01.00 – 01.33 General Views Lake Victoria and fishermen.
01.33 – 01.54 AIDS Patients, Bondo Hospital
01.54 – 02.12 ITV Dr. Morris Juma:
“According to our data most of our patients who come from the beach who are fisherman, around 70 percent of them usually test positive.
Q: Why is that?
“According to what we have realized it is because of the activities that go on in the beach”.
02.12 – 02.45 General Views Lake Victoria Beaches and Fishermen.
02.45 – 03.03 ITV Lazarus Ouma - AIDS Awareness Campaigner:
“Every home is affected. You will hardly find any home that had never been affected by the HIV Virus. You will find homes that are left without the parents, children are left alone. You will find some homes that the children are only left with the grandparents. No parents.”
03.03 – 03.32 General Views Lake Victoria
03.32 – 04.22 Women Traders and women fighting over the catch
04.22 – 04.46 Establishing shots, Julia, Fish trader:
ITV Julia:
04.46 – 05.05 “When fishermen come from the lake I buy their fish, but in order to guarantee that you get fish you must also develop a sexual relationship. Without sex there is no guarantee that you will get any fish.”
05.05 – 05.22 The Jaboya system is not a good system, but I am a widow with children. With no other means of income, I am forced to use this system.”
05.22 – 05.30 “I haven’t told him my status because he’ll leave me if he knows I’m positive.”
05.30 – 05.55 Packing fish for transfer to the market
ITV unnamed Fish trader:
05.57 – 06.14 “Sometimes space on the bus is limited, so some women have sexual relations with the driver to make sure their fish gets to market.”
06.15 – 06.24 “There are even some women who have a relationship with the fisherman, the bus driver and the vendor at the market.”
06.24 – 06.40 Bus leaves the beach for the market
06.40 – 06.52 General views Ndeda Island
06.52 – 07.21 Establishing shots unnamed fish trader and prostitute
ITV Prostitute:
07.22 – 07.32 “I have two businesses. First I go to the beach looking for fish. And if I don’t get a fish I will surely catch a man.”
07.32 – 07.47 “Some customers like to use condoms – while others refuse to use them. I can go either way. I’m happy to do whatever the customer wants.
07.47 – 08.02 “I do not fear death because death is waiting for all of us. AIDS can infect me or the person I am with at anytime so I carry on and have sex without fear.”
08.02 – 08.24 Neighbours house where man has just died of AIDS
08.24 – 08.39 Ruined houses of AIDS victims
08.39 – 08.47 Old people are often the only ones left behind.
08.47 – 09.17 Establishing shots of Margaret and her family
Margaret ITV:
09.17 – 09.39 “This is the grave of my co-wife who died in 2002 and this is the grave of my husband – he was positive, he had AIDS. And later on my co-wife also died from the same disease.
09.39 – 10.12 And because me myself I’m saved, I decided not to be inherited. And you know, when you are not inherited my community cannot like me because they think I am going against their customs. But you can stand by yourself and say you, you are a Christian, you cannot accept to be inherited and that is what happened to myself - but my co-wife accepted to be inherited and maybe that is why she is no longer with us.”
10.12 – 10.22 “Her husband is the one who inherited my co-wife and later on he also died so she is also a widow now.”
10.22 – 10.42 Margaret takes Antiretroviral drugs
10.42 -10.52 Graves
10.52 – 10.56 GV Lake Victoria
10.56 – 10.59 Establishing shot, Mark Onyango, assistant chief of Ndeda Island.
10.59 – 11.36 “This is the home of Mr. George Ociendo who died with this wives. And here are the children and their grandmother. Here is Margaret Ociendo and the children who were left when the whole family died. And the girl here is cooking for the children.
Q: No adults?
No adults. No adults.”
11.36 – 12.12 Establishing shots 14-year-old orphan Beatrice and siblings.
Beatrice ITV:
12.12- 12.23 “My father fell sick in 1999 but only when he was about to die did he tell Mum that he had AIDS.
12.23 – 12.37 Sometimes we have no food and we have to sleep hungry. Only when we are lucky to sell fish are we able to buy food.”
12.37 – 12.49 Lake GV’s
12.49 – 12.57 Establishing shot, Lazarus Ouma, AIDS Awareness Campaigner.
12.57 – 13.25 AIDS Awareness Demonstration
Lazarus Ouma ITV
13.25 – 13.44 “You cannot get a poor man struggling for a transport, going to Bondo to and fro simply for the test. Now, she or he will just stay here not knowing their health status simply because we are far away from the hospital.
13.44 – 13.58 “So they still go on doing their sexual immoralities without any preventive measures because they think they are ok. So the spread still goes on because they are not aware.
13.58 – 14.02 Lazarus Cutaway
14.02 – 14.13 Establishing shots, Bondo town
14.13 – 14.51 Women at mortuary visiting dead husband
14.51 – 15.03 Establishing shot of Andrew Okello, Nurse.
Andrew Okello ITV:
15.03 – 15.16 “Apparently we have 11 bodies and most of the bodies that you are seeing here are people who have died of HIV/AIDS. Day in day out people come here crying of this killer disease.
15.16 – 15.35 It’s terrible, its creating havoc in this community. Most of our people, even the homes around, they are dying of this disease. If we don’t get help or find a proper way to curb this disaster then I think this community will get extinct to say the least.”
15.35 – 15.39 Mortuary cutaway
15.39 – 16.21 GV’s Funeral

16.26 – 32.38 Final Edit IRIN Film


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