There’s Something About Metal
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1’30”-3’07” Opening Scene 2’08-2’15” (super) INTRODUCING DOMINO DE LA ROGUE2’14”-2’19” –(super) AND LEE ANGEL MORGUE2’26”- 2’31” (super) A FILM BY STUART O’ROURKE2’57”-3’02” – (super full screen) THE BAND BATON ROGUE MORGUE WAS FORMED IN 20063’02”-3’07” – (super full screen) IT IS UNKNOWN WHAT THE FUTURE BRINGS OR WHERE THE MUSIC WILL LEAD THEM.
3’07”-6’30” BRM Rehearsal Scene Lee Angel Morgue: Yo what the fuck are you doing in here, we’re rehearsing, it’s the rehearsal for the upcoming album we’re gonna record next week.MUSCIC PLAYSDomino De La Rogue: This is the first time in 2 months, It feels strange to go into the studio in a couple of days.Lee Angel Morgue: It feels like a long time ago.Domino De La Rogue: It feels like 2 months ago. It’s ten new songs so it’s strange.Lee Angel Morgue: Just writing some lyrics because we have a new song coming up and ah, there’s nothing to it so far, so I just have to think out the best I can.Stuart O’Rourke (Director): What’s it about?Lee Angel Morgue: Heat seekers and bleeding girls you know, the regular stuff.MUSIC PLAYSDomino De La Rogue: Good Shit. Normally bands practice atleast you know like 2-3 weeks before, just straight practicing before going into the studio…………That’s not us, we don’t need to we’re so fucking good.Lee Angel Morgue: We’ll have a couple of drinks and then everything is gonna turn out nicely.MUSIC PLAYSTimothy Baton: Turn out good, good.Domino De La Rogue: Now this is summertime but it’s still dark, depressing and ah you get this fucking rain every single day. The only thing that keeps us going is the music, otherwise we would be just flat out destroyed.Stuart O’Rourke (Director): But also too living in a shitty weather place, probably one of the biggest things I can imagine that keeps you here is all your friends.Domino De La Rogue: Exactly, because then you got friends that understands you. If you move and you take the mentality that you have, that you can’t get rid of anymore because you grew up here, and you go someplace else you won’t find people that are like you or atleast understands you on that level. So in a way your stuck. You can always travel and go and come back but still ah you need to find a true Finn to understand how fucking fucked up it actually is. n/a
6’30”-7’21” Interview-Hannu Tolvanen Hannu Tolvanen: In the western side of Finland its more related to Western Europe. For example Sweden is more easy listening music, more light music like Abba you know. But other part of Finnish are from east so that music is more or less, more melancholic, more not depressed but in a way sort of mood that its not so…not so lively or happy all the time, and that reflects I think also in the attitude to metal music. Gloom people, gloom music, but we enjoy that dark side of the music also. TC: 6’30”-6’56”- (name super)HANNU TOLVANEN- SIBELIUS MUSIC ACADEMY, HELSINKI
7’21”-7’45” Helsinki City Footage TC: 7’21-7’31” (super)HELSINKI, FINLAND
7’45”-8’34” Festival Intro Domino De La Rogue: We’re here in Helsinki, Finland at the Tuska festival….ah it’s gonna be 3 days of pure fucking Metal. We got bands here like Carcass, Slayer, Morbid Angel and ahLee Angel Morgue: The list is ongoingDomino De La Rogue: That’s all you need, you got beer, you got hot women, you got all these crazy mother fuckers just here for one thing and that’s pure fucking mayhem so enjoy. TC: 7’45”-7’55” (name supers)DOMINO DE LA ROGUELEE ANGEL MORGUETC 8’12”-8’20” (super)TUSKA HEAVY METAL FESTIVAL
8’34”-8’54” Interview-Tony Kakko Tony Kakko: You know metal music it’s generally speaking really mainstream in Finland. In the album charts, metal music in the like top 10 there’s bound to be atleast five metal bands there. I didn’t even think it’s weird until I started getting you know people asking me in interviews, ‘how come metal music is so big in Finland’? TC: 7’34”-7’38” (name super)TONY KAKKO - SONATA ARCTICA (FINALND)
8’54”-9’16” Interview-Killswitch Engage Adam Dutkiewicz: they like their metal, that’s all there is to it.Howard Jones: And their bored. I think its just one of those things you can’t really explain, it just sort of progressed to what it is.Adam Dutkiewicz: Finland has better beer to, way better.Howard Jones: Is that a bear, why is there a bear on it. TC: 8’54”-9’00” (name super)HOWARD JONESADAM DUTKIEWICZKILLSWITCH ENGAGE (USA)
