I swear, it’s not worth it, we shouldn’t be here.

39.33 Mustafah and Big Ears on sand dunes Big Ears: Did you know that Aideed’s forces attacked Baidoa?Mustafah: Yes.Big Ears And that they captured it?Mustafah: Yes.Big Ears: He’s a thief isn’t he?Mustafah: Yes he’s a thief.Big Ears: Since you’re the next generation you should confront him.Mustafah: We will.Big Ears: Confront him so that your country can be rebuilt again.Mustafah: We will.
Big Ears on Mustafah v/o on sand dune overlooking oil tanks I’m guiding Mustafah, because I don’t want him to end up like the others. He’s inexperienced. I don’t want other children to lead him astray. I want him to stay on the right path.Actuality end : Big Ears: With God’s help we win ..Mustafah: With God’s help we win...

40.21 DISCUSSION Harbi: We need a common understanding so all Somalis unite.Zim: But the Somalis can’t unite and agree among themselves....they have held over 100 meetings in 100 places......they’ve been meeting since 1991. They still don’t have consensus. There is no stronger uniting factor than the Koran. Big Ears: When you think you see a solution... someone will come up with another idea, someone claiming to be an elder or a warlord. In my opinion, Somali law and order depend upon the Shariah law. There is no other solution.Harbi: I take your point....whatever clan he’s from, the Haber-gidir or Murasade... we‘re all Muslims, and we share that. Our only disagreement is the Holy Book. Zim: But what if they don’t accept the Holy Book? Harbi: We’ll remain opposed to them.(Off:) What about this?Tall: While they say that they aren’t opposed to the Holy Book ... if they say they won’t accept it, what do they say then ?Big Ears: There is no room for that within Islam.

41.44 Colonel in view at grave .

42.00 Colonel and Big Ears’ blessing May God give this fighter and all Muslims mercy. This man was a friend, a colleague - we must remember him...To those who are alive May God give us long life and health.

42.24 Big Ears v/o I feel very sorry, I mourn deeply. If a colleague dies I lose a part of myself...

42.27 Big Ears ptc In my heart I know we will die one day. Death comes to us all. We’re waiting for the day, and carry it in our hearts.

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