dialogue list

00:00:11 The protest started in Kyiv on November 21st, 2013, as a response to the decision of the Ukrainian Government to suspend preparations for signing the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine.
00:00:27 I believe it's just the beginning of Maidan!
00:00:32 Rise up, Ukraine! Demand Europe!
00:00:50 The choice, the vector, the geopolitical direction…
00:01:06 Campaign maximum number of people now
00:01:11 …a tram, take me where there is no asphalt
00:01:15 ...take me where the grass is green…
00:01:19 old tram, please, take me there
00:01:31 …and then winter comes
00:01:32 Whoever doesn't hop is a Russky!
00:01:39 We spent here this first important night…
00:02:00 No, no need. That's enough here
00:02:11 Standing here instead of catching bloody criminals
00:02:36 Sit the hell down!
00:02:37 Sit down! Shut your eyes!
00:02:52 Bitch!
00:03:02 Man, shit!
00:03:11 – Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!
00:03:15 Guys, back off!
00:03:17 Andriy Petrychenko, are you there? Andriushka!
00:03:22 Guys, back off as we won't leave!
00:03:27 We won't leave, guys, back off!
00:03:31 – Please, back off! – They are going to kill you!
00:03:34 You are shaking in shoes! Back off, guys!
00:03:37 You're shitting your pants, back off!
00:03:39 Come over to our side
00:04:20 What are you doing?
00:04:02 You are Ukrainians! What the fuck are you doing?
00:04:05 Please, don't throw anything!
00:04:09 Guys, stop! Back off!
00:04:11 Don't hit the kids!
00:04:15 Guys, go home! Guys!
00:04:18 Don't hit the kids!
00:04:23 Why to do that?
00:04:24 Who for are you standing here?
00:04:27 We'll die here, you'll die here
00:04:32 The command is lawless! You can back off
00:04:56 Fucking faggots! Fascist bastards!
00:05:01 Guys! They are internal troops!
00:05:06 Why the fuck they don't let us go?
00:05:30 Why the fuck. Dickheads they are
00:05:08 They are 18, dammit
00:05:19 Back off!
00:05:29 Is it really fucked up?
00:05:33 So guys, I have bandages, I'll put it here
00:05:42 Oh back off! Where are you going?
00:05:44 So what, are you going to get it in the neck and that's it
00:05:47 So it's right, if you go, then you need a clean scheme and know what's what
00:05:52 Right now… We shouldn't do that
00:05:56 I asked you: have you got a leader? No, you said
00:05:59 Then repose trust. We'll sit, study out and then act
00:06:04 We've studying out for 20 years, that's enough!
00:06:06 Hey, listen to me, no provocations please, man!
00:06:09 Wisehead, yeah? Wisehead?
00:06:12 Then go and leave yourself wide open – let it go at that
00:06:15 They'll fuck around, bitch
00:06:20 Have you hit anybody?
00:06:21 Nope, I was in the second row, then I followed Berkut running,
00:06:25 started smashing everything down there
00:06:29 What a damn weekend
00:06:30 Yeap, Sunday
00:07:26 Good girl. Hold your head, dear
00:07:48 Don't hurry
00:07:53 Go easy, go easy, go easy!
00:07:55 Great, well done!
00:08:03 What are they carrying?
00:08:04 A body?
00:08:05 – A man – A man? Really?
00:08:09 What's going on there, guys? What's with the man?
00:08:11 Frostbite on the legs
00:08:38 Away with the ex-con!
00:08:56 Here you are
00:08:58 We'll have a bite
00:09:00 Sure
00:09:02 – Where have you come from? – The town of Romny, Sumy region
00:09:05 Ah, we've heard of it
00:09:07 What a gift for people
00:09:20 It's no more a peaceful gathering
00:09:22 Get out of there and don't hang on that mirror
00:09:25 What are these provocations for
00:09:39 Those who are in the Cabinet of Ministers
00:09:42 We see that they don't follow people's will
00:10:11 There are many of them
00:10:16 He only cares how to keep ruling, robbing and setting up his family's life
00:10:22 Guys, who is going for negotiations?
