Republican National Convention NYC protests

DAMIAN VO:  My name is Damian Kolodiy, and I'm an American filmmaker. In the summer of 2004, I documented protests to both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. At the Democratic Convention in Boston, demonstrators were corralled into a free speech cage. At the Republican Convention in New York City, thousands of non-violent protestors filled the streets daily despite a vast and intimidating police presence.


Protestor arrested face down

DAMIAN VO con’t: Police made sweeping arrests and there seemed to be a blatant disregard for First Amendment Rights.


Protestor arrested against wall, more RNC protestors

When the 2004 US Presidential election was finally decided, I was disappointed to say the least, I had been hoping for change. Now I wanted to escape... even leave the country... I thought of Ukraine. They were having a presidential election of their own, and I was hoping for a real revolution... You know, when the masses rise up and demand change, no matter what the cost.  I wanted to believe in the power of the people again... in the kind of passion you have when you've got nothing to lose.


Fire and “TAK” title fade in



Intro titles/stills



Globe->Black and white stills







Ukraine was not a totally random choice. My dad was born there, his parents emigrated to New York City in 1949, my mother's in 1946 . My parents met in the 60s in the East Village, Manhattan's Ukrainian neighborhood. They had much in common, both were teachers and also children of Ukrainian political refugees.








Young Oleh and Olenka stills

They married and in 1977 I was born. My little brother and I grew up steeped in the traditions of Ukraina, the motherland.

We went to Ukrainian school and spoke only Ukrainian at home


Damian at home making preparations

(on phone ,computer, at desk)


So, I asked around, and found out through some friends fo mine, that there was a need for election monitors. So I applied online and was accepted.

I quickly bought a ticket, found my passport, and got my visa. I packed up some clothes and my camera, and within a week, was set to board a plane to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.



Vilktor Yanukovych footage

Victor Yanukovych was President Kuchma's handpicked successor. He was the Prime Minister of Ukraine and former governor of the eastern region of Donetsk. He also spent time in jail for rape and was accused of having mafia ties.Due to his position in the government, Yanukovich had power over information, access to the nation's budget, and the backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Not surprisingly, Yanukovych's popularity was mainly in the Russian speaking regions of Eastern and Southern Ukraine.



Viktor Yushchenko footage


In contrast, Viktor Yushchenko , the former head of the Ukrainian National Bank and former Prime minister of Ukraine, leaned toward European and western ideals. His rhetoric drew thousands of supporters, who often dressed in orange, his political campaign colour. His popularity grew quickly as his progressive platform brought hope of change to the country. 


CU Yushchenko to Candle


Yushchenko's popularity grew stronger, and he proved a very real threat to the Kuchma government. Until one evening, in early September 2004, when a dinner with secret service agents almost ended it all.



Helicopter, hospital footage

DAMIAN: Suddenly, Yushchenko  fell deathly ill.  He was flown to a specialized hospital in Vienna. The cause of his mysterious illness was determined to be dioxin, a deadly chemical which he had somehow ingested the night of the dinner.


Yushchenko before/after still

DAMIAN: The dioxin should have killed him. It didn't, but it left the handsome Yushchenko permanently disfigured.


Small crowd of people gathered outside

DAMIAN: With the new election some days away, I decided it was time to talk to the people, and see what they had to say.


Oleksander on Maydan

Oleksander : The young people of Ukraine vote against Yanukovych. Not for Yushchenko, but against Yanukovych. For we want to be a democractic country, a European country, and not the Soviet Union Republic.


Sasha on Maydan with Orange

SASHA: We support the democracy in Ukraine.  We don’t want man who was two times in prison, who doesn’t speak Ukrainian well,  who is supported by criminals, we don’t want him in the power.


Pora flags and Rally


I saw some small demonstrations by Pora, an activist organization dedicated to ensuring the voting process is conducted fairly. I was surprised to see such an active participation and mobilization of youth.


Nina in Pora office

NINA: Pora is time, time is now.

It’s a lot of young people who understand that now is time to change something and do something.


Anastasia Bezverha in Pora office

ANASTASIA : Our main aim is to preserve the legitimacy of the electoral process, and to protect the fair choice of the voters. So we want that person who was really elected by the people to be president of our country. 



