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00:02:06:00  00:02:07:20
00:02:10:11  00:02:13:14DANISH DOC PRODUCTION
00:02:15:14  00:02:25:16"To become a journalist is very easyBut to stay a journalist is a struggle!"An iranian journalist
00:02:54:11  00:02:57:20Danish Doc ProductionPresents
00:03:00:09   00:03:04:05A film byAhmad Jalali Farahani
00:03:27:21 00:03:32:08Iran
00:03:32:22   00:03:39:02Tehran27 December 2009
00:03:42:15   00:03:46:08AhouraThe day of mourningof the Shia religion
00:03:48:01   00:03:51:18 On the holy day it's forbidden to kill anybody
00:03:54:01   00:03:58:24At the same timeIn the centre of the city

/file 1         /tc 00:03:53:02 00:03:58:06 Down with you! (Khamenei)
 /file 0002/tc 00:04:29:04 00:04:32:13Take cover!
/file 0003/tc 00:04:36:13 00:04:40:11Move forward!But watch out!
/file 0004/tc 00:05:01:01 00:05:02:21Don't throw stones!
/file 0005/tc 00:05:04:06 00:05:06:20They're going to shoot!
/file 0006/tc 00:05:41:00 00:05:42:20They've killed somebody!
/file 0007/tc 00:05:45:05 00:05:47:00Oh, my god!
/file 0008/tc 00:05:50:01 00:05:54:00Doctor!He needs a doctor!
                      Mehdi Farhadi Rad                      An ordinery citizen                       Who got killed                      On December 27, 2009
/file 0009/tc 00:05:59:15 00:06:02:16On the 27th of december 2009...
/file 0010/tc 00:06:02:23 00:06:05:12Before my shocked eyes...
/file 0011/tc 00:06:05.17 00:06:08.01An innocent man was killed.
/file 0012/tc 00:06:09.19 00:06:14:21I lacked the courageto write about him.
/file 0013/tc 00:06:16.20 00:06:20.18On the 27th of December 2009...
/file 0014/tc 00:06:21.14 00:06:23.11The sunday of darkness...
/file 0015/tc 00:06:23.15 00:06:25.08The sunday of Censorship...
/file 0016/tc 00:06:25.12 00:06:28.00Sunday of lies...
/file 0017/tc 00:06:28.03 00:06:32.22I was the social editor forMehr news agency -
/file 0018/tc 00:06:33.01 00:06:35.17on that bloody sunday.
/file 0019/tc 00:06:35.23 00:06:39.08These events occurred nextto my work -
/file 0020/tc 00:06:39.12 00:06:42:01not far away.
/file 0021/tc 00:06:42.22 00:06:47.00But, my colleagues and Ilacked the courage -
/file 0022/tc 00:06:47.06 00:06:52.03to write and publishone single story.
/file 0023/tc 00:06:55.20 00:06:58.1341 days after this gloomy sunday -
/file 0024/tc 00:06:58.19 00:07:03.16I was arrested againand sent to Evin prison.
/file 0025/tc 00:07:06.00 00:07:11.18December 27th was the beginning of the end -
/file 0026/tc 00:07:11.24 00:07:14.12of my life storyin my motherland. 
/file 0027/tc 00:07:38.01 00:07:42:18We continue our morning programwith Ahmad -
/file 0028/tc 00:07:42:22 00:07:45:01an expert journaliston social issues. /file 0029/tc 00:07:47:04 00:07:49:23My name is Ahmad and I am a journalist.
/file 0030/tc 00:07:50:04 00:07:57:24I have been working as a journalistfor a long time in different Persian media.
/file 0031/tc 00:07:59:12 00:08:03:06I write, analyze and interview -
/file 0032/tc 00:08:03:10 00:08:06:24and I make documentaries.
/file 0033/tc 00:08:27:19 00:08:29:04I come from Iran.
/file 0034/tc 00:08:29:12 00:08:30:16Iran.
/file 0035/tc 00:08:30:20 00:08:35:12The land of history, sunand an ancient civilization.
/file 0036/tc 00:08:35:16 00:08:37:22The land of glorious ancient rituals.
/file 0037/tc 00:08:38:15 00:08:41:19The land of Cyrus, Darius and Zoroaster,
/file 0038/tc 00:08:42:01 00:08:45:20of poetry, music and architecture.
