10: 01: 41 - Grieving Widows of murdered taxi drivers.

10: 01: 45 - Burying taxi drivers.

10: 01: 55  - Statement in Russian by Chechen government spokesman denouncing Russian terrorism and its undermining of democracy in Chechnya.

10: 02: 44 - The Caucasus Mountains - bastion of Chechen Resistance to invasion.

10: 04: 29 - Site of a massacre of Chechen civilians by Russians. This drove the entire population to exile in Kazakhstan in 1940s. One of the victims is a relative of General Dudayev.

10: 05: 49 - Chechen crowd celebrating independence.

10: 06: 12 - General Dudayev in uniform - Soviet Air force general swears in as President of Chechen republic, hand on the Koran.

10: 06: 57 - Russian helicopter crew is being asked where they come from by journalist. Russian planes in Chechnya.

10: 08: 05 - Chechen police during the fighting against ‘dissidents’ who occupied government buildings including the TV station.

10: 08: 41 - Chechens are world champion wrestlers who competed abroad but were never allowed to compete in the Olympics for political reasons.

A gym in Grozny.

10: 10: 23 - Former world wrestling champion and deputy minister of the interior says the KGB are attacking Chechnya (Russian).

10: 12: 01 - Meeting of Dudayev and his cabinet.

10: 12: 35 - Dudayev (later murdered by a Russian satellite directed remote controlled missile) talks to senior military aids on security situation.

10: 13: 18 - List of dead murdered taxi drivers. Taxi drivers blame the KGB (in Chechen).

10: 13: 23 - Taxi driver - victim of random attack.

10: 13: 49 - List of dead murdered taxi drivers. Taxi drivers blame the KGB (in Chechen).

Victims relative, from the family that has conducted an investigation which has led to a Russian KGB colonel who recruited and led the gang which trapped their brother taxi driver with a blonde asking for a fare on a remote road and then jumped him and left the body stuffed in an oil drum on the road side. (Hidden camera films Max and his interpreter talking to family member. the situation is tense. The family are not talking openly or to any media).

10: 16: 25 - Photographs of victims and documents showing how Russians having expelled Chechens moved the border with Dagestan, expropriating land from Chechens and provoking conflict by handing it to others

10: 18: 18 - Chechen soldiers (Soviet army veterans with medals and uniform) patrol in a Volga and fire in the air.

10: 19: 35 - Sufi leaders (traditional leaders) who support the government

Chechens in pro Russian area (bordering on Russia) search cars on their own roadblocks. Explain how they got weapons from Shevardnadze's regime in Georgia (although they came across the border in the north of Chechnya –which is the opposite end of the country from Georgia)

Dissident Chechens anti Dudayev, later launched a coup attempt supported by Russian soldiers, deny they are pro Russian and call Dudayev a bandit

Dissident opposition roadblock

Deputy minister of interior explains that the weapons had to come from KGB

10: 24: 44 - Chechen Sufi’s dance as they confront the ‘opposition’ who have taken over the TV station and some government buildings armed with weapons

10: 26: 38 - Chechen military officer (army commanders) shows masks used by terror attackers coming from outside Chechnya to make random attacks

10: 27: 48 Russian military base burned by Russian officers before leaving. Blamed by Russia and international media on Chechen attack.

Locals say it was the MVD (SOVIET POLICE) provocation

10: 29: 24 - President Dudayev dismisses the accusation

President Zviad Gamsakhurdia in his exile house in Grozny having 3 months after being overthrown and driven from Georgia (later poisoned) explains that it is the KGB who are organising ‘opposition’ groups and arming them and terrorising the population as they did in Georgia

Chechen details how weapons were distributed form the base randomly

Sufi leaders chant. A ‘GHAZAVAT’ - a Sufi sworn to make peace unto death even at the cost of his own life,  shows the bullet hole in his hat incurred in trying to stop the weapons distribution outside the Russian base becoming a bloodbath

10: 31: 35 - Easter ceremony Russian Orthodox Church in Grozny (which at this stage has no mosques, even as the regime is being defined as radical Muslim)

10: 35: 27 - Russian Kazak (Cossack) in Grozny calls the Chechen republic not a democracy –‘DEMOKRATSIA’ but a shitocracy ‘DERMOKRATSIA’ - and a ‘banana republic’.

Interview w/ Dudayev (in Russian) he explains how Russians divide and rule

10: 36: 59 - Rifle practice with Chechen patrol looking out for invasion

10: 38: 45 - Chechen in main square dance and chant in support of Republic, which is under attack from ‘dissidents’ who have occupied part of government building in front. These Sufis then walk unarmed to retake the TV station from armed occupiers.

Family of Sufi victim.

10: 40: 31 - Dissidents enter TV station with weapons from the back across a narrow bridge.

Pro governments Chechens gather outside the TV station.

10: 41: 55 - Dissidents fire on crowd.

10: 42: 25 - Government armoured car fires at TV station.

10: 42: 45 - Commander of Chechen army shows masks worn by ‘terrorist’ attackers sent by KGB (Russian).

Commander explains how the unarmed crown walked towards the TV station. Chechen armoured vehicles avoided opening fire.

Chechen relatives of murdered Sufianalise where the single shot through the head could have come from and conclude it was a marksman behind and to one side of the crowd, Appeal to Chechens not to respond to the KGB provocation which is designed to provoke civil conflict and war in Chechnya. Let the family deal with it.

TRADITIONAL JUSTICE - is not random revenge but a careful drawn out process through which Chechen families are obliged to seek justice in the absence of credible justice from any authorities:

The family of a murdered Sufi shot outside the TV station consult a Chechen Sufi mullah who says their unarmed relative was murdered whilst making peace. They have scriptural authority and obligation to seek out his killers and exact justice.

Family of murdered victims pray.

Sufi chanters (God is Great).

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