1      01:00:38:01

For this post right here,


2      01:00:40:25

For this they're going to take my life.


3      01:00:42:21

For this!


4      01:00:43:22

They just about cut my head off.


5      01:00:46:23

But they couldn't cut it off

because her head was like this.


6      01:00:50:26

I said 'Stop!'


7      01:00:52:15

He thought he could cut with the machete like this,

but her head was in the way.


8      01:00:57:04

[You are not afraid?]


9      01:00:58:16

Why would I be afraid?


10      01:01:01:10

If they want to come and mess with me?


11      01:01:03:21

I'll smack 'em.


12      01:01:05:05

I'll hit them.


13      01:01:06:23

My land is mine.


14      01:01:08:09

[You would fight for your land?]


15      01:01:09:28

Of course I would.


16      01:01:11:06

Because my land...


17      01:01:13:01

I could never leave my land.


18      01:01:22:29

What's this worth right now?


19      01:01:24:18

That's worth a little over two million dollars.


20      01:01:27:01

-Two million dollars.



21      01:01:28:17

-Can I touch it?



22      01:01:30:00

Ah, this is really nice.

So heavy.


23      01:01:38:27

The last few years have made people more worried

about the potential of a major crisis,


24      01:01:43:06

then they have gold as a protection.


25      01:01:44:29

The stock market has just closed,

there has been a massive sell-off.


26      01:01:49:08

Wall Street hasn't seen two days this bad...


27      01:01:52:01

This has been a global bloodbath.


28      01:01:54:15

Our urgent mission has to be

getting this economy growing faster...


29      01:01:58:11

Natural disasters, recession, depression, you name it.


30      01:02:01:21

Things like buying gold, to me,

seem like common sense.


31      01:02:07:24

There's a movement brewing in America today

that seeks to restore the gold-backed dollar.


32      01:02:11:27

Gold is selling at a record high price.


33      01:02:13:24

Gold could soar to $1,000 an ounce.


34      01:02:16:04

Gold prices jumped to the highest in nearly 11 weeks.


35      01:02:19:03

Now is the time to root through

your coin collections and jewelry boxes.


36      01:02:22:18

They want everybody to get so scared

they run to a cave with gold.


37      01:02:25:16

They want people to be as afraid as they are.


38      01:02:31:10

Gold keeps going up and up, driven by a sense that the world

is out of whack and gold can somehow keep us safe.


39      01:02:38:06

The price of gold set a brand new record this week,

$1500 an ounce.


40      01:02:42:12

Thousands of miners are joining an Amazon gold rush...


41      01:02:44:24

The destructive lure of gold...


42      01:02:46:26

The poorest of the poor throughout West Africa

are rushing to primitive gold pits...


43      01:02:51:16

Attention is turning us to who will be next

to be swept up in mining fever.


44      01:04:17:27

-Want some?



45      01:04:27:07

The company got its tentacles into San Miguel

in the late '90s before people even knew what was going on.


46      01:04:33:25

People are coming from around the country,

sort of community to community exchanges and seeing the mine,


47      01:04:38:13

they're reading about the harms, and they're saying,

"We don't want this in our communities."


48      01:05:43:17

I'm standing in front of

Goldcorp's Marlin Mine,


49      01:05:46:16

and this is one of the first areas where

they started the open-pit mining.


50      01:05:50:09

And they're still di--as you can see, they're still digging

even deeper down into what used to be a mountain.


51      01:06:01:13

What color do you prefer?


52      01:06:11:27



53      01:06:13:07

They're wasting our time, I told her.


54      01:06:15:26

It wastes our time instead of

doing other things that benefit the fight.


55      01:06:19:16

We're dedicating time to these little problems

between us.


56      01:06:22:04

No. Forget about them.


57      01:06:24:14

Yes, they are real and we should discuss them.



58      01:06:26:28

But that's between us.


59      01:06:28:14

The underlying problem

is this economic model.


60      01:06:31:13

The underlying problem is the government.

The underlying problem is the company.


61      01:06:35:25

We're in the small village of Agel,

and we're going to the home of Gregoria Perez.


62      01:06:43:06

It's Gregoria Perez, verdad?


63      01:06:45:18

Gregoria Crisanta Perez.


64      01:06:47:29

She's one of the women in the community of Agel

that has most spoke out with dignity


65      01:06:52:20

and consistently about all the harms

and violations being caused by the mining.


66      01:06:58:09

And she's suffered a lot of sort of direct

and indirect repression because of her dignified stance.


67      01:07:07:21

The miners eat thanks to our gold.


68      01:07:10:18

We eat thanks to our land.


69      01:07:14:00

We depend on corn, beans

and what Mother Earth provides.


70      01:07:21:27

I've been affected by the mining company.


71      01:07:25:07

We are witnesses to what has happened.


72      01:07:30:07

Our wells and springs have dried up


73      01:07:33:21

because of the drilling and the tunnel


74      01:07:36:17

and because they use the water to wash the gold.


75      01:08:05:09

We're in resistance here in San Miguel.


76      01:08:09:23

For many reasons.


77      01:08:11:24

We're fighting in defense of our land.


78      01:08:14:04

In defense of water.


79      01:08:16:05

In defense of health.


80      01:08:20:13

And this is why the company has

denounced us so much.


81      01:08:29:10

She wants candy.


82      01:08:30:21

She asked me for a little cookie.


83      01:08:33:11

I have 7 children.


84      01:08:35:18

I am 41 years old.


85      01:08:38:23

I'm married.


86      01:08:41:22

He's my husband.


87      01:08:46:01

We've been married for 20 years.


88      01:08:50:06

[Do you work?]


89      01:08:51:16

I work here. [In your house?]