/file 0039/tc 00:08:46:13 00:08:49:19The land of a thousand and one nights.
/file 0040/tc 00:08:50:12 00:08:53:04The land of sleeping myths.
/file 0041/tc 00:08:53:15 00:08:55:18I come from Iran.
/file 0042/tc 00:08:55:21 00:08:58:21The land of oil, caviar and deserts,
/file 0043/tc 00:08:59:10 00:09:02:09soaring plateaus of mountains
/file 0044/tc 00:09:03:03 00:09:05:00and the eternal Persian Gulf.
/file 0045/tc 00:09:05:14 00:09:08:01The land of carpets, pistachios and saffron.
/file 0046/tc 00:09:08:21 00:09:11:10The homeland of famous scientists.
/file 0047/tc 00:09:12:06 00:09:14:12The birthplace of Rumi.
/file 0048/tc 00:09:15:13 00:09:16:19I come from Iran.
/file 0049/tc 00:09:16:24 00:09:19:16I come from a unique country -
/file 0050/tc 00:09:19:19 00:09:21:24with a complex culture and state.
/file 0051/tc 00:09:22:19 00:09:25:17A land of intertwined contradictions.
/file 0052/tc 00:09:26:04 00:09:29:19In Iran we have oil as well as saffron.
/file 0053/tc 00:09:30:01 00:09:35:11We have famous directorsas well as Ahmadinejad.
/file 0054/tc 00:09:36:08 00:09:41:05We have an Oscar winner Asghar Farhadias well as Khamenei.
/file 0055/tc 00:09:41:09 00:09:46:09We have religious fundamentalistsas well as religious reformers.
/file 0056/tc 00:09:46:22 00:09:49:13We have everything in our country...
/file 0057/tc 00:09:50:05 00:09:51:18political prisoners,
/file 0058/tc 00:09:51:21 00:09:53:05freedom Square,
/file 0059/tc 00:09:53:11 00:09:55:00football lovers,
/file 0060/tc 00:09:55:06 00:09.57:06crazy traffic...
/file 0061/tc 00:09:57:14 00:09:59:21and imprisoned journalists!

 00:10:20:18  00:10:24:WE ARE JOURNALISTS 00:10:24:05   00:10:28:21To all imprisoned journalists
00:10:32:12   00:10:36:10IranSummer, 2005
/file 0062/tc 00:10:46:20 00:10:52:01Great Mr. President Ahmadinejadwelcome to our town.
/file 0063/tc 00:10:52:04 00:10:55:19Beloved President,you're very welcome.
/file 0064/tc 00:10:56:06 00:10:59:23Thank you. /file 0065/tc 00:11:00:07 00:11:04:07Before Ahmadinejad -
/file 0066/tc 00:11:04:11 00:11:06:15Iran had never been exactlyheaven for journalists.
/file 0067/tc 00:11:07:03 00:11:09:13But after he came to power -
/file 0068/tc 00:11:09:16 00:11:14:11it became hell on earthfor freedom of speech.
/file 0069/tc 00:11:15:23 00:11:22:05The last chapter of my lifehappened in this hell 
/file 0070/tc 00:11:28:17 00:11:31:08Mr. President! I am a university student.
/file 0071/tc 00:11:31:12 00:11:36:03Last week another physicsgraduate committed suicide.
/file 0072/tc 00:11:36:06 00:11:41:21The second in just six months!How can a real man do that? Get away!
/file 0073/tc 00:11:41:24 00:11:46:08Why do you ask me?Go and ask him, why he did it.
/file 0074/tc 00:11:46:12 00:11:47:19But...
/file 0075/tc 00:11:48:08 00:11:50:07Why did they commit suicide?
/file 0076/tc 00:11:50:10 00:11:54:16Most of the best studentsare moving to Canada or USA.
/file 0077/tc 00:11:54:19 00:11:57:09And the elite are moving there to.
/file 0078/tc 00:11:57:14 00:12:02:19Not all of them. But what's the problem?A man is free to choose the place he lives.
/file 0079/tc 00:12:03:00 00:12:06:00Can we place such restrictions on people?        00:12:10:10   00:12:15:Rajab Ali MazrouiThe head of Iranian Press Association

/file 0080/tc 00:12:15:18 00:12:20:01A lot of unbelievable thingshave happened in the last few years.