Damian on Maydan (night)

DAMIAN: The more volatile places are further east and south, where there is a lot more falsification, intimidation and corruption going on. But, if I go out there, there is a chance I may not be able to make it back here to Kyiv, should anything happen…


Serkiy and small group on Maydan

SERHIY: After voting, the 21st of November, come here. They will see the beginning of the movement for democracy, or the  victory of democracy by voting.


Night shot of Maydan from moving car

Lullabye song
DAMIAN VO: The snow would be heavy tonight. Would the weather prevent people from going to the polls?  People expected the elections to be corrupt. Many believed the Kuchma regime would do anything it could to stay in power. The youth were motivated, expecting the worst and prepared for a fight… but would that be enough? The question that remained was, what will the people do if the election is stolen? 
The evening before elections, Independence Square, or Maydan as it is known in Ukrainian, was eerily quiet.


Woman opening ballot safe, voting preparations montage


I decided to  monitor the elections in Kyiv. I traveled from station to station, observing and documenting the voting procedure.


The first problem was a delayed opening of the polls and restless crowds of voters.




People voting montage

DAMIAN: It was much more chaotic than our own election process.


Man carrying box into car.

While only 60% of the population came out to vote in the American election, 77% of Ukrainians showed up at the polls ... a huge turnout.



Yanukovch congratulated, buses, election forms, aggression (bloody hand, beatings)

The Central Election Commission  announced that Yanukovych leads by 3 percent. However, exit polls varied greatly, even favoring Yushchenko by an 8 point lead.
Falsification accounts came pouring in from all across the country. There were buses that carried people from one polling station to another, allowing them to vote multiple times.
Ballot boxes were being stuffed, some people were unable to find their name on voter registration forms... and there were more graphic accounts of aggression. Intimidation of both Yushchenko supporters and campaign workers was  both rampant and blatant.



Yuschenko arguing with men in suits

.And now, back at the Central Election Commission, Yushchenko was being denied access to the building.

YUSCHENKO: These are the terrorists in state uniforms. And this is a state administration. Please act as one.! I am an official person. And I am at a state building! Please react accordingly!


Camera coming up to door guarded by police of Central Election Commission


I went to the Central Election Commission myself, to see if I could get inside.
Surprisingly, my election monitor certification allowed me access into the very building Yushchenko was being denied entry to..


Press cameras surrounding Tymoshenko and Yuschenko

DAMIAN VO I arrived just in time to catch a media announcement from Yulia Tymoshenko, one of Yushchenko's most visible supporters.


Yulia Tymoshnko speaking to cameras

TYMOSHENKO: Undoubtedly, the winner of the Presidential campaign is Victor Yushchenko, with a large margin of victory. And what is occurring the past hours in the Central Election Commision is called massive falsification of your rights. I now, with the rest of our team, turn to you, so that tomorrow at 9AM will gather as many people as possible… To defend your life and Ukraine, that time has come upon us.


Maydan (Independence Square crowd shots)

DAMIAN VO: I was awestruck by the thousands of people who had gathered on Maydan that morning. I felt a sense of history, a continuation of my grandparent's struggle. Unlike the complacent response I saw in America, these people had risked their jobs, they had much to lose, somehow they knew that by not heeding Yulia's call to gather, there was a greater price to be paid. An energy of unity radiated from the crowd, but I wondered how they would channel that power?


Yuschenko on jumbotron speaks to crowd

YUSHCHENKO: I know that today my country endures unusually troubling times. I know that today a great evil is forming in my country to extend the power of the criminals in government.



Yulia Tymoshenko on jumbotron speaks to crowd

TYMOSHENKO: I know that today, everyone, from child to adult, to officers and politicians to teachers and doctors must stand in defense of Ukraine. I want to ask you, will we be able to gain victory with you?
I know that it must be this way.



Yulia Tymoshenko on jumbotron speaks to crowd

TYMOSHENKO con’t  I know that for the first time in 13 years, we will not leave Kyiv without the government, is this so?



   Maydan at night

DAMIAN VO: As evening came, there were no signs that people were ready to go home.