9’16”-11’23” Music Festival Montage Domino De La Rogue: The thing is this is downtown Helsinki, and ah you got this heavy Metal festival in the heart of the city. You got the train station 50 metres up there, you got the festival, it’s insane. And their still of course ah struggling with the noise permit, it goes on till 10 and after that it has to shut down. This goes on for 3 days in the heart of the city in Helsinki so there’s a lot of people. If you wanna sleep during the day, fuck that, it’s gonna be fucking loud, it’s gonna be fucking heavy, it’s gonna be fucking dirty.Domino De La Rogue: Hey fucking eh it’s great.Lee Angel Morgue: yeah it’s fucking nice to be here. I heard that there’s some band playing over there in the tent you know.Domino De La Rogue: yeah okay, probably just some cocksuckers but ah you never know.Lee Angel Morgue: Ah, just gonna check it out you know. Ah fuck do you have the program, you know the timetable for all the shows you know.Domino De La Rogue: No I don’t, I don’t care, to me this festival is basically just being drunk.Lee Angel Morgue: yeah okay, the next band is gonna be a killer band you know in this smaller tent here.Domino De La Rogue: ah okayLee Angel Morgue: Should we go and check it outDomino De La Rogue: yeah well whatever you wanna do. n/a
11’23”-11’54” Porvoo Music Montage TC: 11’38”-11’45” (super)PORVOO
11’54”-12’58” Domino Church Interview Domino De La Rogue: The church behind me that you can see with the new roof burnt down a year ago. The drummer of a local black metal band actually set the church on fire. He was drunk, it was in the middle of the night and ah for some reason he thought that’s a good idea. He’s now sentenced to six or seven years in jail, and they just finished rebuilding the roof. The church is one of the oldest in Finland so the whole thing got a lot of media attention all over Europe and this is what we ended up with, old church with a shitty roof.Most of the black metal bands sing about the dark sides in life and Satanism and evil and stuff like that. So that’s why a lot of black metal followers or band members tend to kick down gravestones and desecrate graveyards, burn down churches. That’s kind of the message in the music aswell, and some people take it really seriously and think that’s the way to go. n/a
12’58”-13’41” Markus Laakso Interview Markus Laakso: In the 80’s when bands like Twisted Sister and Scorpions ad Kiss and Wasp and bands like that were huge, they were also huge here in Finland. But the Finnish bands, ah…there were’nt that many Finnish metal bands at that time. The Scandinavian movement started from the early 1990’s with death metal bands from Sweden like Entombed and At the Gates, and then the black metal bands of Norway. And the Norweigian bands for me were kind of like the first wave and then it moved on to Sweden and now its all Finland. TC: 12’58”-13’14” ( name super)MARKUS LAAKSOSHADOW WORLD RECORDS, LABEL MANAGER
13’41”-14’39” Further interviews Domino De La Rogue: Nowadays black metal bands don’t have to sing about Satan they can sing about other stuff. Like a lot of Scandinavian black metal bands sing about like the nature, the coldness, the rawness of the land you know just like Ice and snow and the winter,…… dark frost grim nights you know.Hannu Tolvanen: The folk music in Finland, the music that has been played here 2000, 3000, 5000 years it’s pentatonic, pentachord that it goes first up and then goes down, and that music is some think that its quite melancholic and its very deeply in Finnish nature that kind of music.Markus Laakso: The first bands that I started listening to were metal and I’ve been a metal fan since then so,…and I listen to more and more metal everyday. n/a
14’55”-15’53” Road Trip Domino De La Rogue: It’s the only heavy metal festival during Midsummer in Finland, and midsummer is the busiest festival time, music festival time in Finland. Every god damn little fucking town has their own festival.In the beginning of the trip we were lost and sober, now were heading in the right direction and were fucking pissed. We don’t need a map anymore, we got a tour guide, he’s right here.