/file 0081/tc 00:12:20:06 00:12:24:06With Ahmadinejad,the whole country was in the hands of -
/file 0082/tc 00:12:24:21 00:12:31:24the radical authoritarian parties.
/file 0083/tc 00:12:32:18 00:12:36:05Social and political spacewas more and more restricted -
/file 0084/tc 00:12:36:08 00:12:40:01and consequentlythe newspapers got problems.
/file 0085/tc 00:12:42:13 00:12:47:18The flames of hell whichthe government had ignited -
/file 0086/tc 00:12:47:21 00:12:52:17against the mediabecame stronger and stronger.
/file 0087/tc 00:12:52:21 00:12:56:19This fire that even consumedthe conservative newspapers -
/file 0088/tc 00:12:56:23 00:13:02:02which supportedthe Supreme Leader of Iran.
/file 0089/tc 00:13:02:17 00:13:09:18The second of July 2008we lost our job at "Tehran Emrooz" -
/file 0090/tc 00:13:09:22 00:13:14:24a pro regime newspaper,because we published -
/file 0091/tc 00:13:15:07 00:13:19:17a feature critical ofAhmadinejad's corrupt disposition.
/file 0092/tc 00:13:20:06 00:13:24:20But some people saidwe were banned -
/file 0093/tc 00:13:24:24 00:13:29:15 because he was offendedby the picture that -
/file 0094/tc 00:13:30:01 00:13:32:08we published.
/file 0095/tc 00:13:34:07 00:13:37:00This situation is too stupid.
/file 0096/tc 00:13:37:04 00:13:42:15They can't tolerate evena few critical words.
/file 0097/tc 00:13:42:19 00:13:46:16They also refuseto listen to our apologies.
/file 0098/tc 00:13:46:20 00:13:49:11I don't know why we go onworking as journalists?
/file 0099/tc 00:13:51:01 00:13:54:14All the time you told methey couldn't close our newspaper!
/file 0100/tc 00:13:54:18 00:13:58:21I didn't think they would,as we are a pro-state newspaper.
/file 0101/tc 00:13:58:24 00:14:01:22Of course we were a little radical.Isn't this unbelievable?
/file 0102/tc 00:14:02:01 00:14:07:00How many people were working here?150 people altogether?
/file 0103/tc 00:14:07:03 00:14:09:03150 people.
/file 0104/tc 00:14:09:12 00:14:13:12Maybe they banned usbecause of the picture -
/file 0105/tc 00:14:13:16 00:14:17:04or because of a critical articleabout Ahmadinejad.
/file 0106/tc 00:14:17:08 00:14:21:14Both the pictureand the text were very bad.
/file 0107/tc 00:14:21:18 00:14:25:02It was insulting!It was unprofessional!
/file 0108/tc 00:14:25:06 00:14:30:04It's like an underground articleagainst Ahmadinejad.
/file 0109/tc 00:14:30:08 00:14:31:01Exactly!
/file 0110/tc 00:14:31:06 00:14:37:03The media must respect a Presidenteven if they don't agree with him.
/file 0111/tc 00:14:37:08 00:14:42:24Do you know what'sthe problem with this photo?
/file 0112/tc 00:14:43:03 00:14:47:06If you google "the gorilla",this picture of Ahmadinejad will appear.
/file 0113/tc 00:14:47:11 00:14:49:22  I tried,but nothing came up!
/file 0114/tc 00:14:50:03 00:14:56:17The government isn't patient with us.Of course we don't support any mistakes
/file 0115/tc 00:14:57:06 00:15:00:21But this is the first timethey interfered the judiciary's duty!
/file 0116/tc 00:15:01:00 00:15:02:06Yes. Exactly!
/file 0117/tc 00:15:03:06 00:15:08:00Can we reopen the newspaper?Our experience says no!
/file 0118/tc 00:15:08:04 00:15:09:23It hasn't happened in the past.
/file 0119/tc 00:15:10:01 00:15:14:24It even takes them a very long time beforethey start to process our  complaint.
/file 0120/tc 00:15:15:13 00:15:21:09We are trying to reopenthe newspaper in a few days time.
/file 0121/tc 00:15:21:14 00:15:26:13If we can't do that,we will try to start another.
/file 0122/tc 00:15:26:17 00:15:31:11We can't deny your abilities,and if we don't have any choice -
/file 0124/tc 00:15:31:15 00:15:33:11we'll send you to other newspapers.