Tymoshenko on screen at night speaking to crowd


They say one day, two, maybe three, and afterwards people will go home. But no! It won’t be like this!
Everyday we must continue to have more and more people.  People who are strong, not tired, who are ready from morning until night to defend themselves, to defend Ukraine.
We have no choice but to go to the Presidential administration, to block roads, airports, post offices…





Passionate crowd

CROWD: Revolution!


Tymoshenko on screen at night speaking to crowd


Glory to the rightful heroes of Ukraine!
Glory to Yushchenko!


Damian on camera standing on Maydan square

DAMIAN: There’s a lot of energy, and I’ve never seen anything like this!


Group of guys on Maydan


YOUNG MAN WITH GREY HAT: We support a new President. We support a new government that is supposed to come to power in Ukraine. We are against falsifications perpetrated by the old regime. Let God give Ukraine a new future. Let God give Ukraine a new president.


Young blonde girl in red scarf on Maydan

RED SCARF GIRL: The latest news is very interesting… Lviv, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions have officially announced that they recognize Victor Yuschenko as President, and will not follow commands of anyone else. This is already a revolution!


Man on the street with black beret

DR: Kyiv has to rise up, and it has risen! And in every region, we have to chase away the bandits from their administrations, and it will spread through all of Ukraine! And only then when the government feels that its roots are ripped away, it will promptly die out. jj


Chanting crowd on Maydan

CROWD: Bandits out! Bandits out!



Crowds on Maydan

DAMIAN V.O. The next day, the movement continued to grow. Hundreds of thousands were now flooding the Maydan despite freezing temperatures. I was stunned by the sheer number of people, and frustrated that I couldn't capture it all in my camera frame.


Yushchenko on jumbotron amongst flags

YUSHCHENKO: In one hour will begin the meeting of Parliament. Let’s agree to work as national deputies of Parliament, my hope is that you will responsibly participate from the street. I am convinced that our joint participation will bring us to political success. So let God help us. Please let us peacefully and organized, begin to walk to the Parliament of Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to all of you!






Yushchenko and Tymoshenko walking amongst the people.

DAMIAN VO: These were leaders who led by example, they not only talked the talk, but literally walked the walk.


Crowds outside Parliament building

DAMIAN VO con’t: The March to Parliament asserted the power of the masses. The Ukrainian government could not ignore the chanting outside as meetings were being made inside.


Curly haired Woman with fur coat

We came to voice our dissatisfaction with the work of the Central Election Commission which didn’t properly count our votes. We came here because we cannot continue with this unfairness.  What they are doing to us, it is horrific!


Young woman with hood and Yushchenko banner in background

If the people of Ukraine vote a certain way then the government of Ukraine must accept this. Why this isn’t happening, I don’t know.


Older woman with fuzzy parka/hood

Finally people are awake! Ukraine has risen from her knees! It’s impossible to tolerate such lies and mockery of the people. For me it’s all the same.  I have lived my life.  But for the happiness of my children and grandchildren I came here.  And will not leave until the government is changed.


Crowds outside Parliament/ Yuschenko inside Parliament

Yushchenko supporters continued to chant for hours. In an emergency meeting inside Parliament, Victor Yushchenko stepped up to the podium, and took the presidential oath of office. Though it was a symbolic gesture, it proved to be extremely powerful.



Damian CU talking to camera

I can’t believe how many people are here, you just don’t see an end to the people, anywhere you look it’s just a sea of people, it’s really amazing!


People marching in snow down street

We were more than one million people near the Parliament there.


Serhiy speaking to camera with snow falling behind him

SERHIY: What we have shown today is that we are not going to leave this place until we win. Because mafia… well, uh, the former government has falsified elections and everyone understands this.


Damian to camera and VO


 DAMIAN: I haven’t really gotten that much sleep…

DAMIAN V.O. : After almost 3 continuous days of  filming outdoors, I was utterly exhausted. I needed sleep, But I just couldn't allow myself to put the camera down.






Tymoshenko on screen, snowy night

TYMOSHENKO:  We have two choices.  Either we rest until tomorrow, or we go to the Presidential Administration.



Presidential administration with Orange poncho protestors




At the Presidential Administration, new arrivals from western Ukraine began to setup yet another tent city.


Police running in the streets





The government quickly responded by sending troops. As I ran after them, I wondered whether they would use force against the people.