15’53”-16’39” Nummirock Intro TC: 15’53”-16’04” (Super)NUMMIROCK HEAVY METAL FESTIVAL
16’39”-18’27” Kiuas show, Interview & fans Ilja Jalkanen: We’re kind of a definition of a hybrid metal band you know, we really do incorporate all kinds of shit into it and of course catchy choruses because you need to have people singing in the shower that’s the thing, that’s what sells albums right. We are definitely going places, we are going to be rich and famous.PERFORMANCEIlja Jalkanen: In general I like the Finnish metal audience for the simple fact that their usually fairly drunk, you kind of feel that were all on the same level basically because it s very……..even though it s a community that encompasses a lot of different bands, a lot of different styles within the genre of heavy metal, still there’s a very strong feeling of unity. If you do metal then your one the guys or the gals or whatever,…. one of those people.FAN MONATGE TC: 16’39”16’45” (Super)KIUAS (FINLAND)TC: 16’51-16’56” (name super)ILJA JALKANENKIUAS (FINLAND)
18’27”-19’22” Murdershock show and fans TC: 18’27”- 18’34” (Super)MURDERSHOCK (FINLAND)
19’22”-20’25” Kalmah Show & Interview Antti Kokko: I started with Kiss, Creatures of the Night, and then I get, got heavier and darker. For this latest album we have political and religious issues and of course personal demons. In December, January we don’t have sun at all here its dark the whole day, maybe it gets you thinking so. I guess the people listen pretty much more music at that time but for me its ah, I do cross country skiing. I have 2 greyhounds that are the fastest dogs in the world. Australian dogs cannot beat them. TC: 19’22”- 19’26” (Super)KALMAH (FINLAND)TC: 19’35”-19’43” (name super)ANTTI KOKKOKALMAH (FINLAND)
20’26”-20’56” Domino drinking beer with dude Guy: Oh man this is so great.Domino De La Rogue: this is how we drink beer in FinlandGuy2: Yeah it’s the only way.Guy: I’ve been swimming in that lake over there and my dick looked very small, it actually was very small……I also really like to drink beer and go to my camp and drink some more beer and listen to heavy metal music.