/file 0125/tc 00:15:34:10 00:15:37:14How many banshave you experienced overall?
/file 0126/tc 00:15:37:18 00:15:38:22Let me count.
/file 0127/tc 00:15:38:22 00:15:39:19Do it.
/file 0128/tc 00:15:40:10 00:15:42:11What do you want?
/file 0129/tc 00:15:42:20 00:15:46:16I can't say anythingin front of the camera.
/file 0130/tc 00:15:46:20 00:15:50:20Maybe the film isfor the security agencies?
/file 0131/tc 00:15:50:24 00:15:52:20Let me ask you some questions.
/file 0132/tc 00:15:52:24 00:15:55:06Why are you filming us?
/file 0133/tc 00:15:55:10 00:15:59:00I'm making a film called"We are journalists".
/file 0134/tc 00:15:59:08 00:16:05:10Anyway, we want to continue!But are there no more options?
/file 0135/tc 00:16:05:14 00:16:11:13But some newspapers are still open.What if they close them too?
/file 0136/tc 00:16:11:17 00:16:16:11Then we find another option.We dance on the razor's edge!
/file 0137/tc 00:16:16:15 00:16:17:19Remember that!
/file 0138/tc 00:16:18:13 00:16:21:05Our last hope is God.
/file 0139/tc 00:16:21:09 00:16:25:24Maybe I'll find a new job,they might also ban.
/file 0140/tc 00:16:26:09 00:16:31:02There is no guaranteein Iran for journalists.
/file 0141/tc 00:16:31:12 00:16:35:15I can't clearly foreseemy own economic situation.
/file 0142/tc 00:16:36:06 00:16:40:05We have to pay the cost of loving our jobs so much.
/file 0143/tc 00:16:43:19 00:16:47:03Even my little son knows our plight.
/file 0144/tc 00:16:48:17 00:16:54:00He said Daddy don't worry!I have money, I don't want anything.
/file 0145/tc 00:16:54:04 00:16:58:12What an awful job you have!Why don't you have a little shop?
/file 0146/tc 00:16:58:23 00:17:00:22No job! No money! No food!
/file 0147/tc 00:17:01:13 00:17:05:04I know a journalist who -
/file 0148/tc 00:17:05:08 00:17:10:20lost his job for one year.What did he do during that time?
/file 0149/tc 00:17:10:24 00:17:14:08He just sat in a parkevery day -
/file 0150/tc 00:17:14:12 00:17:18:19and tried to hide the problemfrom his family.
/file 0151/tc 00:17:19:12 00:17:24:20In our bodies there is a worm whichdoesn't let us leave journalism.
/file 0152/tc 00:17:24:24 00:17:28:18I will try to go onwith this stupid job!
/file 0153/tc 00:17:29:02 00:17:33:20As a cartoonist what do you dowhen a newspaper is closed?
/file 0154/tc 00:17:33:24 00:17:37:09I try to laugh a hysterical laughter.
/file 0155/tc 00:17:41:04 00:17:46:15How many bans Amir?This is the fourth one!
/file 0156/tc 00:17:47:05 00:17:51:10In how many years?In three years.
/file 0157/tc 00:17:52:10 00:17:57:08What is your plan now?Nothing. I have to check the options.
/file 0158/tc 00:17:57:19 00:18:00:19Find a job with good money.
/file 0159/tc 00:18:00:23 00:18:04:07Maybe a drains cleaner?I want to be a taxi driver!
/file 0160/tc 00:18:04:11 00:18:06:11Babysitter.
/file 0161/tc 00:18:06:15 00:18:08:06We can sell popcorn.
/file 0162/tc 00:18:09:12 00:18:14:01But not today.We should go to the swimmingpool.
/file 0163/tc 00:18:15:00 00:18:17:06Yes.We have to go for a swim.
/file 0164/tc 00:18:17:15 00:18:21:23These are the last photos of us for the next generations to see!
/file 0165/tc 00:18:22:07 00:18:24:07One, two, three...
/file 0166/tc 00:18:24:10 00:18:29:04Is this an underground film?What's your plan now?
/file 0167/tc 00:18:29:08 00:18:33:16I'm also working in another newspaperas a freelancer -
/file 0168/tc 00:18:33:23 00:18:38:11but the salary of this jobwas my main income.
/file 0169/tc 00:18:38:15 00:18:43:12It wasn't fair toclose down this newspaper.