00:10:46 Is there any officer in charge?
00:10:48 No one
00:10:51 Guys, bring the officer in charge
00:10:52 Is there any officer in charge?
00:10:55 Sure. But they won't sell 'em
00:10:56 You must get how beautiful it is. It will come off for you and us.
00:11:00 We'll make a chain and push each other a bit, then you'll take it to pieces
00:11:03 Guys, it should be like this
00:11:04 I'm telling you. If nobody throws or hits…
00:11:06 No one will throw
00:11:07 …there will be no questions
00:11:09 Guys, you see there would be more people here if we used gas
00:11:14 I don't know what to expect from you
00:11:16 Guys, do me a favour. Everything should be fine
00:11:21 You got it. That's it. And we're making a chain there
00:11:24 If anyone starts throwing, catch him straightway. That's the provocateur!
00:11:28 Nobody is giving rocks!
00:11:30 Volod', go and rule, and we'll stand here
00:11:37 So, if anyone throws anything he'll deal with me personally!
00:11:42 We've got it, Vova
00:11:45 No one is throwing anything
00:11:47 If anyone… Watch each other
00:11:48 There might be provocateurs. Those who throw rocks. Stop them straightway. Got that?
00:11:53 Got it, Vova
00:11:55 They'll take it to pieces, they're more. But no one's throwing anything.
00:11:58 Got it
00:11:59 Forward!
00:12:06 Force 'em out, force 'em out, force 'em out!
00:12:08 Move!
00:12:35 Leave through the corridor!
00:12:36 I can't get out!
00:12:37 Leave, I'm telling you!
00:12:39 I can't get out!
00:12:53 Take a picture, hurry up!
00:13:11 Keep off! Keep off!
00:13:16 We're staying put! We're staying put!
00:13:20 Keep off! Keep off!
00:13:24 Let's get out of here quickly
00:13:25 Go there!
00:13:42 Join hands!
00:13:43 Are there people injured, hurt?
00:13:45 Are there people killed, wounded?
01:13:46 Join hands!
00:13:50 Traitors of Ukraine! Traitors!
00:13:57 We know that at the moment special police units Berkut and internal military forces have kept them off
00:14:08 And behind police there are thugs who will make cleanse
00:14:13 But it does not matter at all
00:14:15 Dear all, don't give in to provocation
00:14:18 We're staying in calm and peace
00:15:01 – What's going on? – I felt bad
00:15:02 Put him on his side, give him fresh air. C'mon!
00:15:06 Go back, come out of that!
00:15:07 How could I come out?!
00:15:09 Keep off, there, keep off
00:15:22 – Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to the heroes!
00:15:47 Away with the gang!
00:16:01 Rise up, Kyiv!
00:16:06 Guys, join hands and keep standing!
00:16:13 Holding a baton, yeah?
00:16:16 Fucking shitheads!
00:16:20 Away with the ex-con! Away with the ex-con!
00:16:42 – Glory to Ukraine! – Glory to the heroes!
00:16:53 Hello, yes, I'm next to Lenin
00:16:56 Buddies, let everyone take a piece of Lenin!
00:17:04 Hit it stronger!
00:17:06 Glory to the heroes!
00:17:09 Try with your head
00:17:11 Don't you outsiders forget, Ukrainians are in charge here!
00:17:21 C'mon!
00:17:52 Right! Right!
00:17:59 Make way!
00:18:01 Let me sledge-hammer!
00:18:02 Make way!
00:18:04 Give me a piece! A piece!
00:18:07 Give it to me! Give me a piece!
00:18:11 Give a piece!
00:18:17 Let me hock a loogie
00:18:19 Oh, don't push!
00:18:27 Done, buddies, I took two pieces
00:18:29 I'm leaving, I won't give it to anyone!
00:18:30 Cause I my friend is in Lukianivka prison now
00:18:38 Give me a piece! A piece!
