03:28:03 Opened up graves
04:58:10 Government handover from Augusto Pinochet to Patricio Aylwin Azócar 11 March 1990
05:24:05 Footage from Pinochet's Coup d'etat September 11th 1973 (planes, tanks in street, bombs, burning building)
06:08:06 Salvador Allende Gossens Grave/ Memorial in the National cemetery
06:36:11 Mass graves
06:50:22 Grave marked N.N 'name unknown'
07:17:21 Flight over the Andes
08:15:22 DINA and prisoners (Prisoner blindfolded, prisoners tied up)
08:45:17 Protesters for those disappeared (in Santiago, last Friday of every month)
10:03:03 General Augusto Pinochet with parade
10:40:10 Images of Alfonso Chanfreau, leader of the far left MIR group
12:58:10 Students and Trade Unionists rounded up
13:14:09 7000 brought to the National football stadium (Singer, prisoners. torture chambers)
13:48:10 DINA headquarters
15:04:04 DINA torture centre, Londres street
18:16:05 Catholic church in Chile (outside, inside and files of those disappeared and tortured)
18:59:04 Osvaldo Romo, one of DINA's main torturers
20:56:11 Footage from Colonia Dignidad, the German settlement in Southern Chile (daily life of the colony)
22:14:18 Leader of the sect Paul Schaefer
22:43:03 Wife of Pinochet, Lucia Hiriart de Pinochet, arriving at Colonia Dignidad for a holiday
25:15:15 Photos of the far left MIR group
25:59:17 Survivor of Colonia Dignidad, Adriana Borquez
27:37:11 United Nations report on protection of human rights in Chile
29:31:02 Meeting of survivors from Colonia Dignidad
31:12:09 Group bound hand and foot, faced down in a toilet
31:38:12 Man shot in the back and head lying on floor
31:58:21 Far left slogan of the Frente Patriótico marked on floor
32:03:09 wounded man on stretcher
32:42:07 bus journey
33:33:22 Colonia Dignidad entrance, siren to warn off visitors, smoke bomb
37:23:03 Soldiers marching
37:34:00 Augusto Pinochet
37:40:04 Amnesty law
37:49:14 General Alejandro Medina, Pinochet advisor
38:58:23 Chilean flag
39:18:11 President Patricio Aylwin Azócar - walking, giving speech
40:22:16 Raúl Rettig, head of Rettig committee
40:58:17 Enrique Correa, General Secretary of Government
42:51:18 Military band, military marching
43:15:19 General Alejandro Medina
44:51:21 Digging up of mass graves, preserved bodies
47:11:17 Salvador Allende's wife, Hortensia Bussi
47:16:13 President Patricio Aylwin Azócar giving speech
50:00:18 Colonia Dignidad
51:41:02 Protesters for those disappeared, watched by military, banners with 'skeletons have names'

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