/file 0170/tc 00:18:43:16 00:18:48:18The people who did itdon't understand our plight -
/file 0171/tc 00:18:48:22 00:18:53:16because we did our jobsas professionals.
/file 0172/tc 00:18:54:00 00:18:59:11In the last month I thoughtthat if I lost this job I would die.
/file 0173/tc 00:18:59:15 00:19:04:01Because I was becominga good journalist.
/file 0174/tc 00:19:04:05 00:19:05:18Are you going to die now?
/file 0175/tc 00:19:05:22 00:19:09:11No! I am not going to die!It can't kill a person.
/file 0176/tc 00:19:09:15 00:19:13:11It's like a murdering a journalist,when they close the newspaper.
/file 0177/tc 00:19:13:24 00:19:16:02It is kind of a killing.
/file 0178/tc 00:19:16:24 00:19:21:14They think we are sheep.I am serious.
/file 0179/tc 00:19:21:24 00:19:26:13If I say sheep, it's the correct wayto explain their thinking.
/file 0180/tc 00:19:26:19 00:19:31:02I have a friend who not only gothis salary reduced -
/file 0181/tc 00:19:31:05 00:19:34:00but also he had to pay back moneyto the newspaper.
/file 0182/tc 00:19:34:13 00:19:39:11Some of themthink that they are Pharaohs -
/file 0183/tc 00:19:39:14 00:19:43:06with whips in their hands.
/file 0184/tc 00:19:43:10 00:19:47:07The system is like slavery.
/file 0185/tc 00:19:48:12 00:19:49:24What is your plan now?
/file 0186/tc 00:19:50:03 00:19:54:09Give me your camera!Tell us what is your plan?
/file 0187/tc 00:19:54:14 00:19:57:11Here we can se Mr. Farahani.
/file 0188/tc 00:19:57:15 00:20:01:13How can you pay backyour bank debts now?
/file 0189/tc 00:20:01:17 00:20:04:20I don't know!I thought about that all night.
/file 0190/tc 00:20:04:24 00:20:07:19I'll invest in the building industry.
/file 0191/tc 00:20:07:23 00:20:11:10Do you want me to join in?But this needs money.
/file 0192/tc 00:20:11:14 00:20:15:08Do you have enough?You can sell your luxury car.
/file 0193/tc 00:20:15:12 00:20:18:19I need it as a taxi for getting money.
/file 0194/tc 00:20:24:02 00:20:29:12In fact it wasn't a joke.For a long time -
/file 0195/tc 00:20:29:16 00:20:36:21like so many other journalists,I was using my car to survive.
/file 0196/tc 00:20:38:24 00:20:43:20The summer of 2008became a hell to me -
/file 0197/tc 00:20:43:23 00:20:48:08because I began to criticizegovernment social policies  -

/file 0198/tc 00:20:48:12 00:20:50:04in my personal blog.
/file 0199/tc 00:20:50:07 00:20:54:19At the same timeAhmadinejad ordered the police -
/file 0200/tc 00:20:54:22 00:21:00:02to be extra brutal withall criminals.

/file 0201/tc 00:21:05:03 00:21:10:06Dear citizens!We try to keep you safe.
/file 0202/tc 00:21:10:13 00:21:16:20We try toprotect society from criminals.
/file 0203/tc 00:21:17:01 00:21:22:18Myself and other journalistscriticized this illegal police action -
/file 0204/tc 00:21:22:22 00:21:29:14so we blogged aboutpunishment without trial.
/file 0205/tc 00:21:42:18 00:21:48:01I got hold of top secret photos of the brutality -
/file 0206/tc 00:21:48:08 00:21:52:23 and thenI published them.
/file 0207/tc 00:22:05:07 00:22:08:04Access to this blog is forbidden.
/file 0208/tc 00:22:09:19 00:22:14:16I was immediately firedfrom my other job in -
/file 0209/tc 00:22:14:20 00:22:18:15the government's newspaper.Like all of my colleagues -
/file 0210/tc 00:22:18:19 00:22:23:13I tried to get my job back.

 00:22:25:13   00:22:28:20The Association of Iranian Journalists

/file 0211/tc 00:22:29:20 00:22:35:06The reaction of the director ofthe newspaper to my protest letter -
/file 0212/tc 00:22:35:09 00:22:37:16was two new reprimands.