20’56”-22’00” God Dethroned Show & Interview Henri Sattler: We founded the band in 1990 in Holland…um well this is the first time to Finland for us you know I like it there’s a lot of space, lots of forest. Mostly we play in like Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, England. We play like melodic death metal with a little bit of black metal into it. I’m the only original band member left actually, I’m the old guy. TC: 20’57”- 21’03” (Super)GOD DETHRONED (NETHERLANDS)TC: 21’16”-21’22” (name super)HENRI SATTLERGOD DETHRONED (NETHERLANDS)
22’00”-22’50” Festival eating & Montage Lee Angel Morgue: So far thisDomino De La Rogue: It’s been goodLee Angel Morgue: The last concert was the best………………… way dude….actually this is good you know…..just take it from the side, pull it like that… you not gonna get the intestines just the flesh. n/a
22’50”-24’45” Morning after festival Domino De La Rogue: eh, whats going on, we got no more drugs, no more chicks, we got nothing…..we got pretty wasted last night.Lee Angel Morgue: NahDomino De La Rogue: Started out when I was seventeen, I took a small bat for no reason and added a couple of skulls, the grim reaper, and ah….then ah, like I said before this is the album cover of Merciful Fate’s ‘Don’t Break the Oath’, classic heavy black metal album back in 82’,83’, and ah, then I just added on shit. I got like 21 or 22 skulls all in all if you count every fucking cocksucker, you know like that. This is just something I designed myself and took it to the shop and told them hey this is what I want……………….This is fucking sad, is that fucked or what……..even if the cops would come right now they would just start laughing….hey come on dude, I would get a fine for making such a shitty joint….learn from our mistakes.SING SONG n/a
24’45”-25’06” Trip back to Porvoo n/a
25’06”-30’12” Domino in Tattoo Studio Domino De La Rogue: Ah testing, testicles one two one two……..ah two actually.Well my father died 92’. 94’-95’ I was working on the ships in Helsinki and ah the pay was shitty. Actually we didn’t even get paid we worked like 6 days a week and ah after 6 months there were still just excuses here and there why we don’t get paid and blah blah blah. So basically I was out of work, my girlfriend just left me and ah everything was kind of shitty…so I had a friend of mine going down to Cape Town to visit her father and she just asked me you wanna go down with me there and I was like ohh, I have nothing to lose so why not. I just went for a holiday ended up turning out that I came back as a tattoo artist, ha ha ha, so ah that was kind of strange, and after a while say 2-3 months I had too many customers running in and out of my home which wasn’t good so I thinking ah, I need to open up a shop…..I opened up a shop, that’s ten years ago……….Shaving somebody’s arm is not heavy metal…….let the madness begin….colouring in the background of the whole design, we got most of the animals done, there’s a big spider, there’s a bird, there’s a butterfly and a snake…just to get the depth in it you fill it up with leaves underneath, that’s what were doing today. You dip the needle into the ink and then you just ram it in to the customers skin, make him scream and squeal like a pig…Tattooing has only been popular for the last ten years, it’s been a little bit underground because Finland, we’re so far up north so everything’s dragging like 10-15 years behind. Something happens in the States it travels to Europe, goes through Germany to Denmark and from Denmark through Norway, Sweden and Finland is the last country you know, so ah everything always ends up here last. The cultural side of it is different, but here because its connected to music it’s a way of expressing yourself like permanently so there’s the same element with the music within heavy metal that your dedicated to what you do or that’s your lifestyle that you live all the way. You shouldn’t be worried about what am I gonna look like or think when I’m 75 if I even live that long, you should think about who you are at the moment and focus on that, and if your true to yourself all the way then you can’t regret it later either because that was you at that time. This doesn’t actually feel like work and the whole band thing, our band doesn’t feel like work it’s just that’s your life, but since I’ve been doing this 10 years as a professional tattoo artist absolutely I would give this up if we could do our band stuff professionally for the next 10 years. The rock roll and roll scene is you know it s girls, liquor, bikes, cars, tattoos all that, it’s combined you know together, so anything within that, it’s good. Stuart O’Rourke: Every single part of the culture you have done to the extreme.Domino De La Rogue: It’s one point of, It’s hard to look at yourself like that but you saying that I realise it’s true in a way but I don’t feel like I had to make an effort, it just, that came natural, that’s the way, I wouldn’t have it any other way, so ah, it’s not fake. n/a