Orange supporters on trucks



DAMIAN V.O. - After Yulia spoke with the police, surprisingly they allowed her through into the administration. We were left wondering what to do next.



Deputy standing in front of demonstrators with loudspeaker




ROMAN TKACH: My name is Roman Tkach, National Deputy.

You have heeded your duty from Yulia Tymoshenko to stand here!

At this minute, decisions are being made as to future steps. I ask of you, the next several minutes, maybe 20, maybe 30, maybe 1 hour, maybe 2, We must stand here!
N one here is getting paid, everyone came here from motivations of the heart. And even though you may get cold, we must stand here! I ask you sincerely to understand a couple of things. In front of you stands a barrier. This is not a stupid wall. This is our brother. These are our brothers. God forbid any one of you think this is our enemy! This is not the enemy, these are our Ukrainian brothers.

Simply, for 13 years they were commanded by bandits, and today they are forced to follow orders. And today we have our President, a Ukrainian President. These boys made obligations not to Kuchma nor Yanukovych, they are under oath to the Ukrainian people, laws, and Constitution, and they will follow them. And again, I ask of you, God forbid we disrespect them. We must approach them with love and say, Brother Ivan, Brother Mykola, God forbid that you raise a hand against your  sister or brother! And like so, we must continue to stand…













Boy with fist punp chanting “Yushchenko!”

DAMIAN VO: Over the past few days and nights, the Yushchenko chant had become so much more than just the name of a presidential candidate. It was a cry for peace, for freedom, for justice, and for truth.


Old lady with orange scarf




DAMIAN VO: It had come to symbolize a history of suffering and intolerance that was finally being expressed. And it would become a word that carried hope around the world.


Boy helping man step up, fire, tent etc

DAMIAN VO: But as uplifting as hope may be, people still had to survive in freezing weather and take care of their physical needs; sleeping, eating, and staying warm.


Woman standing in front of open car trunk

FOOD WOMAN: We are from Kyiv. We work here in a restaurant. Everyday we prepare hot food for the Maydan. Three, four times a day we come here… without charge of course! And we will continue to feed however much is required.


Dancing teens and disco lights

DAMIAN VO: A week earlier I had attended a rave party at the expo center. Now the space was being used as a shelter for newly arrived revolutionaries.



Man with glasses and orange scarf explaining shelter situation

SHELTER VOLUNTEER: Suddenly we had masses of people arriving in Kyiv. And it was necessary to find places to sleep. People took some to their homes, but they couldn’t accommodate large groups. The first day we accepted about 50 people.  But people kept coming, the next day we had 300. Then 800, 1300, yesterday we had 2500, and today we are expecting to house over 3000 people total.

In these few days, people from various regions have become acquainted and it’s evident that we really are one nation, and have united desires and goals.









People standing at attention in shelter, singing

Ukrainian National Anthem


Boots on ledge

DAMIAN VO: Trucks arrived with army boots, to be distributed to those in need, myself included.



Young pretty girl in orange hat in tent city


From all over Ukraine supplies are brought here, to help/ These are things that people here need. There are entire services that bring clean and warm socks. And so, those who need help or warm clothes, they can come here and pick up any blankets that they may need.



Girl I yellow jacket standing in front  of coat pile

GIRL: Are you sick?

DAMIAN (offscreen): Excuse me?

GIRL: Would you like some cough medicine?

DAMIAN (offscreen): You have some?

 Yes, please!





Sick Damian talking to camera

DAMIAN: I’m sick, I have a cough, my nose is running… throat hurts, I’m exhausted…
How long can people really last in this cold? The weather is very rough. If it’d be summer, it’d be a very different situation.
I haven’t heard about any particular actions tomorrow. Maybe some tanks will come, I’m not sure. Maybe more people will come.  Right now it’s hard to make any judgements.  Maybe noe we will hear a response from the rest of the world, from Europe, from America.



Yanukovych people/flags amongst snowy night

DAMIAN VO: I heard that a large number of Yanukovych supporters had gathered outside the Central Election Commission to await the results. I wanted to hear their perspective.



Military general speaking in snow/night

GENERAL: There already is a President, Yanukovych.