00:18:43 Give me a piece! A piece please!
00:18:51 It's getting too crowded here, take a step back
00:18:54 Don't be a crowd, step back!
00:18:57 What's not clear enough?
00:18:59 Can't you catch it? Step back!
01:19:00 You have space, step back!
01:19:02 Step back, everyone
00:19:04 Step back
00:19:05 Step back, everyone
00:19:06 What are you trying to do, schmuck?
00:19:07 What are you trying to do?
00:19:09 Everyone's taking a step back, and you're moving on!
00:19:20 All Ukraine wants a piece
00:19:23 Where is the head?
00:19:24 Oh shit
00:19:26 Here it is, the head
00:19:28 Three! Two! One!
00:19:35 Fucking hell
00:19:48 C'mon, c'mon, take him out
00:19:49 Pull it, pull it! Keep pulling!
00:19:51 Hell, keep pulling!
00:19:53 Can you take a picture?
00:19:54 Yes, c'mon
00:19:56 But you'll have to take your gloves off
00:19:58 It's better to email 'em
00:20:03 Step on it, don't hug it
00:20:09 Like this, take it
00:20:12 Yeah, put a flag on his background
00:20:13 Making a bandana!
00:20:15 Don't do that, take it away
00:20:17 C'mon, we'll make a bandana
00:20:18 – Don’t do that – C'mon, let me
00:20:20 No, not the Ukrainian flag! Are you crazy?
00:20:22 Guys, guys, look like Berkuts were doing
00:20:25 Like this
00:20:26 Get your foot off, please. You're spoiling the photo
00:20:27 Thanks
00:20:29 Uncle Lenin it is. Why, don't step on it.
00:20:40 Fuck off!
00:20:46 Don't overdo it
00:20:48 Keep off, please
00:20:54 There was Lenin, and now he's gone
00:20:57 Take away the communist!
00:21:05 Kiss it and say goodbye
00:21:35 At last the communist is overthrown
00:21:15 Disgrace to communists!
00:21:17 Disgrace! Disgrace! Disgrace!
00:21:32 In 1917 you overthrew, and now you're overthrown
00:21:36 Now it's your turn to be overthrown
00:21:38 Man, that's it. That's the end
00:21:40 Your communist power is done
00:21:45 I'd hang myself if I were you
00:21:49 In protest
00:21:50 And you're standing here, hugging this piece of stone
00:22:11 You see, it's sacred for him
00:22:20 – Daddy, get lost! – Take him the fuck out of here!
00:22:22 Get out of here!
00:22:23 Buddies, help, help
00:22:24 Don't hit him!
00:22:26 Just take him away, and that'll be that
00:22:29 C'mon, let's get out of here, c'mon
00:22:35 – Don't hit him, don't hit him – Don't hit him!
00:22:39 By the hands, by the legs
00:22:47 Sir, please, go away, I'm begging you!
00:22:50 Nutter
00:22:53 What's wrong with you?
00:22:56 Hit its legs
00:23:00 Kick it in the head!
00:23:01 Here's the head
00:23:04 What do you want? Tell us, please
00:23:07 Coming to a strange city
00:23:11 and overturning monuments…
00:23:14 This is barbarism
00:23:16 Glory to the heroes!
00:23:22 Wasn't 1937 barbarism, heh?
00:23:24 You're the last one in the whole city, in the whole country
00:23:28 Got it? The last one
00:23:30 When you all die, things will come right in this county
00:23:34 Sir, let's go, please
00:23:36 Trotsky made it. Trotsky
00:23:37 Leave him alone, leave him alone!
00:23:40 Sir, let's go, please
00:23:42 Leave him alone! Fuck off!
00:23:47 Fuck off!
00:24:49 Kiss him then
00:23:52 No, no, please. I'm begging you
00:23:54 Begging you as a human. Don't, don't
00:23:57 Kiss him and say a prayer
00:24:00 He's old enough to be your father
00:24:02 Hell, who cares
00:24:04 Just surround him. It's a provocation
00:24:06 Just surround him
00:24:14 What, has he fainted?