30’12”-33’32” Motorcycling Domino De La Rogue: The call of the wild.RIDING MOTORBIKE MONTAGEDomino De La Rogue: So I was three years old and ah Christmas was coming up, so my mother asks me what I want for Christmas and ah I wanted all sorts of toys and balloons and things like that but number one on the list was Harley Davidson and I have no idea how I got that idea into my head because my father wasn’t riding and my mother didn’t even know how to spell the whole fucking word so I think it started around that time, ha ha haLee Angel Morgue: that’s a while ago.Domino De La Rogue: It’s cold and dark and snow for 6 months so ah we got a lot of spare time to just build the bikes because we can’t ride them, so ah that’s why they end up looking like this. After you put so much effort and time into the bike and money aswell your kind of expecting that the first time that you start and just go that it gonna be fucking great and it’s always fucking great. The first ride after the long cold winter it’s better than anything. Heavy metal is the most extreme music style, well these bikes are the most extreme when it comes to bikes so ah of course there’s a connection but you have to be that type of person to understand it.Lee Angel Morgue: this is the good stuff, the thing you should do on a summer day you know.Domino De La Rogue: Hey cocksucker you got a problem……………….the only thing that keeps you a little bit back or takes away a part of the feeling and the freedom is the helmet law but since we make up our own laws we don’t need helmets.Lee Angel Morgue: yeah I think you should be able to choose what you want you know. Obviously if your in a crash with your bike.Domino De La Rogue: You will dieLee Angel Morgue: Yeah the helmet will not rescue you, well it can rescue you but then your stuck like an invalidDomino De La Rogue: You’re a fucking vegetableLee Angel Morgue: For the rest of your life, I don’t know if that’s something that I really want.Domino De La Rogue: that’s shit so if when you gotta go you gotta go, so the helmet only prevents you from dying and actually keeps you alive but you’re a fucking vegetable….we don’t want to be like fucking carrotsLee Angel Morgue: CucumbersDomino De La Rogue: on the plate waiting to be thrown awayLee Angel Morgue: yeahDomino De La Rogue: What the fuck is that you know. n/a
33’33”-35’02” Photographic shoot Domino De La Rogue: Were actually six guys but here’s like 3 or 4 horny guys and a couple of hot chicks, that’s not gonna turn out that goodLee Angel Morgue: Can you see my hair?Domino De La Rogue: My hair, my hair.Lee Angel Morgue: Do I look like a wanker?Annica: AlwaysLee Angel Morgue: Hey you can’t even see me right nowDomino De La Rogue: Cmon look nasty n/a
35’02-35’37” Music Video Montage TC: 35’06”- 35’09” (Super)FILMED 2007
35’37”-36’44” Domino interview about image Domino De La Rogue: Bands, their not that much concerned about creating an image, it more about writing the perfect song to ah…to make it. That’s not the point what happens after that when you make it and you got that one song and people are gonna look at it and say we like this shit but who are those guys. Every band says the same thing that we don’t care what everybody else tells us to be and how to be and ah because we are what we are but they look like shit. Creating an image is important but afterwards we don’t go and joke about it, we’re serious about that image, to us we stand behind it, even though it girls in chains or high heels or whatever. Any cocksucker could understand that this guy is not gonna bend over or step down for nothing, but you know he’s sincere. When it comes to heavy metal its something that you need to get you away from everyday life.
