TIMEIN 00002702 TIMEOUT 00003114

I still can't understand why those

events back then happened.

TIMEIN 00003123 TIMEOUT 00003700

The Chinese government's response

was completely wrong.

TIMEIN 00003706 TIMEOUT 00004202

It is time that the present government

acknowledged responsibility.


Mid-May 1989 for the past month thousands of students have been camping out on Beijing's Square of Heavenly Peace. Initially this camp is in commemoration of Hu Yaobang, who had been described as China's most reform-minded politician. Two years earlier he was dismissed as party secretary for being too progressive.

TIMEIN 00011924 TIMEOUT 00012500

He had the sympathy of the entire


TIMEIN 00012510 TIMEOUT 00012912

That is why not only the intellectuals,

TIMEIN 00012918 TIMEOUT 00013608

but also the rest of the population

wished to mourn him.

TIMEIN 00013614 TIMEOUT 00014224

We requested permission to take part

in the memorial ceremonies,

TIMEIN 00014303 TIMEOUT 00014800

but our request was denied

by the government.

TIMEIN 00014815 TIMEOUT 00015403

They were acting irrationally.

They refused to cooperate.


The then 22-year-old Zheng Fang joins the memorial camp. It develops into a movement calling for more democracy and less corruption. The students want press freedom and the resignation of premier Li Peng. There are also demonstrations in other cities. Hundreds of thousands stop working and join the students. 3000 youngsters go on hunger strike to show their commitment.

TIMEIN 00022619 TIMEOUT 00023003

An accumulation of several social


TIMEIN 00023007 TIMEOUT 00023217

led to this explosion of emotions.

TIMEIN 00023221 TIMEOUT 00023805

There was lots of enthusiasm

and passion among us students.

TIMEIN 00023810 TIMEOUT 00024010

But we were also very naive.

TIMEIN 00024016 TIMEOUT 00024416

We wanted to take control of

the future of our country.


Party leader Zhao Ziyang, standing next to Wen Jiabao, then young but now the Chinese premier, implores the students to give up their protest. This conciliatory attitude costs him dearly. He is dismissed a few weeks later. He remains under house arrest until his death in 2005. It is no coincidence that the protests coincide with Gorbachev's visit. He has just launched his policy of glasnost. With the erection of a statue of liberty, the Tiananmen protest reaches its peak. The square empties. International interest wanes. Only the hard core remain.

TIMEIN 00033413 TIMEOUT 00033916

After Gorbachev's visit, the army was

suddenly deployed against us.

TIMEIN 00033920 TIMEOUT 00034406

Beijing was put under martial law

and surrounded by soldiers.

TIMEIN 00034414 TIMEOUT 00034906

The atmosphere became grimmer.

And we all became very nervous.


Tanks roll into the square. A wave of fury wells up against the soldiers. They are overwhelmed and fall back. Heavily armed units are sent to the square. They've been ordered to clear it at any cost. The night of 3-4 June 1989 changes Zheng Fang's life for ever.

TIMEIN 00042300 TIMEOUT 00042707

The tanks moved in on us from


TIMEIN 00042714 TIMEOUT 00043204

They must have been able to see

that we were leaving peacefully.

TIMEIN 00043219 TIMEOUT 00043606

So why did they plough into us

at such high speed

TIMEIN 00043703 TIMEOUT 00044117

Afterwards I heard that many people

had been knocked down

TIMEIN 00044201 TIMEOUT 00044616

and had been killed or badly injured.

TIMEIN 00044811 TIMEOUT 00045402

I was knocked unconscious. When

I woke up, I found I had lost my legs.


20 years later, the precise number killed and injured that night is still unclear. For years afterwards the students who were involved were subject to reprisals. Some are still languishing in Chinese prisons. Others managed to flee the country. Zheng Fang's injuries were a curse and a blessing. He recanted and focussed on a career as a wheelchair athlete. This interview is the first time he has talked publicly about his past.

TIMEIN 00053700 TIMEOUT 00054303

That is because we here in China

are not allowed to talk about it.

TIMEIN 00054401 TIMEOUT 00054916

The Chinese press is not even allowed

to mention it.

TIMEIN 00054920 TIMEOUT 00055316

But you foreign journalists are willing

to listen to us.

TIMEIN 00055320 TIMEOUT 00055820

Your reports may not get through

to China, but that doesn't matter.

TIMEIN 00055900 TIMEOUT 00060215

The important thing is that 1989

is not forgotten

TIMEIN 00060220 TIMEOUT 00060502

and that the truth is preserved.

TIMEIN 00060506 TIMEOUT 00060812

Because I do not want this

gradually to slip

TIMEIN 00060817 TIMEOUT 00061204

from the Chinese collective memory.


The day after this interview Zheng Fang left for the United States. He applied for political asylum, which means he can never go back to China. At least, not while the Communists are still in power.

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