01'01" Shots of Papua New Guinea – rainforests and rivers
02'15" Map of PNG
02'05" Kamusie International Airport
02'34" Introduction of Operations manager
02'50" shots of local community
03'05" local school
04'00" interview with friend of operations manager, who says people see o.m. as local governor
05'00" interview with local policeman, Bani
05'28" policeman at home
06'15" interview with policeman
07'05" shots of police headquarters
07'50" shots of the mill
08'06" policeman on pain and suffering caused by him and colleagues caused to mill workers, and bribes from the company he worked for
11'15" interview with operations manager regarding allegations that he paid police to do jobs for him
12'05" Shots of Rimbunan Hijau.
12'28" interview with Hijau chiefs regarding payment of money for violence and lack of its suppression
14'08" shots of locals and landowners
14'35" interviews with local landowners
16'18" interview with policeman
17'41" questions put to RH chiefs
18'36" interview with John Maru, head of southern command
20'08" guided tour of Kamusie
20'15" visit to kamusie clinic
21'20" shots of west province from plane
21'30" draft copy of ‘review of current logging projects’
22'27" reaction of government spokesman to claims of violence and corruption
22'54" interview with John Maru
23'34" shots of nearby beach
23'44" interview with Bani
24'57" shots of beach
24'08" interview with Bani
25'00" letter concerning constable Bani
26'00" interview with Bani

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