90      01:08:54:08

[So you have seven jobs?]


91      01:08:56:23

[And this is one.] Yes.


92      01:09:02:16

I'd like to tell you my whole story.


93      01:09:05:05

But I think the whole world knows my story.


94      01:09:16:23

These are the electric lines for the company.


95      01:09:21:18

When I came to see that they

had put up these posts in my land


96      01:09:26:00

I was enraged


97      01:09:29:00

because I hadn't given them permission.


98      01:09:33:15

We have a custom.


99      01:09:35:07

What one says and only that. Right?


100      01:09:38:19

But there, they took advantage.


101      01:09:41:14

I didn't want money, I didn't want anything.


102      01:09:43:25

What I wanted was for them to

take the posts out. Nothing more.


103      01:09:47:14

We just tied up one of the strings and

threw it over the cable


104      01:09:51:12

and with that we shut off the power.


105      01:09:54:13

And after we cut off the electricity,


106      01:09:57:17

the company sent the police.


107      01:10:22:10

We're planning right now

on exploiting this area.


108      01:10:26:16

And we transport the mineral

on a road for heavy machinery.


109      01:10:31:10

We have opportunities to expand


110      01:10:36:20

in almost every direction.


111      01:10:39:24

There won't be any problem with that.


112      01:10:43:26

You will be the miners.


113      01:10:46:18

You, the community members,

will be the ones who work in the mines.


114      01:10:52:02

So, the development of the mine

is going to bring development to you.


115      01:11:06:21

Do you want the mine here?


116      01:11:08:14



117      01:11:09:22

It will bring much sickness.


118      01:11:11:20

We don't want the mine here.


119      01:11:14:21

But why not?


120      01:11:16:09

Because the mine brings destruction everywhere.


121      01:11:40:19

In our worldview,


122      01:11:43:18

this practice of creating an economy,

of making money, is completely illogical.


123      01:11:50:08

It's illogical because it destroys nature.


124      01:11:53:06

If you destroy nature,

you basically destroy the person's soul.


125      01:11:58:12

and what follows is basically that

the person's life is destroyed.


126      01:12:01:28

We are very close to nature.

It means a great deal to us.


127      01:12:08:00

We are part of the whole.


128      01:12:20:12

The conflict witnessed in the highlands

started when the Montana Mining Company


129      01:12:26:00

attempted to transport an enormous metal cylinder

to San Marcos via the Pan American Highway.


130      01:12:37:22

These are some of the scenes from what happened

yesterday in the west of the country.


131      01:12:42:00

When about 1000 police officers

and 300 members of the army


132      01:12:46:26

confronted hundreds of farmers from

various villages in the region.


133      01:12:51:01

It is reminiscent of the

armed internal conflict in the 1980s.


134      01:13:09:12

I mean, Central America has had a--has gone through real horrors

in the last decades, but Guatemala was the worst of them.


135      01:13:19:14

Hundreds of thousands of people

were murdered and disappeared.


136      01:13:24:13

A million of them were displaced from their homes.


137      01:13:26:26

How do they stand up against a modern army?


138      01:13:30:06

A hundred thousand of them died in 1982,

the year that General Rios Montt


139      01:13:34:19

mounted a scorched earth policy

and really devastated hundreds of Mayan villages.


140      01:13:40:29

We are in a war.


141      01:13:42:10

We have been saying that...


142      01:13:45:24

Guatemala is marvelous!


143      01:13:47:10

But we need a change.


144      01:13:49:28

and the change consists precisely of...


145      01:13:53:09

imposing your will over others.


146      01:13:56:21

Reagan was praising the worst killer as a--

in the most effusive terms. Rios Montt.


147      01:14:04:11

Rios Montt had close ties to the United States,

who gave him aid to fight against the guerillas.


148      01:14:09:04

The wounds that were inflicted by that conflict have continued

to fester, clearly, and that has contributed to the current situation.


149      01:14:16:19

The repression of any type of economic change

really created the kind of poison politics that they have now.


150      01:14:23:22

There's links to the mining story here

because our mining companies dealt with these parties.


151      01:14:27:17

You can't say they're responsible for the Rios Montt slaughter,

but they're benefitting from the structures


152      01:14:34:08

that were left in place after those many years

of savagery and violence and repression.


153      01:14:59:20

Hey, you been behaving yourself?


154      01:15:03:12

Yes, I've been resting.


155      01:15:08:21

We're in the municipality of San Miguel Ixtahuacán

here in the aldea of Maquivil,


156      01:15:14:10

which is just sort of on top of where the Goldcorp mine is.


157      01:15:18:07

And so we're gonna follow the road down by the mine

and visit with a woman named Diodora Hernandez.


158      01:15:25:00

Doña Diodora


159      01:15:28:21

certainly has legitimacy.


160      01:15:31:21

Well, first of all in

defense of her rights.


161      01:15:34:20

What she is defending is her land.


162      01:15:37:05

She has refused to sell her plot of land to Goldcorp because

they were hoping to expand their mine through her plot of land.


163      01:15:48:02

Doña Diodora is a woman of great courage.


164      01:15:54:03



165      01:16:15:10

Some nights we eat beans, some nights meat.


166      01:16:17:29

Look what's down behind you!


167      01:16:21:19

Sometimes we grill a pig, she says.


168      01:16:26:15

Look at the pig.

We have a bunch of pigs over there.


169      01:16:30:02

[How many pigs do you have?]



170      01:16:33:04

[And what are they called?

What are their names?]


171      01:16:35:22



172      01:16:37:01

They don't have names.


173      01:16:38:09



174      01:16:40:02

Rigoberto? No?


175      01:16:43:17

This pig's name is Grahame.