00:24:16 Call an ambulance
00:24:17 Heart or what?
00:24:18 Yes, heart
00:24:20 He can die near Lenin
00:24:25 I'm trying to tell you: people
00:24:28 You said that it's a peaceful event
00:24:34 Your gathering is peaceful
00:24:37 Your gathering is peaceful
00:24:39 You're peaceful men
00:24:42 Let's go into the car, we'll help you
00:24:44 It's going to be all right
00:24:49 People, you have a peaceful demonstration!
00:24:58 Keep back, keep back
00:25:03 C'mooon!
00:25:14 Fucking awesome situation in the country
00:25:15 It's fucking funny
00:25:19 We don't want to wait while you're negotiating
00:25:25 What would you like to do then?
00:25:27 Fuck them all and occupy the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers
00:25:34 How old are you?
00:25:37 Who cares
00:25:39 – Have you been to the army? – No
00:25:40 Listen, I'd like to tell you something
00:25:42 We won't occupy the Presidential Administration
00:25:47 You know what's gonna happen?
00:25:49 Let me give you the picture
00:25:51 At best, in two hours you'll be lying with a broken head
00:25:55 Fine, I agree
00:25:56 At worst, you'll be dead
00:26:03 Fuck!
00:26:09 What the fuck are you doing?
00:26:11 Don't do that!
00:26:13 Don't do that, I said
00:26:49 Hey, who are you?
00:26:51 Block him
00:26:53 Fuck you
00:26:54 Get out of here, bitch
00:26:55 Shut your fucking mouth, cuntface
00:26:56 I'll shut you up
00:26:58 Shut the hell up
00:26:58 Shut the hell up
00:27:10 Take that!
00:27:12 Suck my cock!
00:28:09 C'mon, carry him
00:28:11 That's fine, that's okay
00:28:13 Give some water
00:28:39 Tear gas
00:28:40 Smoke
00:28:41 That's the sweet taste of freedom!
00:28:45 Glory to Ukraine!
00:28:47 Glory to the heroes!
00:28:51 Ukraine above all!
00:28:55 Make way for the doctors! Make way!
00:29:44 Aren't you Ukrainians, bastards?
00:29:47 Who are you protecting, suckers?
00:30:59 Take it, take it
00:31:03 What happened?
00:31:04 Some imbecile from over there hit me with a rock
00:31:07 With a rock?
00:31:10 Stop taking pictures!
00:31:12 Shit. Call a doctor!
00:31:17 Shit. Fucking faggots!
00:31:48 Down, down!
00:32:07 Aaand move it!
00:32:16 Hold it
00:32:31 No photos!
00:32:34 Delete the photo
00:32:37 Delete it
00:32:43 No photos
00:32:44 But you've covered your face
00:32:45 Anyway, don't
00:32:47 Then they'll say that we're kinda provocateurs
00:32:50 And we stand for the Ukrainian nation!
00:33:01 Rock!
00:33:08 Why the fuck are you doing that?
00:33:16 Damn you motherfuckers!
00:33:17 What the fuck are you doing? Fuck
00:33:23 Damn, I'll fuck them all right now
00:33:30 Don't throw like this for fuck's sake!
00:33:32 I'll throw it in your fucking mouth now, damn!
00:33:35 Holy God, Holy Mighty,
00:33:39 Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.
00:33:44 Holy God, Holy Mighty,
00:33:48 Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.
00:33:58 The police should be with people
00:34:35 Higher!
00:34:38 Higher!
00:34:41 Fags in uniforms!
00:34:43 Give 'em rocks!
00:34:44 Why are you standing with the shield?
00:34:46 Pass the shield to the frontline!
00:35:51 Get up, get up
00:35:54 Help him up!
00:36:19 C'mon! Defend!