Man with snowy beret

MAN: Today, the majority of Ukrainians support Viktor Yanukovych. And what is happening today in Kyiv, is destruction of the Constitutional Law of Ukraine. This is criminal.


Snowy hat girl

GIRL: Small and middle business closed because of Yushchenko.  In the 2 years Yanukovych was in government, he did a lot.


Man with dark hat

MAN: He raised people pensions.


Young man with white miner’s hat

YOUNG MINER: Salaries were doubled.  Miners received a minimum of $120/month.


Military general

Military General: Truly with Yanukovych we can see the future of Ukraine. We don’t need American money.  We don’t need it.

You know, with Russia we have a long relationship and our economies are so mixed that, believe me boys, to break those ties is impossible!



Tents, Yanukovych supporters outside

DAMIAN (VO)There was a different demeanor about these people... they were just as passionate, but...


Guy screaming and pointing fingers

ANGRY MAN: You didn’t vote correctly. There aren’t that many people… Where did he get all these people? They all are paid! They are not in their places.


Man in black har with Yanukovych flag

I want, I want Yanukovych to win. I like him as a person, a manly man. Not like that fucking Freddy Kruger! He has something wrong with his face! I’m serious and not afraid to say this.


Young man in black overcoat.

We were able to overcome the occupation of Hitler. We were able to overcome the occupation of the Stalin regime, Soviet regime,  and we are able to overcome the will of these parasites to destroy the Ukrainian state.


Hooded woman with wookie glasses

No president has ever allowed himself such manipulation of public opinion. Total, total lies!



DAMIAN VO: A winner had been declared. The Central Election Commission announced that Victor Yanukovych was indeed, the official winner of the Presidential election.


Man hiding face, evidence shots

DAMIAN V.O. Yushchenko's team had submitted thousands of examples of evidence of election falsification to the Ukrainian Supreme Court.


Wide shots of Orange and Blue crowds

DAMIAN VO: Kiev became a sea of blue & orange. People from both sides kept arriving. Emotions ran high.


Orange man shouting at woman carrying icon

ORANGE MAN: Shame! Shame on you!


Man with orange ribbon hand gesturing

MAN: Think logically! Who and what it is you are supporting!

Everyone has the right to their opinion.  I understand you, but
Falsifications… you’ve heard about them? There are concrete facts. Things aren’t done this way, everything should be honest.



Big Yanukovych supporter in skull cap.


THUG: You have your perception, and I have mine.


Back to Orange guy

ORANGE GUY: I am for you!


Big Yanukovych supporter in skull cap.


THUG: Western and Eastern Ukraine vote differently.


Back to Orange guy

I’m not dividing Ukraine into pieces.


3rd guy stpes in with hat and brown jacket

3rd GUY: Forget that, let’s have peace and love. Peace and Love!



Blue flag waving, Orange and Blue guy talking

DAMIAN V.O. However, real violence never broke out.  In fact, the opposite often happened ... 



Middle aged man and woman with snowy backgrund.

WOMAN: We are against falsification, not against you.  We are all family, but we are against falsifications. 


Man in black skull cap


MAN: You understand, you are causing divisions.


Middle aged woman reaches out to grab man’s shoulder

WOMAN: We will take him with us. He’s hungry and cold.
A free Ukraine.


Title: Tent City takedown fades to police/people at barricades

DAMIAN V.O. - Although there were many plans, all  Yushchenko supporters agreed on one thing, the elections had been falsified and that was unacceptable. But the days were uneasy, every person who came out to Maydan knew that just by being there, they were endangering their health and possibly even their lives.


Young man in Camouflauge jacket and black hat

SOLDIER: You understand, the laws of Ukraine prevent the military from going on strike. The fact that I am here is against the law. But I wouldn’t have come here, if I didn’t know that when the election campaign started, my commanders and high ranking generals openly pressured the people to vote for Yanukovych. If this happened on one side if a general breaks this law, Then why should I, a Captain, obey this law? I came out here to defend my words.




 Tanks and soldiers
There were constant rumors of military movement, even Russian troops in Kyiv disguised as guards in the last rows at the Administration. These foreign soldiers would not see Ukrainians as their brothers, and the people knew it. The threat of violence hovered.


