King of India- Final Script
Picture Sound

00:00 -00:30 –Black

00:30-01:05 –Colour bar

01:06 - 01:19 Close up of Raja Hindustani Ambience

01:20 - 03:20 They are performing on the station.
I met Raja Hindustani and his siblings on the Howrah
Station while shooting my film Kaya Poochhe Maya Se
(Journeyings And Conversations) in 2002.

When asked their names,they gave their names which were
the names of popular films.Toofan,Jyotsna and Raja Hindustani.

They were obviously migrants.
This film has been a journey for me
together with this family for the last six years.

03: 21 – 03 : 31 Title card..Name of the film. King of India

03:32 – 03:41 .Close up of Raja. The film RAJA HINDUSTANI was released the year he was born. That's why we named him RAJA HINDUSTANI.

03:42 – 03:48 .Raja putting colours on
the face of his father, Ratan Singh Ambience of Holi

03:49 – 04:04. Raja dancing during Holi. Ambience

04:05 -04 :16 .Raja dancing and
Radha(his mother) playing the plate. Ambience

04:17-04 :21.Colours being mixed
in a bucket. Ambience

04:22 -04 :38 .Ratan Singh dancing. Ambience

04:39-04:44. Raja on his father Ambience
Ratan’s shoulder.

04: 45- 04:50. Jyotsna dancing. Ambience

04:51-04:56.Raja dancing. Ambience

04:57 -05:01. Raja running away. Ambience

05:02-05:49.Jyotsna and Raja Ambience
being bathed by Ratan.

05:50-06:54. Ratan Singh talking We have been doing this for generations.

It's not just that we didn't attend school.
We couldn't even send our children to school.

What do we get
if we put them in school ?

We will die.
Why ? But education is important.
If we put them in school
we will die of starvation

Because we have no other way
of earning a livelihood.

Some money is also
required for children's education.

It doesn't come for free.

Give us some work so that
we can earn a livelihood

and also get our children educated.

We would also like to
educate our children

the way others do.

Since we have no options,

our children must perform and display
their skills and earn a livelihood.

06:55-08:00. Raja, Chandni
and Jyotsna getting ready.

08:01-08:30 .White mice They are Nats.

Nats are an ancient community of performers -
all rolled into one.
We find their mention in various old texts
like Kautilya's Arthashastra and Manusmriti
Both of which are more than
two thousand years old.

08:31 -08:37. Being sent off. Tell the people (audience) that we are
poor people with so many children.
Go, go.

08 :38 – 09:52. They are going to the city. Ambience

09:53 -11:06 They are at the Dharamtalla Fair. Ambience

11:07-16:19. Janaki’s marriage. Ambience

16:20 -16 :47. Toofan playing
with plastic pistol They don't know how to play with it.They are afraid.
We like to play with it.
Such dangerous games are our profession.

16:48 -17:21. Radha(mother)
talking about Janaki. These guys are loafers.
They don't even bring 100 -200 rupees in a day.

And Janaki ?

Janaki used to bring
Rupees 400-500-600 in a day.

We have heard that

she earns 800-900 rupees per day now.

She goes to perform with her husband.

We feel very bad since she has left.

She was our Lakshmi (goddess of wealth)

17:22-19:21. First day of Durga Puja. Ambience

19:22-20:41. Radha talking.

Make space for me.
You will get a slap.
Make space for me.
Give her a thrashing
If she is naughty at work.
Got it ? If you don't perform well.
Come girl.
You haven't bought me the bicycle.
Will get you a mobike.
I don't want a mobike.

He tells the girls to perform
while he sits idle.
He will come back and make excuses
- people don't give.
Children of his age are earning
so well in our community.
You will be amazed to know.
Such a big boy and he doesn't even earn
rupees 5000 in a month ...not even 4000.
What kind of a person is he ?
Jobs are no good.
Because they take up all your time.
One can't even look after the household
matters properly.Only hassles.
What do you get at the end of the month ?
5000 or 6000 rupees.
Then you have the expenses.
We earn 500 -600, even upto 800 in a day.
We spend about a 100 rupees on food
everyday with the rest being saved.

That's why we don't send our children to school.
We are a very intelligent community.

20:42-22:13 Jyotsna in train,
Durga Puja upto immersion of the goddess. Ambience

22:14 – 22:47 Radha getting ready. Ambience

22:48 -24:16 Film show Ambience

24:17-25:54. Talking about films
and the names given to the children.
This film's story has been
lifted from three earlier films.

One was Andha Kanoon (Blind Justice),

the other was Jallaad (The Executioner).

Another Mithun Chakraborty film.

The woman who kills the man
as a police inspector in Jallaad …

is just as we see in Andha Kanoon....

We saw the film Chandni (Moonlight)
when she was born so we named her Chandni.

The film Raja Hindustani was
released at the time of his birth

so we named him Raja Hindustani.