176      01:16:51:24

[How long have you been with Diodora?]


177      01:16:54:21

About 35 years now.


178      01:16:56:25

[of marriage?]



179      01:16:59:12

[You've never worked in the mine?]


180 01:17:00:27
No, I never worked a day in the mine...

181 01:17:06:12
[Why didn't you work in the mine?
Didn't they offer you a job?]


182      01:17:10:12



183      01:17:11:24

No, because we didn't want to get in

with the miners because...


184      01:17:18:06

these people are destroying

everyone's health around here.


185      01:17:23:27

I'm involved with the fight,

so is my husband.


186      01:17:27:12

He says, "It's great that we fight,

but how do we get them to leave?"


187      01:17:32:19

I ask God for them to leave.


188      01:17:35:27

I want it to be left in peace.


189      01:17:39:29

My granddaughter is used to being with me.


190      01:17:47:27

I cry when I think about her life.


191      01:17:54:09

What would have happened to her

if they had killed me?


192      01:18:20:21

Hello, and welcome to Face to Face.


193      01:18:23:01

Today we're going to be talking

about the issue of mining.


194      01:18:26:07

We're talking with Grahame Russell

of the group Rights Action.


195      01:18:30:24

Well, thanks for having me in.


196      01:18:32:04

What I've been doing with Rights Action

for the last 16 years is two main things.


197      01:18:35:12

One is we are a direct funder of grassroots struggles

in these countries, environmental defense struggles,


198      01:18:41:16

and then the second thing we do

is we focus a lot of attention


199      01:18:43:23

on how Canada or the United States

are often part of the problem in Central America.


200      01:18:48:25

So, but here's the plan. Today I may or may not have to go pick

up Lucas and drive him, after soccer, home to his mom's.


201      01:18:55:13

That's it, he's still with his mom.


202      01:18:57:15

He's on the JV team, but did get invited up

to join the varsity team for the year-end tournament.


203      01:19:27:17



204      01:19:32:13

Health coverage, lapsed.


205      01:19:36:11

Hope nothing happens today.


206      01:19:39:01

Raul, it's Grahame.


207      01:19:42:17

I'm calling to say hi and also we've gotten

$4,000 of support for German.


208      01:19:51:18

[Thanks for calling me.]

OK, talk to you soon.


209      01:19:56:06

[Best wishes.]

You too.


210      01:19:59:10

Well, this is the guy, Raul, I was talking with on the phone.


211      01:20:01:18

Yeah, he took a bullet in his neck

when the van they were all traveling in


212      01:20:04:17

and the community leaders were shot up by machine gun men

at three in the morning.


213      01:20:08:29

Highly likely linked to their work in defense

of indigenous rights in their communities.


214      01:20:13:11

So this is just another mining-related struggle

we're involved with.


215      01:20:46:11

As opposed to saying, educating on a trip like this,

"We're here to learn about Guatemala's problems,"


216      01:20:51:29

this becomes a trip where we're learning, actually,

about how Canada and the United States,


217      01:20:57:07

historically and on an ongoing basis today,

these are parts of our problems.


218      01:21:02:03

They decided before construction that they would build

their dike there, so they basically closed off a valley.


219      01:21:07:29

There's housing for the mine workers,

some of the process plant's there,


220      01:21:11:22

some of it's hidden behind that hill over there,

and then there's a whole complicated processing plant.


221      01:21:18:06

The gold here, it's a very low concentration.


222      01:21:20:28

You know, you're probably holding gold

when you pick up this earth right here.


223      01:21:25:09

This is the cheapest form

of gold mining,


224      01:21:27:12

it's the most destructive

because you're getting one gram of gold for one tonne.


225      01:21:31:04

Some of the estimates

are one gram of gold for seven tonnes.


226      01:21:33:27

And because of the cost of gold internationally,

and because of the low cost of the mining operation,


227      01:21:37:26

it's worth their while to just clear-cut

the whole freakin' mountain.


228      01:21:41:03

They have an endless mine in sight.


229      01:21:43:00

There's no doubt that the gold is as far as the eye can see.


230      01:21:47:05

Two of the big gold guns are teaming up.


231      01:21:49:18

Goldcorp has announced an 8.6 billion dollar

U.S. friendly takeover of Glamis Gold.


232      01:21:55:00

And it'll be the lowest cost, fastest growing,

unhitched gold mining company in the world.


233      01:21:59:07

The Goldcorp/Glamis combination would pump out

about three million ounces of gold a year,


234      01:22:04:05

making it the fifth biggest producer in the world.


235      01:22:06:24

And in terms of market cap,

it would rank number three.


236      01:22:09:23

We just reported earnings that were up 72% year-on-year

while we saw the gold price go up 30%,


237      01:22:16:04

so very pleased with that exposure

that we provide to gold.


238      01:22:20:13

Do you have a production of where gold goes

from for the next, let's say, year?


239      01:22:23:26

I would say it could certainly get to $2,000.


240      01:22:26:14

$2,000 an ounce.


241      01:22:28:02

And there are 400 ounces in these gold bars.


242      01:22:30:28

I'm just gonna tilt it, they're probably--you know what?

It's almost too heavy to tilt.


243      01:22:34:11

-How much does this weigh?

-About 35 pounds.


244      01:22:37:21

It's too heavy.


245      01:22:50:21

Gold, it's the world's most precious metal,


246      01:22:53:28

and no one in the world is more passionate

about mining it than Goldcorp.


247      01:23:01:16

Goldcorp is one of the world's

largest gold companies,


248      01:23:04:21

operating some of the most successful

mining operations in the world.


249      01:23:08:13

We want justice, investors divest!