Tent City shot
On Saturday, the infamous "seventh day", military tension culminated in a direct threat of attack.
Maydan crowd shots zoom to Yushchenko.Tymoshenko speaking
YUSHCHENKO: The military is planning to take down our tent city.

TYMOSHENKO: At 2AM they want to bring us to our knees.

YUSHCHENKO: At 2 AM there should be more of us here than currently on Maydan.





Yellow man and red cap discuss on the street
What can we expect?

The government will try to take down the tent city.

Shots of trucks and troops

Rumors flew - the military was coming to remove the people --  trucks waiting on the outskirts were given the command to move on the city.
Rather than flee, the people dug in.  They began to build make-shift barriers and we heard word that even taxis had lined up to block the road.

Police with shields marching
It was scary ... not knowing what was happening or when.
Tent city shots
People stayed awake and alert all through the night.

Flag pan down to tent
When morning came, surprisingly, tent city was still there. The command had been retracted, a violent evening prevented.
People protesting in street-> compromise meeting
During these long days of protest, Yushchenko, Kuchma, and Yanukovych, under the watch of European leaders, had been meeting to negotiate a resolution to the election conflict.
Supreme court justices
On December 3rd, 2004, the Ukrainian supreme court, believed by many to be on the government's payroll, announced its verdict.
Judge reading verdict
The results of the Central Election Commission on November 24, 2004, in regards to the election of the President of Ukraine are annulled.
Fade to judge on outdoor screen
The Central Commission is obligated to conduct a repeat election of the President of Ukraine. This decision is final.
    Orange flag sticking out of car
DAMIAN V.O. As I watched this well-deserved celebration, I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened in America if the people took to the streets and demanded a full recount. Or even a re-vote.
Young protestors raising hands
DAMIAN V.O.  Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from these people, who challenged three hundred years of oppression. Simply because they decided the time had come.
Supreme court justices
DAMIAN V.O.  The Supreme Court decided that another election was in order, eventually to be scheduled for December 26th. This was a major victory for Yushchenko's team, however, there were compromises to be made.
Parliament building

DAMIAN V.O. The Constitution was amended so that in a year's time, many of the new President's powers would be transferred to the Parliament and Prime Minister.

This was discouraging to many of the people.







Young man in grey hat, dark jacket
Grey Hat man: The fact that he went to negotiate with bandits is not right. Because he is representing us, so that we don’t suffer.
Damian washing hands in bathroom
I had been in Kyiv for close to a month and decided I needed to get out of my comfortable Orange bubble and head to Donetsk, Yanukovych's home city, to get a sense of the feeling in other parts of the country.
Cars in parking lot
DAMIAN VO: When I couldn't find anyone to travel with I decided to accompany the Pora organized "Train of Friendship".  It was a caravan of 50 cars and around 200 people that would journey to censored regions of Ukraine to disseminate information about what was happening in Kyiv. This included musicians and performers to attract people and help recreate the atmosphere of Maydan. A road crew traveled ahead of us to erect a stage in the next city.
2 men with yellow flag outside of car
DAMIAN VO: Why did you put away your Yuschenko flags?

TALLER MAN: We were told to avoid provocations. The goal is not just agitation, but to unite the East and West of Ukraine, we have a split. This is the goal of the caravan, to unite east and west. This is a train of friendship between people. It’s not supposed to be an action to support one particular candidate.  This action is to show support for Ukraine.




Green map orange line moving towards Odessa
DAMIAN VO: Our goal was to provide people with the truth, as we knew it.
Young journalist Eugene in red jacket
EUGENE: Yanukovych supporters have blocked the road.
Stopped cars in road at night
The Friendship Train caravan was all over the news so over 300 people blocked the road to prevent us from entering into Odessa.
Old angry women chanting
OLD WOMEN: The Fascists won’t pass through!
Chanting crowds with policeman
DAMIAN VO: Why is this policeman letting them block the road?
Cars and soldiers standing by
Eventually the military came and forced the crowd apart, allowing us to continue on into the city.
Pan from Stalin statue to crowd
DAMIAN VO: The next day we had our first full scale musical event in Odessa.
Dancing feet

DAMIAN VO:     It seemed like the Yanukovych supporters thought we would come into town, with guns drawn, blood thirsty fascists determined to force them to change their minds.  Instead they found Ukrainians like them, who desired a better life for their families and their country.