00:36:34 My camera is there
00:36:38 Stop, stop
00:36:44 Guys, damn, keep off
00:36:47 Keep off!
00:36:59 Back off!
00:37:05 What the fuck are you filming here?
00:37:07 What are you filming?
00:37:08 Fine, fine, I'm leaving
00:37:19 Take the guy
00:37:29 Keeping off. Why have you stopped, damn?
00:37:31 Why have you stopped, I'm asking
00:37:36 Fine, fine, damn
00:37:38 Why are they standing? Are there any cartridges?
00:37:42 Are there cartridges, I'm asking?
00:37:42 Yes
00:37:43 Then go and fuck someone!
00:37:44 Tell 'em to keep off
00:37:46 They alone haven't moved, fucking dimwits
00:38:08 Leave the kid alone! Leave him alone!
00:38:14 No, not to the Emergency Hospital, not there
00:38:18 Not to the Emergency Hospital! Cops will get me there!
00:38:19 Snatch the badge off! Snatch it off!
00:38:21 Not to the Emergency Hospital, damn
00:38:24 Do you hear me? Not to the Emergency Hospital!
00:38:26 Guys, there are few of them!
00:38:30 Turn back! Fuck off everybody! Turn back!
00:39:01 Make way!
00:39:03 Put it here
00:39:17 You're poisoning yout own guys, bastards!
00:39:53 Once again, for each of you
00:39:54 Look at me, everyone
00:39:57 Don't make any move without my personal command
00:40:02 Not a single move
00:40:03 We're staying here
00:40:38 People! Your actions are antisocial,
00:40:42 you are blatantly breaking the law and standing on the edge of a crime
00:40:47 C'mon! C'mon!
00:40:55 Go
00:40:57 Hurry, hurry
00:41:22 Go up
00:41:24 Careful, step high
00:41:38 Bastard, come here. Damn dimwit
00:41:44 Take people in, go in. Go in to a man
00:41:52 Go in, the last ones
00:41:54 Done. Go in
00:41:56 Faggots!
00:41:57 Move on
00:42:01 Moving on, yeah?
00:42:05 Hell, guys, what about kids?
00:42:08 Think of your future kids, damn
00:42:11 You have none yet
00:42:17 Aren’t you afraid of judgment of Christ, dear?
00:42:30 Doctor!
00:42:59 People! Police demands that you stop those actions
00:43:04 and keep the established order
00:43:07 Violetors will be called to account
00:43:17 Grenade! Fucking grenade!
00:45:03 Don't throw rocks! Don't shoot!
00:45:09 Don't throw! Don't shoot!
00:45:14 We're coming in peace
00:45:18 Don't shoot!
00:45:20 Don't, don't, don't
00:45:37 Run away, don't shoot!
00:45:40 It won't help! It won't help, father!
00:45:43 Run away! It'll help
00:45:45 You see, they're braindead. It won't help!
00:45:49 It'll help!
00:45:51 Father, they are lost souls. Go back!
00:45:53 Get off from here!
00:45:57 Get off from here!
00:45:58 Guys, let's back up the fathers
00:45:59 Father!
00:46:01 A bullet, shit, look here
00:46:05 Back off, back off
00:46:13 Take your hands off!
00:46:19 What are you doing?
00:46:22 Don't shoot!
00:46:28 Run behind the line!
00:46:30 Run away, don't shoot
00:46:36 I'm begging you, don't shoot!
00:46:39 Let me say a couple of words
00:46:41 Run away, don't make provocations!
00:46:45 I'm bringing peace
00:46:48 I'm bringing the good
00:46:50 I'm not your enemy, don't shoot!
00:46:55 Who can throw cocktails?
00:46:56 We need one more guy to throw
00:46:58 I just have my right hand broken, guys
00:47:01 Who can throw cocktails?
00:47:03 Set fire
00:47:45 Down!
00:48:07 Fucking faggot!
00:48:18 Give up! It's vain to resist!
00:48:27 We have the law on our side
00:49:01 – Glory to the nation! – Death to enemies!