/file 0213/tc 00:22:37:23 00:22:41:17Their reactions are not legitimate.
/file 0214/tc 00:22:41:24 00:22:47:15I told them that these reprimandswere not legal.
/file 0215/tc 00:22:47:18 00:22:53:13If they continued with this toneI would complain to the court.
/file 0216/tc 00:22:53:17 00:22:56:00This is a letter from my boss.
/file 0217/tc 00:22:56:05 00:23:02:14He wrote that I couldn'tcontinue in my present roll.
/file 0218/tc 00:23:02:17 00:23:06:10I blogged the whole absurd process.
/file 0219/tc 00:23:06:14 00:23:11:03He said that I shouldstop complaining  -
/file 0220/tc 00:23:11:07 00:23:14:14or my family would suffer.
/file 0221/tc 00:23:15:17 00:23:24:09Why? Because I'm criticizingAhmadinejad and his agenda.
/file 0222/tc 00:23:26:16 00:23:31:16I think it's better if the journalistskeep their political opinions -
/file 0223/tc 00:23:31:23 00:23:36:01separated from their job -
/file 0224/tc 00:23:36:05 00:23:40:12if money is important for them.

/file 0225/tc 00:23:41:14 00:23:47:16In this meeting I realized thatnot only I -
/file 0226/tc 00:23:47:20 00:23:53:06but also the association had a problem with the government.
/file 0227/tc 00:23:53:10 00:23:58:00They tried to stopand crack them down.
/file 0228/tc 00:23:58:14 00:24:03:04The government pressurewas like a hidden gun -
/file 0229/tc 00:24:03:08 00:24:05:07on our temples.
/file 0230/tc 00:24:05:11 00:24:07:20So in the summer of 2008 -
/file 0231/tc 00:24:07:24 00:24:11:24the association informed usabout the situation.
/file 0232/tc 00:24:12:15 00:24:17:20They asked us to showour solidarity to the government -
/file 0233/tc 00:24:18:00 00:24:21:06by voting at the nextpress association election.
/file 0234/tc 00:24:24:18 00:24:27:11Why do they want to stop us?
/file 0235/tc 00:24:27:15 00:24:32:05We haven't receivedany financial help from them.
/file 0236/tc 00:24:32:09 00:24:37:06But they try with everything to stopthe association's activities.
/file 0237/tc 00:24:37:10 00:24:39:09It is really absurd!
/file 0238/tc 00:24:39:21 00:24:44:12Since the arrival of President Ahmadinejad -
/file 0239/tc 00:24:44:16 00:24:46:15my responsibilitytowards the association -
/file 0240/tc 00:24:46:19 00:24:51:01has increased.I'm completely worn out -
/file 0241/tc 00:24:51:05 00:24:53:17I have been close to giving up.
/file 0242/tc 00:24:53:21 00:25:00:00Groundless accusations and barriersto stop the association's acts -
/file 0243/tc 00:25:00:04 00:25:04:15have been our biggestchallenges to overcome.
/file 0244/tc 00:25:05:09 00:25:11:12I think their main problem with usis their expectations about our role.
/file 0245/tc 00:25:11:16 00:25:16:23They expect that we send dailyannouncements to support -
/file 0246/tc 00:25:17:02 00:25:22:07Iranian international politicsand the nuclear program.
/file 0247/tc 00:25:22:13 00:25:27:00And if they arrest a journalist,they want us to support their decision. 
/file 0248/tc 00:25:27:03 00:25:30:05Not the journalists!
/file 0249/tc 00:25:30:16 00:25:39:07They also expect us to condemnthe journalist and praise the government.
/file 0250/tc 00:25:40:02 00:25:51:23But our strategy isto support all our members.
/file 0251/tc 00:25:53:24 00:25:56:07Do you have a contract?No.
/file 0252/tc 00:25:56:11 00:25:58:24Any insurance?No!
/file 0253/tc 00:25:59:02 00:26:01:19Not now. But they promised to give it.
/file 0254/tc 00:26:01:23 00:26:03:05I never had any.
/file 0255/tc 00:26:03:09 00:26:08:18Recently the price of the paper has risenand independent newspapers -
/file 0256/tc 00:26:08:22 00:26:14:16can't afford to import paper andnor does the government support us.
/file 0257/tc 00:26:16:02 00:26:20:17Do you have any insuranceor fixed job after 20 years?
