1999 Beta SP


19.08 Cute children singing
20.28 Police arrest Paedophile in hotel room with 15 year old girl
26.04 Child gives account of sexual abuse
28.31 GV’s exterior black children playing
33.26 Mother gives a testimony describing the rape of her six year old daughter
35.07 GV’s interior of children playing
36.0 Black child playing with dolls
38.08 ‘Secret’ camera showing child therapy session
42.37 Cute children playing
43.43 Testimony of girl abused by step father
45.21 ‘Secret’ camera showing child in therapy session simulating sex with dolls
53.48 Girl describes feelings of guilt and account of sexual abuse
58.55 GV’s of children (black) in school classroom
59.53 GV’s of children (black) in classroom drawing their family situation
03.02.40 Child protection unit making night time raids and arrests
01.07.19 Children in a school assembly room receiving self protection classes
01.08.46 GV of cute child singing
01.09.11 GV’s children singing “Don’t Touch Me”


03.19.04 Children singing “Say No”
03.19.34 Demonstrators outside a courtyard calling for child abusers being locked up
03.24.35 ‘Secret’ camera reveals girl in therapy demonstrating using dolls how her father abuses her
03.26.04 Girl gets angry with doll which represents her father
03.37.20 Boy playing with mother outside
03.40.05 GV’s boy playing with cat
03.42.37 Mother and 4 year old boy playing rough and tumble
03.47.01 Girl in therapy puts the willie off a doll
03.47.45 Child in courtroom giving evidence via camera
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