00:49:04 – Ukraine! – Above all!
00:51:22 Snowball tree tea
00:51:29 Never mind
00:52:21 You fucking bastard
00:52:24 Faggot! Faggot!
00:52:32 Disgrace! Disgrace! Disgrace!
00:52:38 Calm down, fag
00:52:46 You fucking bastard
00:52:52 He was paid five hundred hryvnia. Slave!
00:52:57 Five hundred hryvnia – and he went against us!
00:53:01 Yet he's got a ring
00:53:02 He's got wife and kids, bastard
00:53:06 Damn you motherfucker
00:53:07 Fucking bastard!
00:53:10 Why the fuck? Why the fuck?
00:53:53 Take him
00:53:56 Don't hit him, take him
00:54:11 Take him!
00:54:27 Don't hit him, take him!
00:54:30 Enough, don't hit him!
00:54:36 Don't hit him, bastards!
00:54:42 You reptile!
00:54:43 Calm down!
00:54:46 Back off!
00:54:47 Where's the ambulance?
00:54:51 Where's the ambulance, guys? We need an ambulance
00:54:54 Get here
00:55:08 Done!
00:55:34 Braindead cops!
00:55:46 A Party of Regions car!
00:56:04 What the hell? What the hell? Do you know whose car that is?
00:56:09 Why the fuck are you doing that?
00:56:18 Demolish the damn thing!
00:57:10 There you are, faggot!
00:56:51 Give it to 'em, bitch!
00:57:17 Give 'em rocks! Give 'em rocks!
00:57:02 Fuck, loading the combat cartridges!
00:57:07 Our boys are up there on the top of the building
00:57:33 A combat bullet. Show it, it's a combat bullet
00:57:36 Fuck, it entered next to the vest
00:57:46 Suck on this!
00:57:53 C'mon, c'mon, c'mon
00:57:56 Take him by another hand
00:57:58 Not there, don't pull!
00:58:01 Take him, anyone, guys! Help!
00:58:04 Don't take him by the arm! Not by the arm!
00:58:06 Clear the way!
00:58:21 Back off!
00:58:44 Let it burn
00:59:02 Attention all, we're moving on
00:59:05 Move on! Move on!
00:59:07 Let's do it tough
00:59:11 Going right ahead
00:59:13 Company two, line up, all together
00:59:21 Guys, stop, stop. Shields!
01:01:31 Move on!
01:02:07 Five, six, seven, eight, nine
01:02:47 To the barricades
01:02:58 To the barricades
01:03:30 I'm lost
01:04:02 Help 'em, help 'em
01:04:25 What? Did you get over?
01:04:26 Yes, they're on the other side
01:04:45 Alive?
01:04:49 Oh, dear
01:05:03 Hang in there, son. Hang in there, kid
01:05:09 Let him go to the base, they'll sort him there
01:05:35 Call a doctor!
01:05:37 Is there a doctor? Call a doctor!
01:05:39 Fuck, we should take him out of here
01:05:40 So they're aloud to use shotguns while we aren't?
01:05:52 Vova, Vova, get the fuck away out of there!
01:05:55 Take it, bitch!
01:05:57 They're coming! They're coming, they'll be coming
01:05:58 They'll be throwing, hold the shields before yourselves!
01:06:02 Protect your heads, please!
01:06:17 That's fine there, that's almost all right
01:06:20 Fuck, call an ambulance! You fucking filmmakers
01:06:47 The second squad, come here! Here, I said!
01:07:38 Make way! Make way!
01:07:53 Carry him!
01:08:12 Damn you motherfuckers
01:08:25 Take the man
01:08:28 I'm telling you, take the man and leave
01:08:43 Sock it to 'em, mate!
01:10:25 People, Kyivans are coming!
01:10:27 From all over Kyiv!
01:10:30 We're more!
01:10:32 We'll win!