250      01:23:11:00

We want justice, investors divest!


251      01:23:14:24

The people of Guatemala are here today to demand Goldcorp

to clean up their mess, to get out of Guatemala.


252      01:23:20:14

You're poisoning our children, our family,

our future generations.


253      01:23:23:28

We don't need your economic support,

we do just fine without your resources.


254      01:23:27:26

We do just fine living off our land!


255      01:23:39:25

Oh, yeah, you're the guys who lie about Goldcorp, yeah.


256      01:23:42:14

-Oh, actually, I mean--

-I've done a lot of research.


257      01:23:44:19

Feel free to confront me on any lies.


258      01:23:46:17

Who are receiving death threats and attacks

for the work that they're doing.


259      01:23:49:05

And they shouldn't, unquestionably

shouldn't be receiving death threats and attacks.


260      01:23:51:15

and they certainly aren't from Goldcorp.


261      01:23:53:06

You know what, if you guys would learn

what's really going on, you could help them more.


262      01:24:09:04

They put them in at noon.


263      01:24:11:09

They also put them in at midnight.


264      01:24:14:11

And sometimes in the afternoons

at five in the afternoon.


265      01:24:17:28

They put in the explosives.


266      01:24:21:21

When the company starts the explosions then...


267      01:24:29:05

The ground starts to shake.

It feels like an earthquake.


268      01:24:35:19

It starts like this, small.


269      01:24:41:07

Later it starts to open up.


270      01:24:46:21

The company says that

these are lies that we're saying.


271      01:24:53:10

But these are not lies.


272      01:24:56:15

It's a reality that the houses here are cracking.


273      01:25:16:19

Excuse me, sir. He was talking to me.


274      01:25:20:05

Look, sir, here's what I say.


275      01:25:22:28

You want to talk shit with women. Cut it out.

Say it to me. I'm a man.


276      01:25:32:23

You just have to let this...


277      01:25:36:21

If you all do a good job...


278      01:25:40:07

If Montana leaves, if you get them out.


279      01:25:45:22

It creates jobs.


280      01:25:48:13

It creates jobs.


281      01:25:51:01

You only want to chase away the money.


282      01:25:54:29

And we're the assholes.

No, that doesn't bother me.


283      01:25:59:15

My support isn't for the company.


284      01:26:02:07

My support is for my life.


285      01:26:07:11

So they make good money?


286      01:26:09:29

I want to make money to support my life.


287      01:26:19:19

I think that there are two groups.


288      01:26:22:03

There is one group who says,


289      01:26:23:24

they say, precisely and openly, "no to mining."


290      01:26:27:13

There is another group who says,


291      01:26:29:09

"Yes! The mine is good."


292      01:26:31:12

And there's a lot of divisions in their own communities

'cause some people have jobs in the mine, et cetera.


293      01:26:36:10

Having said all that, the people in San Miguel themselves

are trying to resist by starting to carry out their own consultations.


294      01:26:42:21

Indigenous peoples have engaged in their own processes

of expressing their views about these projects,


295      01:26:51:25

and they have called these processes Consultas de Bueno Fe,

good faith consultations.


296      01:26:57:00

And thus far, uniformly, that view has been in opposition to, uh,

development projects like mines on their territories.


297      01:27:05:17

And the communities aren't saying

the owners of Goldcorp are mean people and evil devils,


298      01:27:10:19

they're just saying, "We don't want your companies here."


299      01:27:30:16

Of 100 Quetzales that come from the mine...


300      01:27:34:05

50 cents stays in San Miguel


301      01:27:37:11

and 50 cents will stop in the hands

of the central government


302      01:27:42:12

and 99 Quetzales is for them.


303      01:27:45:26

Of 100.


304      01:27:47:12

This kind of business is totally

unfair for the community.


305      01:27:53:01

It's a robbery practically.


306      01:27:55:12

But who plays an important role in this robbery?


307      01:27:58:08

It's our government officials. Right?


308      01:28:01:22

The mine has said that it has generated

a lot of development for San Miguel.


309      01:28:06:24

But the truth is that the development

that they have created is an increase in violence.


310      01:28:11:21

There are more than 48 bars in San Miguel.


311      01:28:16:07

There is prostitution here in San Miguel.



312      01:28:21:04

So we don't see any development.


313      01:28:23:22

No real change that the mine

has created for this town.


314      01:28:27:19

Big buildings in the communities,

profitable projects,


315      01:28:31:11

and whatever else that could be done

with so much money.


316      01:28:34:04

These things don't really exist.


317      01:28:37:21

It's a lie when they say there's a big change.


318      01:28:40:07

It doesn't exist. There's nothing, really.


319      01:28:45:17

My poor country,


320      01:28:48:00

My poor country, oh, my poor country.


321      01:28:52:03

It's only the few who became rich

with our wealth...


322      01:29:08:16

The economic models that we were bringing into countries like

Guatemala were really about making rich people richer elsewhere.


323      01:29:17:00

You know, to take a step back and look

sort of academically at the Chixoy Dam,


324      01:29:20:20

why it's such a perfectly awful case.


325      01:29:23:21

You start with this community

that's a millennial community,


326      01:29:26:15

indigenous people who have been living in this valley

for at least a thousand years,


327      01:29:30:29

so to have this project dumped

on top of their heads like this


328      01:29:33:20

was just a classic sort of top-down imposition

of a so-called development project.


329      01:29:40:19

Selling development projects that really hugely indebted

countries made profits for the World Bank


330      01:29:48:10

and didn't necessarily deliver a lot

for the poor who maintain those burdens.


331      01:29:53:02

And the World Bank was aware of the violence

being used to displace these people.