36’44”-37’24” Nature and Tuska Part2 intro Lee Angel Morgue: It’s good that its cold and dark and shitty for a long time of the year because when its summer your gonna just take everything out of it, while it lasts. n/a
37-24”-38’51” Tuska festival info Lee Angel Morgue: that was huge knockersDomino De La Rogue: HaLee Angel Morgue: Huge knockersTony Taleva: yeah I’m fucking proud of this festival cause ah its 11th year, 10th in outdoor but this 11th year. I was thinking about five thousand people over 2 days outdoor, that was my main goal but this like double time in my main goal, this is 4 days, 44,000 people, 11,000 each day so its fucking huge.Face paint guy: I went first Tuska 10 years ago when it was a small happening inside restaurant then it moved to a little bit bigger ground and ah now were here 11,000 people a day so even though I’m turning 33 years old once a year you still have to get the makeup and have all the black leather on and you know. You just gotta be, feel that same feeling that you had when you were 13, you bought your first Anthrax record and you were like this is the toughest mother fucking shit that I ever heard. The inspiration first comes from Kiss and then the older guys from Norway when they were burning the churches and they took the step a little bit further so just paying respect to the traditions. You will not get any pussy with this makeup but my bride is there so I’m getting married in one month so its taken care of, ha ha ha ha. TC: 37’24”- 37’30” (Super)TUSKA HEAVY METAL FESTIVALTC: 37’30”- 37’38” (Name Super)TONY TALEVA – TUSKA FESTIVAL FOUNDER
38’51-39’05” Bands Montage TC: 38’51”- 38’55” (Super)KYPCK (FINALND)TC: 38’55”-39’00” (Super)ENTOMBED (SWEDEN)TC: 39’00”-39’05” (Super)SHADE EMPIRE (FINLAND)
39’05”- 40’31” Dream Evil Show & Interview Fredrik Nordstrom: if you live in Greece or you know it like a nice weather country you stay out drink coffee on the bars stuff like that, you know but in Sweden, Finland countries like that we have alot of shit weather, comparing to the population we have many many bands play music, and I think because of the weather you can stay inside and you wanna do something inside and then you play music.Niklas Isfeldt: Or jerk off maybeFredrik Nordstrom: Yeah that’s niceNiklas Isfeldt: Or maybe bothDREAM EVIL PERFORMANCEFredrik Nordstrom: Your work can be serious, but metal is for fun, its entertainment. TC: 39’18”- 39’23” (Super)DREAM EVIL (SWEDEN)TC: 39’48”- 39’58” (Name Supers)NIKLAS ISFELDT FREDRIK NORDSTROMDREAM EVIL (SWEDEN)
40’31- 41’37” Random interviews and festival montage Lee Angel Morgue: I’m not drunk, I just had one beer you know.Domino De La Rogue: He can hear the sirensLee Angel Morgue: Yeah, are you a fucking undercover cop?Horn guy: Tuska is the best fucking festival in the worldCostume girl: I made these myself and I have been using my corset like a year and I made this for custom work and this is also my creation. I just like to make these kinds of costumes what’s a little bit different what you can buy in shop.Stuart O’Rourke (Director): Does it make you feel sexy?Costume girl: Well, yeah, little bit. n/a
41’37”-42’47” Sotajumala show and fans. Timo Hakkinen: We play basically modern death metal, brutal straight forward you know crushing death metal. The guys started the band like 10 years ago so they decided early on that ah we gonna do all the lyrics in FinnishSOTAJUMALA PERFORMANCE Timo Hakkinen: I think the crowds in Finland generally speaking its really good crowds you know, people are into the music and they really want to show the bands that they are here to see the bands. Young boy: I love metal! TC: 41’37”- 41’43” (Super)SOTAJUMALA (FINLAND)TC: 42’02”- 42’05” (name super)TIMO HAKKINEN _ SOYAJUMALA (FINLAND)
42’47”-45’01” Sonata Arctica interview & Show Tony Kakko: First place we kind of made it biggish was Japan, already the first album I think we sold fairly good, it was like half of our albums at the time but now its getting like settling down a little bit, Japan is going down and Finland has risen to be the biggest single country.SONATA ARCTICA PERFORMANCETony Kakko: Metal music, it has become so pop thing that it, its not METAL anymore there’s no mutiny or rebellion on it in that sense. Of course there are bands that are still doing that in a pure way and really hard but there are so many ‘pop metal’ bands like us.SONATA ARCTICA PERFORMANCETony Kakko: there’s a lot of stereotypical ideas about Finnish