01:10:45 Bring the fucking doctor
01:10:46 Doctor, hurry
01:10:47 Make way for the doctors
01:10:53 Make way for the doctors, way for the doctors
01:10:58 Journalists, back off
01:11:00 Make way for the doctors!
01:11:02 Make way for the doctors! Make way!
01:11:07 Let the doctor get by
01:11:09 Put him
01:11:13 Hold on! Hold on!
01:11:13 You'll live for a hundred years more
01:11:20 Careful, the stretcher
01:11:23 C'mon, take him
01:11:31 Get out of the way!
01:11:34 Make way, make way
01:11:41 Lower
01:11:42 Where did it hit?
01:11:47 Liver and lungs, shit
01:11:54 When I remove my hand, the wound's dripping with blood
01:11:57 Clear the way!
01:12:36 Where the promised guns?
01:12:38 Where are the hell the deputies? Why don't they bring to Maidan…
01:12:44 Seven, eight, nine
01:12:48 Ten, eleven, twelve
01:12:51 The list of those who passed away
01:13:03 Guys, who's in charge here? Where can I find him?
01:13:37 We'll be grateful to you for the rest of our lives
01:13:43 You have sacrified the most essential things to save lives of your brothers
01:13:53 Guys, replace those who are on the frontline
01:14:02 Fine, sideward, move, move
01:14:05 Hold me
01:14:08 Buddies, take him
01:14:10 Take
01:14:17 Carry him carefully
01:14:23 Why are you carrying him feet first? He might suffocate!
01:14:27 Calm down
01:14:29 Is he even alive?
01:14:41 Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.
01:14:59 Did they burn or not? No one knows
01:15:30 Coming right in front of the main post office
01:15:33 Right in front of the main post office. There will be written "APK"
01:15:36 Or I'll go first and show you
01:16:03 Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
01:16:21 Russian troika
01:16:57 Hold the legs
01:17:11 Guys, make way
01:17:12 Put here, 'cause he's unidentified
01:17:29 From the Drohobych district
01:17:34 Are there any documents?
01:17:45 Ukraine's glory has not yet died, nor her freedom
01:17:59 Upon us, fellow compatriots, fate shall smile once more
01:18:13 Souls and bodies we'll lay down
01:18:20 All for our freedom
01:18:28 And we will show that we, brothers
01:18:36 Are of the Cossack nation
01:18:44 Glory to the heroes!
01:18:55 Let this one be the first
01:18:58 Bohdan is going first
01:19:21 Nooo, don't take him from me
01:19:33 Make way to the doctor!
01:19:39 Glory to the heroes!
01:20:16 Our Father in heaven
01:20:19 hallowed be Your name
01:20:22 Your kingdom come
01:20:25 Your will be done
01:20:28 on earth as in heaven
01:20:30 Give us today our daily bread
01:20:33 Forgive us our sins
01:20:36 as we forgive those who sin against us
01:20:42 On the night of February 21st, 2014 Viktor Yanukovuch, the 4th president of Ukraine, fled the country.

People stayed on Maidan over the three winter month.

During the sporadic clashes of protesters with the police, over a hundred people were killed, and thousands were injured. Many people are still listed as missing.
01:20:56 film by Oleksandr Techynskyi, Aleksey Solodunov, Dmitry Stoykov
01:21:01 postproduction director Oleksandr Techynskyi
01:21:04 producer Yulia Serdyukova
01:21:07 edit Marina Maykovskaya, Aleksey Solodunov
01:21:11 sound edit Oleg Golovoshkin, Boris Peter
01:21:14 music Anton Baibakov
01:21:17 color Olga Ishchuk
01:21:21 graphics Varvara Perekrest, Alex Verlan
01:21:24 special thanks to Konrad Schuller
01:21:27 thanks to Roman Bondarchuk and the Docudays UA IDFF team, Mariana Sadovska, Jim Todd
01:21:31 Honest Fish Documentary Stories
01:21:24 © Oleksandr Techynskyi, Aleksey Solodunov, Dmitry Stoykov 2014

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