332      01:30:02:02

Hello, you listen to me?


333      01:30:03:07

You can not take a picture, okay?


334      01:30:05:07

Why not?


335      01:30:06:14

Why not?


336      01:30:08:09

It's forbidden to take the picture.


337      01:30:10:21

If you are taking by force, I will call police.


338      01:30:13:14

You are listening to me?


339      01:30:14:23

Similar process to what happened with the gold mining story,

there was a complete lack of consultation with the communities,


340      01:30:20:28

they were given no option

as to whether they would need to move or not.


341      01:30:24:15

The whole series of structural rules that were imposed

on Guatemala and many other countries


342      01:30:31:19

through the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

with leadership from the United States.


343      01:30:37:06

A pattern throughout Guatemala

of large scale development projects,


344      01:30:41:28

mining, hydroelectric dams, and so forth,

within indigenous territories,


345      01:30:47:15

but without, in many cases,

even minimal consultation.


346      01:30:51:02

Well, clearly,

Guatemala is in a desperate economic situation.


347      01:30:55:13

Absolutely right.


348      01:30:57:02

What we're wrong to do is say,


349      01:30:59:08

"Therefore, any kind of economic development

from the outside is going to be a benefit."


350      01:31:05:10

Their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible

to feed in to the global financial system.


351      01:31:15:24

We are part of a geopolitical economic system

that's extremely exploitative.


352      01:31:23:29

I would argue that the legacy of mining is precisely that--

that it has some short-term economic benefit,


353      01:31:29:26

most of those economic benefits accrue into investors, and has

a long-term ecological consequence that is very negative for the--


354      01:31:38:15

for the ongoing development prospects of the region.


355      01:31:43:18

It wouldn't surprise me at all if many of you,

directly or indirectly, are invested in Goldcorp,


356      01:31:49:22

through a pension fund, through a trust fund, through an endowment,

through a little bit of savings you have,


357      01:31:54:10

you're probably invested in Goldcorp and dozens

of mining companies that are operating around the world


358      01:31:59:27

and contributing to harms to one degree or another.


359      01:32:09:06

These two cows came to have a drink here.


360      01:32:12:20

And first this one fell down.


361      01:32:16:17

Meanwhile the other one had a drink

and fell down too.


362      01:32:20:24

I was taking care of that one

and the other one fell here.


363      01:32:24:18

There's always water here.


364      01:32:26:10

But when it rains more comes

out from up by the mine.


365      01:32:33:05

It's an illness called

something like sudden death.


366      01:32:35:25

When they can't go any longer,

they die instantly.


367      01:32:39:28

It's not because they drank the water.


368      01:32:42:25

I'm more than 50 years old.


369      01:32:45:28

But have I ever seen an animal like this?


370      01:32:48:22



371      01:32:50:10

It's a shame. But I've been a veterinarian

for 40 years.


372      01:32:54:10

I've seen it.

[But on the other side.]


373      01:32:55:28

But it's Guatemala!


374      01:33:07:03

The Marlin Mine has used

millions and millions of liters of water.


375      01:33:11:09

Water that no longer flows now.


376      01:33:12:28

The amount of water that one family uses

in twenty years, or more,


377      01:33:17:22

the mines are blowing through in one hour.


378      01:33:33:28

My livestock died since I

had to come and live here.


379      01:33:38:01

I crossed the wooden bridge

and my animal went to have a drink.


380      01:33:42:04

What happened?

My cow died.


381      01:33:48:04

So they don't have water year-round?

It's dry most of the year.


382      01:33:50:28

She has two calves.


383      01:33:55:14

And there's no water in her taps either.


384      01:34:08:27

There is a clash of cultures

in the way that the Goldcorp uses water


385      01:34:13:07

as just another resource to...

in its extraction processes,


386      01:34:17:12

and to the Mayans

who really regard it as central to life.


387      01:34:20:01

The water is completely dirty, it's contaminated,

and it's no longer fit for humans.


388      01:34:26:06

You say there's no pollution. So where does

the poison go when you're done with it?


389      01:34:31:07

To process the gold?

Where does it go?


390      01:34:34:17

And if it's not contaminated,

we're asking you...


391      01:34:38:05

let's go to the tailings dam

and you have a drink.


392      01:34:41:23

Drink it then!


393      01:34:43:11

She was 3 months old

when these lesions first appeared.


394      01:34:49:14

They say it's not from the pollution,


395      01:34:53:07

but it's from bad hygiene.


396      01:34:55:04

But when we grew up,

we didn't suffer from this disease.


397      01:35:01:06

This company is going to exterminate us,

with all this illness that it's generating.


398      01:35:18:15

A three-part collaboration between

Montana Exploradora, the municipality,


399      01:35:20:13

and the ministry of health.


400      01:35:22:01

The permanent hospital will benefit

the people of San Miguel Ixtahuacán.


401      01:35:26:16

We had a commitment to contribute


402      01:35:29:22

to improving and expanding

health services in the region.


403      01:35:34:21

The only thing they've made is a lot of propaganda.

It's the only thing.


404      01:35:40:18

But over there that's just an empty building...


405      01:35:44:08

The only people who work there are the

same employees from the health center.


406      01:35:50:16

There's no advanced medical care. No medicine.


407      01:35:55:07

Essentially, it's just a building.


408      01:35:57:03

So they built the hospital, took some photos,

and published that...


409      01:36:01:17

in San Miguel there is a health center,

a hospital, care for the sick...


410      01:36:06:03

But there is not.


411      01:36:16:17

One of the easiest duties of corporations is to become

much, much, much more transparent,


412      01:36:22:24

and to actually take process seriously

in a way that isn't simply a public relations game


413      01:36:29:03

or isn't simply designed to manipulate or play the system.