We named her Jyotsna after seeing
the Bengali film Beder Meye Jyotsna.

Then there is Reshma
who is named afer the film Reshma.

That one in Chandni

From the film Chandni.

And Raja Hindustani
As you know is from Raja Hindustani.

Yes, they are all named after films.

25:55 -26:15 Raja with toy.
the family walking on rail tracks. Ambience

26:16-26:46 .Julie talking. What is your name ?
Julie (named after the popular film Julie)

How old are you ?
I don't know my age.

Do you also perform.

No, I don't.
I go with them and play the drum.

Who performs? Toofan ?
No, that girl Reshma.

26:47-27:15 .Toofan talking
After marriage we only play the drum.
No performing.

Why ?

We generally don't perform after marriage.

Most people of our community
stop performing after marriage.

So I also don’t perform now.

Who cooks now ?
Your mother or wife.

My wife.

When I have brought home a wife,
it is natural that my wife will do the cooking.

27:16-27:44 .Julie and Jyotsna cooking. Ambience

27:45-29:49. Ratan and Radha
talking about marriages.
Jyotsna will get married after two-three years.

After two-four years it will be Reshma…

and then Raja Hindustani,
and finally Chandni will get married .

One marriage after another.

Here in Bengal,
people get away with love marriages…

But in our society that is not done.

She means that here in Bengal
people get away with love marriages

and even get married for free in temples.
But in our society that is not possible.

Whether one is rich or poor
you have to get married properly.

I am told Toofan and Julie had an affair ?

They were in love.

Then her parents came to us
with the marriage proposal.

We asked whether they liked each other.

They said yes.
So we got them married.

We have a lot of debts.

We can't get more loans
unless we repay the ones taken.

How much are your debts worth ?

They amount to forty-fifty thousand rupees.

We have taken the loans
from the village money-lender.

On interest ?
Yes, on interest.

We will return now and repay
out of whatever we have saved here.

We will promise to repay
the rest in the near future.

The Government has
all kinds of schemes for the poor.

But we get nothing.

Our village official says that
since we earn good money (from performing)

we don't need any help.

This way they deny us.

We also want to avail
those facilities to better our lives.

But we are neglected.
What do we do ?

29:50-31:35. Performing on the street
ending with the sugarcane crushing machine. Ambience

31:36-33:42. Ratan talking about Radha

She (Radha) has become religious.
She is becoming a saint.

What about the family ?

She has left us (her family).

She doesn't love her family anymore.

Why ?

Only she knows why.

She has become an ascetic.

Suddenly ?

Since Durga Puja.

Either she has gone mad or …

One goes around like a mad person
when it is a tale of passion.

Leaving behind her children and family
and living with her parents.

What else do you call this ?

She has left us.

A lot of people tried to make her see reason ...
but all in vain.

If she doesn't want to come,
I can't go and beg her to come.

Let her stay with her parents.

Lord Mahadeva's linga (phallus) has
emerged out of the earth in her father's home.

Only she and her parents have seen it.
Nobody else has seen it.

One doesn't know what the truth is.

Unless one sees it with one's own eyes
how can one accept it ?

She is worshipping that.

Just worshipping will not do.

One has to look after the family
and earn a livelihood.

She says that she will get
everything by worship alone.

33:42-34:54 Performing on the streets. Ambience
Lady asking about the child.
Shall I take him ?

I have no children .

I just want one child.

Shall I take him ?

Will he also perform ?

34:55-35:08 Julie talking about
educating the child.

We will send him to school.

Won't he perform ?

Yes he will till he is small.

For another two-three years.

35:09-36:01 Performing and
Chandni falls down. Ambience

36:02-37:01. Jyotsna and Julie
talking about Radha.
It is good work.
But we are not enjoying it any more.

Why ?

How long can this body keep on performimg ?

We are fed up.

The one who took loans has gone away
and now we have to face the music.

Why did she go away ?

She has left us all.

Why ?
- Don’t know why she went away.

Julie, why has she left you all ?

She has great love for her parents' home.

She doesn't care for her grandchild,
husband or the rest of her family.

Won't she come back ?

She will not be welcome even if she comes back.

So you all plan to shoo her away ?
Not us , her husband will throw her out.

37:02-37:45 Ratan talks about Radha
Even one's worst enemies
should not get such a woman.

Our community and even others
are tired of trying to make her see reason.

I went to fetch her. Her two brothers
refused to let her come with me.

I had a fight with them.

She has robbed me of Chandni.
She has kept Chandni with her.

She has kidnapped Chandni.

It's ok.

37:46-38:26 Jyotsna talks and ends by
saying that she will not marry if Radha comes.

I feel angry when I see her.

Why ?

Why should I care for her
if she doesn't bother about me ?

She hasn't met us for a year now.

She would have come
If she had any attachment.

She has none.

I am getting married
but does she want to come ?


I will not marry if she comes for my marriage.