/file 0258/tc 00:26:20:21 00:26:22:20No. I don't!
/file 0259/tc 00:26:22:24 00:26:26:13In Iran you don't haveany possibilities to find a job -
/file 0260/tc 00:26:26:17 00:26:28:15as a critical journalist.
/file 0261/tc 00:26:28:19 00:26:34:21Therefore we don't haveany fringe benefits.
/file 0262/tc 00:26:36:08 00:26:38:05Have you been in jail before?
/file 0263/tc 00:26:38:09 00:26:40:09Yes of course.Because you are a journalist?
/file 0264/tc 00:26:40:13 00:26:40:20Yes.
/file 0265/tc 00:26:40:24 00:26:44:16-Hi Ahmad!-Hi. Please take this microphone?
/file 0266/tc 00:26:44:20 00:26:48:06Is this an interview?Just a few questions.
/file 0267/tc 00:26:48:10 00:26:54:20How many papers you worked for actually closed?A lot!
/file 0268/tc 00:26:54:24 00:26:58:08Between 30 or 40 newspapers.
/file 0269/tc 00:26:58:15 00:27:01:05Don't film me!Why?
/file 0270/tc 00:27:01:09 00:27:03:08What?Are you afraid?
/file 0271/tc 00:27:03:23 00:27:05:17No! Don't do that!
/file 0272/tc 00:27:06:08 00:27:09:03If you want the association to go on -
/file 0273/tc 00:27:09:08 00:27:15:00you have to come withyour friends and vote -
/file 0274/tc 00:27:15:05 00:27:18:17in the association board election.
/file 0275/tc 00:27:20:17 00:27:25:08By coming and votewe send a clear message to -
/file 0276/tc 00:27:25:11 00:27:30:02the government thatthey can't stop us.
/file 0277/tc 00:27:32:06 00:27:36:17I promise you that I'll bringten persons to the election.

 The election day August, 2008
/file 0278/tc 00:28:09:15 00:28:12:01Congratulations on the Day of Journalists.

/file 0279/tc 00:28:12:23 00:28:16:13At last the happy day ofthe election for the association arrived.
/file 0280/tc 00:28:17:03 00:28:21:16On that day,the election signified more -
/file 0281/tc 00:28:21:20 00:28:23:14than a mere giving ofvotes for the association.
/file 0282/tc 00:28:24:01 00:28:27:13Ahmadinejad took seriouslythe significance of this vote.

/file 0283/tc 00:28:27:23 00:28:31:13Nobody has the powerto close down the association.
/file 0284/tc 00:28:31:16 00:28:35:15Otherwise the policewould have arrested all of us.
/file 0285/tc 00:28:36:21 00:28:41:19I told the media thatthe government's political treatment -
/file 0286/tc 00:28:41:23 00:28:45:07of the association wasn't legal.
/file 0287/tc 00:28:45:10 00:28:49:04But the security forces warnedme to be silent.
/file 0288/tc 00:28:50:23 00:28:55:16The government has forbiddenany criticism because they say that -
/file 0289/tc 00:28:55:20 00:28:58:16we demoralize the people.
/file 0290/tc 00:28:59:19 00:29:05:07Unfortunately some journalistscare more for money than the truth.
/file 0291/tc 00:29:05:11 00:29:07:24Are you a journalist?Not now.
/file 0292/tc 00:29:08:03 00:29:10:16Why?They closed my newspaper.
/file 0293/tc 00:29:10:20 00:29:15:04They said that if I wenton writing my critical articles -
/file 0294/tc 00:29:15:08 00:29:19:14they would close my newspaperand arrest me.
/file 0295/tc 00:29:19:18 00:29:24:00I have been in prison beforeand I am not afraid.
/file 0296/tc 00:29:24:04 00:29:26:14I was editor in chief of our newspaper.
/file 0297/tc 00:29:26:18 00:29:32:00My charge was"Cooperation with foreign countries".
/file 0298/tc 00:29:32:04 00:29:34:20And I was in jail for 2 years.
/file 0299/tc 00:29:34:23 00:29:42:23Our newspaper was closed downafter 400 issues.
/file 0301/tc 00:29:43:14 00:29:48:21If we can't go onworking as journalists -
/file 0302/tc 00:29:48:24 00:29:53:04we will have to break our pens.