414      01:36:34:07

A CEO of a corporation is not rewarded

for being a good citizen in the world.


415      01:36:39:05

They're not rewarded even for treating their employees well.


416      01:36:42:06

They're rewarded for the bottom line

of the return to the shareholders.


417      01:36:45:20

Whether you are a Goldcorp employee

or shareholder,


418      01:36:48:17

you have a right to know that the company you work for

or invest in conducts their business in an ethical, fair manner.


419      01:36:55:12

Recognizing this, in 2008, Goldcorp agreed to a human rights

impact assessment of the Marlin Mine in Guatemala.


420      01:37:02:29

Goldcorp's new corporate human rights policy puts particular

emphasis on recognizing the rights of indigenous peoples,


421      01:37:10:01

and this policy isn't just words on a page.


422      01:37:12:21

The only lesson becomes, tell everybody let's pat Goldcorp

on the back for having done "the right thing,"


423      01:37:18:29

and now let's just turn away from this

or now let's just trust Goldcorp.


424      01:37:22:28

Then you have a report, like, On Common Ground

that is trying to portray Goldcorp as they are trying to listen.


425      01:37:32:23

I get very upset at those reports.


426      01:37:35:04

The mining industry and other global industries,

they do not want hard binding law,


427      01:37:40:02

so they come up with all of these self-regulating codes,

voluntary codes of conducts.


428      01:37:44:24

And I think they're fundamentally problematic.


429      01:37:47:02

This is all well and good, let me congratulate you,

but look at what it says.


430      01:37:52:01

So much of what, um,

NGOs and communities and individuals have been saying


431      01:37:57:15

have been validated by your own process.


432      01:38:20:25

On behalf of Montana Exploradora and Goldcorp,


433      01:38:25:22

we are committed to being in

San Miguel Ixtahuacán


434      01:38:30:17

with a vision, a long-term vision.


435      01:38:34:19

We feel part of this beautiful municipality.


436      01:38:39:03

We feel like part of the family of

San Miguel Ixtahuacán.


437      01:38:42:27

Today that has been confirmed.


438      01:39:01:14

At first we didn't know

if it was a gold mining company or a mine.


439      01:39:05:13

We didn't know, nobody knew anything.


440      01:39:08:23

The workers said,

we are growing orchids, a flowers company.


441      01:39:15:15

That's what we understood.


442      01:39:19:21

They started to look for me and when they

found me they asked me to sell my land.


443      01:39:27:21

I said no.


444      01:39:30:25

Because I didn't want to sell this land.

I wasn't thinking of selling.


445      01:39:36:05

So when they started working on the road

they were going to open up...


446      01:39:41:10

So it occurred to me that I should go

take a look at my land.


447      01:39:46:23

The machines were working on my land.


448      01:39:49:28

They were making the highway!


449      01:39:52:09

[As if the property was theirs?]



450      01:40:19:01

The government isn't supposed to grant licenses

without the consent of the communities.


451      01:40:29:00

And that's what's been violated in San Miguel.


452      01:40:34:26

Before, we were not aware.

But now the people are awake.


453      01:40:42:24

The company got us one by one.

That's how people sold their lands.


454      01:40:48:17

The company wouldn't have

been able to come in.


455      01:40:53:22

We're starting to figure out what's going on.


456      01:41:10:02

No to mining, yes to life!


457      01:41:14:17

Do you think there's a future with Montana?


458      01:41:19:13

NO! Out with Montana!

Out with Montana!


459      01:41:25:16

Montana lied to us from the start

saying that mining was life


460      01:41:30:27

They're dividing up their earnings.


461      01:41:34:21

And in San Miguel...


462      01:41:36:17

the people are dying in San Miguel Ixtahuacán!


463      01:41:42:02

We ask the government to listen.

We are the legitimate owners of our lands!


464      01:41:53:27

Today, fast, white steam ships

travel across the Caribbean.


465      01:41:57:23

The cargo is more valuable

than pirate's gold,


466      01:42:01:09

and officers in trim white uniforms pick up their golden cargos

from a place we call "Bananaland."


467      01:42:13:29

There's no question that the United States

has a long history of intervening in Latin America,


468      01:42:19:22

of fomenting coups and assassinations.


469      01:42:22:12

The CIA has admitted that they were deeply involved

in the overthrow of Arbenz in Guatemala.


470      01:42:27:19

Well, in 1953,

Guatemala passed a major land reform law.


471      01:42:33:09

This was going to have significant effects

throughout all of Central America.


472      01:42:37:14

It was right around that time that they began

to seriously contemplate a covert operation


473      01:42:42:25

directed at overthrowing the government of Guatemala.


474      01:42:46:08

The coup was essentially carried off by the U.S.


475      01:42:49:15

There were major business interests involved.


476      01:42:51:28

The company that was most offended by the reforms

that were taking place was United Fruit Company.


477      01:42:57:18

On the board of United Fruit was John Foster Dulles,

who happened to be our Secretary of State,


478      01:43:04:11

and his brother, Alan Dulles,

was the head of the CIA,


479      01:43:07:28

and so there was a convenient link

for these fears about appropriation of land with the CIA.


480      01:43:15:26

The CIA is not working to protect the American people.


481      01:43:20:22

Its primary function is to protect American corporations.


482      01:43:24:13

The events of recent months and days

add a new and glorious chapter


483      01:43:30:08

to the already great tradition

of the American states.


484      01:43:33:20

The fomenting or carrying on a war in a country,

if it were to do this,


485      01:43:37:13

without any kind of Congressional approval,


486      01:43:39:29

I think would put some real strain on the Constitution.