38:27-38:58 Ratan talking about his
inability to get Jyotsna married..

I taught this girl of mine the skills to perform.

She earned money throughout
her childhood and fed me.

And now when it is time to marry her off,
I have no money to get her married.

What kind of parents are we ?

It is better not to have given birth.

Of what use is bringing children
whose fates are sealed.

38:59-39:54 Narration about
Radha’s predicament.

I think Radhabai
has been attacked at two levels.

At one level Ratan Singh
has dumped her at her parents' house

and wants her to bring money

so that he can repay the loans
whose interest is compounding.

At another level it is again the usual
daughter-in-law/mother-in-law story.

The play of power between the new entrant
and the well-entrenched.

Julie also has a hand
in Radhabai's predicament.

39:55-40:13 Julie and Reshma talking.

This is about Nandigram.

He has won that is why they are clapping.

This is a photo taken when
we had gone to perform in Kalighat.

Isn't this you ?


40:14-40:40 Julie with child in train

40:41-41:09 Toofan walking with child in basket.

41:10-43:04 Performing. Reshma
falls down from the rope.

43:05-43:34 Julie talking
about educating the child

Nobody is literate in our family.

If at least one person were educated,
he could read and write his name and address.

He could even make
phone calls home if far away.

He could read and write letters.

That's why we want to educate him.

We will educate him till
the level at which one gets a job.

His luck will finally decide
whether he lands up a job or not.

43:35-44:32 Performance with Reshma. Ambience

43:33-47:00 Ratan talking
about Toofan having left him.

My own son has left me and
gone away along with wife.

They are of no help.

You mean Toofan ?
Yes, Toofan.

Where has he gone ?

He has gone away.

He has separated from me...

says he wants to live separately...
claims he will be better off if he separates.

I told him that my good wishes are with him.

Be happy whereever you are.

It all started with Janaki.
She went away after her marriage.

Then her mother (Radha) left us.

She took away
the youngest girl (Chandni).

After that Jyotsna got married
and also went away.

We thought that the rest
us would somehow survive.

But my son (Toofan) and
his wife have also left us.

Now we have just the three of us left.

I have no one around me.

Just an old mother.

I am alone.

Do you want to get married ?

When ?

We are going to the village.

I will get married if I find somebody.

Has the bride been arranged ?


That will be done after I go there.

I will have to look around for a bride.

I am thinking that if these debts
were somehow repaid,

I would put them in school
and start some business to make a living.

But the compulsion is that if I put them
in school then who will repay the loans.

The interests are compounding.

I don't know what to do.

47:01-47:22 Reshma crying

Why are you hiding your face ?
Don't cry, girl. Get up.

47:23-48:03 Ratan talking about debts
and the division of debts amongst Toofan and Raja.

How much worth of debt do you have ?

One hundred thousand rupees.

We haven’t seen so much money in our lives.

Not even in our dreams.

My wife has left us with so much debt.

Now the debt has been divided amongst the
two brothers, Raja Hindustani and Toofan.

Each one of them has to repay
fifty thousand rupees.

Raja has to pay back half (fifty thousand)
and Toofan the other half.

48:04-48:36 Narration about globalization
and the booming Indian economy.

The benefits of globalization
and the booming Indian economy

has left large chunks of
people untouched on one hand

while on the other hand,
rising inflation has made

life difficult for the common man.

Only the educated are
benefitting from globalisation,

while the uneducated and the impoverished

who are a much larger population,
continue to live in darkness.

48:37-50:25 Reshma and Raja talking

Why did you cry ?

I remembered mother.

My father has no one.

An old mother and us...
just the four of us.

We have no one.

What about your mother ?

Forget about her.

Of what use is she ?

She has left us forever.

She wanted to see Kishore, the little one.

She has never even held Kishore
since he was born.

She will come if my father holds
her feet ( and begs forgiveness).

Shouldn't he do that ?

Father says that she should hold his feet.

What do you people say ?

Father should get married again.

This mother won't do.
We want another mother.

We will have another member to work with us.

The new mother ?

When she has a child,
I will take that child to perform.

I will train the child to perform on the rope.

This is the only way out for us.

We will work day and night
and save money to repay the loans.

50:26- 51:29 Reshma and Raja Ambience
performing on the platform.

51:30-51:35 Camera
Ranjan Palit

51:36 -51:40 Additional Camera

Bhaskar Maitra
Samiran Datta
Ranu Ghosh

51:41-51:46 Editing

Amitabh Chakraborty
Amit Debnath

51:47- 51:51 Location Sound

Partha Barman

51:52-51:57 Track Laying & Mixing

Subhadeep Sengupta

51:58-52:03 Script, Production and Direction

Arvind Sinha

52:04-52: 09 Acknowledgements

Shrimat Saumyendranath Brahmachary
(Acharya, Devsangha –Deoghar)
Chitra Sinha
Putul Mahmood
Rina Mukherji
Vijay Sharma


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