fans that they need to be really drunk to get any emotions out of themselves you know, like really get into it, but I don’t think its true really. They have a beer or something but that’s normal, everybody does that. Between countries, it’s the same thing between you know within Finland itself. Their like, the audience differs from Lapland to mid parts of Finland and south, southern Finland. You know people are different, there are different kind of cultures and it happens everywhere in the USA, Europe. It’s normal, its hard to say where the audience is the best, I don’t even want to go there, its nice everywhere, its really good. TC: 42’50”- 42’56” (Super)SONATA ARCTICA (FINLAND)TC: 43’05”- 43’13” (Name Super)TONY KAKKO - SONATA ARCTICA (FINLAND)
45’01”-46’21” End of Festival Lee Angel Morgue: Really I wouldn’t like to touch your beard you knowDomino De La Rogue: yeah me tooLee Angel Morgue: Because it’s just too strangeDomino De La Rogue: I actually had this shaving accident this morningLee Angel Morgue: You can’t see it you knowFESTIVAL / STREET MONTAGEDudes on street: Fuck you, up yoursDomino De La Rogue: You pull down your pants in the middle of Helsinki, hey come on dude.Guy in street: HiLee Angel Morgue: At this moment I’m feeling pretty nice you know. Ah, I don’t know where were going but ah you know the festival is over for tonight so we have to move along.Dude on street: how you doin baby, Danny boy conta you know what I’m saying, pretty fly, I’m gonna hit your, you know what I’m saying, gangster cool, better believe it.MUSIC MONTAGE n/a
46’21”-49’21” Album Recording Domino De La Rogue: Were here in ah Southern Finland in a secret location recording a new CD called Let the Suckers Bleed. We got 11 new songs, were gonna try to make it happen in 5 or 6 days. We know the songs are good but we don’t know how its gonna turn out.RECORDING MUSIC MONTAGEDomino De La Rogue: it’s getting there.Anders Tornquist: I think its working out pretty wellDomino De La Rogue: after allAnders Tornquist: Yeah after allDomino De La Rogue: there was a lot of buts, a lot of if’s.Anders Tornquist: A lot of butts and titsLee Angel Morgue: sounds good.Domino De La Rogue: I fuck like a beastLee Angel Morgue: I’m still hungover, I didn’t drink anything last night or during the whole day, any alcohol that is. But I had a good time though, I can feel it in m stomach.RECORDING MUSIC MONTAGEDomino De La Rogue: the only thing is that we need to sound better than before and have better songs, look better live, so whatever the standard was when we started out we need to grow from there everytime. If that’s good enough in the long run for some people or not we don’t know, so we cant just go out and say yeah, we gonna be playing in Australia in Sydney for 10,000 people next summer, cause that would be stupid. It could happen but it depends on so many god damn things that we can’t do anything about.Lee Angel Morgue: I think this is gonna be really nice when its done. n/a
49’21”-51’13 Final Interviews Markus Laakso: There’s this book called Kalevala, a Finnish epic and a lot of other Finnish folklore that are kind of really really moody. I don’t think its not just about gloomy music its in the blood of the Finnish peopleIlja Ilkanen: its cause it’s so dark and gloomy and horrible and were all alcoholics and suicidal, that’s probably why it is, yes that it is, yes. I don’t know I have no idea?Lee Angel Morgue: The purpose of metal music is not like to torture people, its to give, atleast as far as I’m concerned, it’s to give a relief to the suffer that you feel.Domino De La Rogue: Whatever personal problems I have, whatever that I feel, this is too much, I just escape into my music, like any person would with what they believe in.Hannu Tolvanen: When this generation grows older and older the music from their youth is metal music, so they want to when they are 60 or 70 in their rocking chairs they want to hear their Metallica’s and Slayer still and try to bang their heads also, if its possible anymore because their neck is so painful.Markus Laakso: Finnish metal hasn’t reached its peak yet, it’s getting bigger all the time. I think Finnish metal is going to rule the world. Lee Angel Morgue: It’s been a pleasure for us to guide you through the life of metal.Domino De La Rogue: this is the way we do it in FinlandLee Angel Morgue: YEAH n/a
51’24”-53’18” End Credits with Music Video

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