487      01:43:43:17

We are an imperial nation,

and we basically have been an imperial nation


488      01:43:47:25

throughout most of our history.


489      01:43:49:22

We have to protect our resources, and the way to do it

is with police states that institute harsh repression.


490      01:43:58:09

The U.S. didn't invent that policy;

that's imperial policy.


491      01:44:01:28

...that Guatemala is going to enter a new era in which there will be

prosperity for the people together with liberty for the people.


492      01:44:11:19

I mean, it really shows how small actions undertaken

by the United States can have huge effects over decades


493      01:44:18:25

in the way the history of another country unfolds,


494      01:44:22:09

and for Guatemala,

it's been all unfortunate.


495      01:44:26:03

So now that you've seen where bananas come from

before they reach your table,


496      01:44:30:15

our journey to Bananaland has ended.


497      01:44:33:04

We hope you enjoyed the trip;

we know you like bananas.


498      01:44:50:07

In September 2010, they tried to kidnap me.


499      01:44:53:22

But thank god nothing happened to me.


500      01:44:57:08

This year too.

A company bus, a mine bus,


501      01:45:02:13

that transports the workers for the mine.


502      01:45:06:19

It tried to run me over.


503      01:45:08:20

They have been following me.


504      01:45:11:28

Everything they have done

to the other women here.


505      01:45:15:12

Like our friends, we've gotten the same threats.


506      01:45:21:15

Do you want to just sit here and

wait and see if they talk to us?


507      01:45:25:00

Or do you prefer to leave? Want to go?


508      01:45:29:18

Let's go then.

What do you think?


509      01:45:33:08

How do you feel? It's your van.

[It's not a problem.]


510      01:45:36:02

Should we park here, do you think?


511      01:45:39:02

We are definitely on public property

and they're definitely on to us.


512      01:45:43:09

Well, it's based on the activism because you get targeted

by your neighbors, let alone the company,


513      01:45:47:15

but then what happens is your neighbors start turning on you,

saying, "Because of you, we didn't get money from the company,"


514      01:45:52:25

or "Because of you, this or that or the other thing,"

so it's using poor against poor.


515      01:45:57:15

The whole community is against me right now.

They don't want to see me.


516      01:46:03:04

[The whole community is against you?]



517      01:46:07:17


Because they are all working with the miners.


518      01:46:12:07

Gentlemen, I have a question.


519      01:46:15:18

You guys cut out my fence.


520      01:46:17:28

Why did you cut it up? It is my land.


521      01:46:22:17

By me saying that, one of the leaders got up...


522      01:46:26:19

...and he grabbed the machete

and pulled the sheath off of it.


523      01:46:31:29

I hugged my granddaughter.


524      01:46:34:11

Her head was here like this.


525      01:46:38:06

So he thought he was going to

cut my head off with the machete.


526      01:46:41:24

Why would anyone want to kill me?



527      01:46:45:23

Because of the miners, if not for them...


528      01:46:48:08

I'd be fine, happy, no problems.


529      01:47:04:01



530      01:47:04:25

I'm going to go up right now to the container.


531      01:47:07:24

To talk to the geologist.


532      01:47:11:07

Maybe we can have more time.

A little more time.


533      01:47:14:12

We can't wait.

Because the truth is it's been too long. Too long.


534      01:47:17:15

People are trying to make a living

and we're losing days.


535      01:47:20:24

Right now we're in a time of work.


536      01:47:24:03



537      01:47:25:29

One thing. Let me go up.

I'm going to go up.


538      01:47:30:09

I will...do you have a telephone?


539      01:47:32:16

I'm not giving you my number.


540      01:47:33:29

I can't have your number. But your name?

So I can...


541      01:47:36:10

Not my name either.


542      01:47:38:05

I'm not interested in you talking to me.


543      01:47:43:02

What they are saying is...


544      01:47:46:12

remove the machines and nothing more.



545      01:47:49:13

There's nothing more to say. Nothing to discuss.



546      01:47:53:05

We're being patient.

We're reasonable people. We're adults.


547      01:47:57:20

We understand what you're saying but

this is what we're asking.


548      01:48:03:06

We don't want to talk anymore. We've been patient.



549      01:48:06:15

I can't do anything more.


550      01:48:13:03

The company has to remove its machinery

from this piece of land.


551      01:48:19:20

This land didn't belong to those who sold it.

Many people are heirs to this land.


552      01:48:28:19

You say the problem is there are many heirs. I want

to see the legal documents to present to the courts.


553      01:48:36:16

We don't have them. Why go to the courts?

The courts have been bought out!


554      01:48:41:20

We don't want to bother anybody.


555      01:48:45:23

However it seems to you,

we've only bought according to the law.


556      01:48:49:26

Nobody was forced to sell to anyone.


557      01:48:53:04

This is how they got the land.


558      01:48:55:16

They blindfolded people's eyes.


559      01:48:58:23

But nobody's going to cover our eyes.


560      01:49:03:08

Men with an oath on their lips

and muscles in their arms,


561      01:49:06:10

but men with greed in their hearts,


562      01:49:08:27

ready to break their backs

to sell their very souls for gold.


563      01:49:13:14

I'm a billionaire!


564      01:49:14:29

I'm a trillionaire!


565      01:49:16:14

I'm a zillionaire!


566      01:49:18:00

I love gold.


567      01:49:20:29

I could get cash for this gold medallion

of me wearin' a gold medallion!


568      01:49:24:16

Price of gold today is, uh, $1580.


569      01:49:28:06

Why is gold worth some twenty bucks an ounce?


570      01:49:30:06

I don't know, because it's scarce.


571      01:49:32:01

I've never understood gold, quite frankly.