Green map, orange line landing on Kherson
In our next stop, the city of Herson, we had a very mixed reaction.
Angry people on square to girl (Katya) in black hair
KATYA: So they are only against Yuschenko. So they don’t know why they are for Yanukovych. They think that when Yushchenko will come he will support America but not Russia. And they want to be with Putin, with Mr. Putin to be Russian people… they think there is like some Paradise in Russia.
Katya continues speaking
KATYA: I think that now we have to support our Ukrainian culture, our Ukrainian language, our traditions, but not Russian traditions.
 Low shot of scary black leather jacket man
The issue was not always about Ukraine and Russia. America was also a sensitive topic.
Medium shot of scary black leather jacket man
BLACK LEATHER MAN: I’ll fucking smash your apparatus! Understand?


Medium shot of scary black leather jacket man
DAMIAN VO: Why? Why? Tell me why you feel this way?
Medium shot of scary black leather jacket man
BLACK LEATHER MAN: Because you kill people fucking everywhere! You start fucking wars everywhere! You and your fucking democracy!

DAMIAN VO: I agree with you that they never should have gone to Iraq.

BLACK LEATHER MAN: What the fuck did you invade Iraq? How many people die in Iraq everyday? What the fuck do you need there? Oil?

They will beat and kill you allover the world!










Medium shot of scary black leather jacket man pans to beret man interjecting
BERET MAN: It’s Bush who forced Americans to war! Not him!
Medium shot of scary black leather jacket man
BLACK LEATHER MAN: If I met you in a different place, I would slit your throat! You have my word!
Cars back on the road
DAMIAN VO: The misinformation here was frightening. And I realized that this divide was even worse than I thought. Resistance to any new ideas was so strong, I really started to believe that this information war could turn into a civil war.
People arguing
It was finally time to head to Donetsk, Yanukovych's home turf. It was our biggest challenge yet - we felt that either the cars would get damaged, we'd get damaged or we could die.  Many were having second thoughts.
Dima in hotel room with black shirt and orange scarf
DIMA: I recommend to all sane people who can still think to go home tomorrow, to Kyiv. We’ve executed out mission, and we’ve done it honestly.

They will beat us, and beat us severly… And there could be traumatic brain injury, broken bones, this is 100% guaranteed!





Cars parked on side road
                            DAMIAN V.O.
The danger factor had risen for me, and I had to decide whether it was worth the risk.
Close shot of blonde guy (silver) turning around in car
SILVER: You’ll become famous…

I said that when we are being attacked, the American is in our car….

So thank you for securing us.

DAMIAN VO: Uh… I don’t know if I’m going to stay…





Car being pushed by two men
My fellow passengers were not from Ukraine, and after last nights warning, i was quite nervous.
Damian in blue jacket speaking to camera
DAMIAN: I just walked around to see if maybe I can switch cars, because I honestly don’t feel safe in that car, that they don’t really understand the situation….um… but there doesn’t seem to be room anywhere else. So doesn’t look like I have much of a choice.
Pan from car to Olya in red jacket pointing
OLYA: Damyan are you going with them?

DAMIAN: Yes, is that good?

OLYA: Call right away on the phone. Call Anya if there is urgency.

Natalia, you immediately call me, ok?

Alright. Everything will be ok.






Map to Donetsk, fades to road sign
We heard on the radio that effigy's of Yulia and Victor were being burned in downtown Donetsk. Not a good sign.
Men with flags standing by road
DAMIAN VO: On the city outskirts, our caravan was blocked entry. Yet again.
Silver unseating his seat bely
But things turned uglier than usual.

SILVER: They are throwing the stones.


SILVER: There… (points)

Pan from car door to blonde Swiss guy (Dirk)
DIRK: Very careful, they throw nails everywhere!

We just blow out two tires!

Man holding nails
MAN: This was in my tire!
Cars with flat tires stopped on road, people milling about, lights flashing
DAMIAN: There was real danger now, as hundred of aggressive Yanukoych supporters converged on us!
Quick pans as people scramble to their cars
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