572      01:49:34:01

It's this item that isn't all that useful,

but it's valuable because people assign it a value.


573      01:49:38:23

Why is the price of gold so high right now?


574      01:49:41:10



575      01:49:42:15

Global demand.


576      01:49:43:20

Do you th--do you think gold is money?


577      01:49:48:01




At the end of the day, why gold?


578      01:49:50:26

You know, it's gold because it's gold

because it's gold because it's gold.


579      01:49:53:26

You can't look into this too deeply

or the whole thing just falls apart.


580      01:49:57:14

Gold in itself ain't good for nothin' except makin' jewelry with,

and gold teeth.


581      01:50:00:21

Why should we be mining gold at all?


582      01:50:04:00

We already have huge amounts

of mined gold in the world.


583      01:50:08:16

The value of the only place we have to live,

of the water that we need to survive,


584      01:50:15:03

does not compare to gold.


585      01:50:16:24

I mean, gold--we're not gonna eat gold,

we're not gonna bathe with gold,


586      01:50:21:26

we're not gonna drink gold.


587      01:50:23:23

If you offered me the choice of looking at some 67 foot, uh,

cube of gold, and looking at it all day,


588      01:50:31:25

and the alternative to that was to have

all the farmland of the country...


589      01:50:35:24

For a quick profit, to get a piece of metal to stick in a vault

so we can say we own it,


590      01:50:43:05

we're destroying the very future that we want to--

that we're trying to secure.


591      01:50:48:27

All the litany of harms and violations

to get this gold out of the ground,


592      01:50:53:11

and then you take this gold and you take it home to your country

and you bury it under the ground.


593      01:51:01:07

I was with the crowd in the British Honduras,

where I made my fare back home


594      01:51:04:00

and almost enough over to cure me

of the fever I'd caught.


595      01:51:06:17

Dug in California and Australia,

all over the world practically.


596      01:51:10:09

Yeah, I know what gold does to men's souls.


597      01:51:20:20

We're here only because we think

that there are minerals for the Marlin Mine.


598      01:51:25:13

I don't know if there's anyone here

who has worked in the mine?


599      01:51:28:02

No, nobody works there.


600      01:51:30:14

But if there are no minerals here,

we'll do nothing more and we'll leave.


601      01:51:33:23

At the most it will be fifty days.

And we'll leave. We'll stop.


602      01:51:38:08

We'll leave.


603      01:51:40:17

This water here.

It puts life at risk.


604      01:51:44:26

So there is a violation to the right to life.


605      01:51:49:11

Where are you from?


606      01:51:51:11

[I'm for Chile.]

You're from Chile.


607      01:51:53:04

I'm Guatemalan. I'm originally from here.

I'm M'am.


608      01:51:56:26

I'm originally from these lands.

My grandparents were born here.


609      01:52:02:11

Here we have a representation

of various communities.


610      01:52:05:13

They represent the communities.


611      01:52:08:18

We need to avoid this problem.


612      01:52:12:16

For example, you see here that all of the

people came without weapons.


613      01:52:18:22

Nobody brought arms. But on the other hand

you did come protected.


614      01:52:23:12

I don't know what your fear is?


615      01:52:27:15

All of the authorities who have come here,


616      01:52:30:04

have come on behalf of the company.


617      01:52:32:25

We, as part of the population, nobody has

taken into account our demands and our needs!


618      01:52:39:05

And many times the authorities only come

to intimidate the people!


619      01:52:45:13

For what reason?


620      01:52:48:05

So, our intention is, as part of

the people of San Miguel, to say that...


621      01:52:51:03

get the company out.


622      01:52:55:06

At nine in the morning,

I'll give a response, and you will...


623      01:52:59:05

[Not a response, no!]


624      01:53:01:13

A response, right?


625      01:53:02:25

[Remove the machinery!]


626      01:53:04:07

That's the response I'll give in the morning.

[No, no!]


627      01:53:07:21

Yes, that's what you want!


628      01:53:10:02

[Tomorrow remove it! Sign it there.]


629      01:53:17:02

[You need to take into account the petition

and you will avoid this problem.]


630      01:53:20:28

[Tomorrow we'll be here to remove the machinery.]


631      01:53:25:13

But listen, listen.


632      01:53:27:05

Tomorrow we're going to tell the truth.

We're going to tell the truth.


633      01:53:30:14

We're going to say "Yes, we'll remove the machinery"

or "No, we're not taking the machinery."


634      01:53:35:26

I'm making the decision.


635      01:53:38:03

[And take the company out!

The town requests it!]


636      01:53:42:13

[Not just the machines, take the company out!]


637      01:54:08:24

All of us who are here,

we are suffering.


638      01:54:12:14

From enduring thirst, enduring hunger

all due to one transnational company.


639      01:54:17:14

I've got the paper written by

the engineer Marco Meneses.


640      01:54:23:13

Last night at 6 o'clock.


641      01:54:26:23

We've been waiting here for 3 hours.

He's 3 hours late.


642      01:54:33:04

We don't have anything else to say to Mr. Marcos.


643      01:54:36:12

So we're going to act, the people of

San Miguel Ixtahuacán who have come here.


644      01:54:45:12

The people have decided


645      01:54:49:21

to set fire to the machines!


646      01:55:30:01

Nice to meet you. How are you?


647      01:55:33:01

[Good, thank you.]


648      01:55:35:06

I know that Gregoria is here, so turn her in.


649      01:55:40:14

Identify this man who is shooting video.



650      01:55:47:00

I want to see your ID

and why are you videotaping?


651      01:55:51:04

[It's my job.]


652      01:55:55:06

Yes, but you need to respect the law.


653      01:56:13:28

Does the company

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