/file 0303/tc 00:29:53:08 00:29:58:16The participation of more than1000 journalists -
/file 0304/tc 00:29:58:24 00:30:06:19during this election wasa great victory.
/file 0305/tc 00:30:07:12 00:30:12:05This great victory stoppedAhmedinejad's activities against us.
/file 0306/tc 00:30:12:09 00:30:17:00This victory gave usmore hope for a good future.
/file 0307/tc 00:30:18:23 00:30:22:10The scent of spring.
/file 0308/tc 00:30:23:17 00:30:27:04The scent of confetti.
/file 0309/tc 00:30:28:06 00:30:31:22The strong scent ofNew Year's food.
/file 0310/tc 00:30:32:02 00:30:37:19Buy a scarf for 2500and become beautiful!
/file 0311/tc 00:30:40:05 00:30:46:11Buy a wig and become beautiful.
/file 0312/tc 00:30:49:24 00:30:55:20You can't change your wig?Then you would see who I am.
/file 0313/tc 00:30:56:01 00:31:01:06Attention please!Cravats only 2000!
/file 0314/tc 00:31:03:06 00:31:06:09This is a sale!
/file 0315/tc 00:31:06:13 00:31:10:163 for 1000!
/file 0316/tc 00:31:14:19 00:31:19:24Do you want toys!Toys!
/file 0317/tc 00:31:21:20 00:31:26:08The hard winter of that yearwas drawing to an end.
/file 0318/tc 00:31:26:12 00:31:31:00Spring was coming soonwith the Iranian new year.
/file 0319/tc 00:31:31:04 00:31:36:07We knew that Ahmadinejad'sfirst presidential period -
/file 0320/tc 00:31:36:11 00:31:38:10would be finished next year.

 00:31:40:18   00:31:49:03 MousaviThe reformist's canditateWho was opposed AhmedinejaIn the election 2009
/file 0321/tc 00:31:51:12 00:31:53:20When Mousavi declared his candidacy -
/file 0322/tc 00:31:53:24 00:31:58:05for the next presidential election,hope was reborn in our people.
/file 0323/tc 00:31:58:09 00:32:03:00The hope of reforming the systemgave us more energy to continue.
/file 0324/tc 00:32:08:01 00:32:13:01I come to defend your human dignity!
/file 0325/tc 00:32:14:01 00:32:19:14I come to defend your rightto be correctly informed!
/file 0326/tc 00:32:23:03 00:32:27:11I come to defendfreedom of speech and thought!
342. 00:32:30:21   00:32:32:19  Iran Spring, 2009

/file 0327/tc 00:32:37:10 00:32:43:10What happened to the oil money?They sent it to Militia (Basij).
/file 0328/tc 00:33:05:24 00:33:10:09We love Mousavi!
/file 0329/tc 00:33:12:07 00:33:16:09Goodbye Ahmadinejad!
/file 0330/tc 00:33:18:24 00:33:22:14Who's the best?Mousavi of course!
/file 0331/tc 00:33:22:17 00:33:25:24Who's our crown?Mousavi!
/file 0332/tc 00:33:26:03 00:33:29:17Who's the love of young people?Mousavi!
/file 0333/tc 00:33:36:24 00:33:41:19Ahmadinejad doesn't knowwhere the bathroom is.
/file 0334/tc 00:33:45:10 00:33:49:19Just Mousavi!
/file 0335/tc 00:34:04:23 00:34:10:07Just Mousavi!
/file 0336/tc 00:34:18:17 00:34:21:20Mousavi is our love!
/file 0337/tc 00:34:21:24 00:34:26:18The spring of 2009 was likea new life for the young people.
/file 0338/tc 00:34:26:22 00:34:28:11The season of fresh air.
/file 0339/tc 00:34:28:14 00:34:33:16The big cities of Iranexperienced a different life.
/file 0340/tc 00:34:33:20 00:34:39:24Such scenes may not be seen againin Iran in the near future.

/file 0341/tc 00:34:48:09 00:34:53:18I am the first female president in Iran.
00:34:58:12   00:35:00:21Mohammad Reza KalalniFilmmaker
/file 0342/tc 00:35:02:06 00:35:06:01Mousavi!We support you!
/file 0343/tc 00:35:06:10 00:35:10:09During my 28 yearsI have never seen scenes like this.
/file 0344/tc 00:35:10:13 00:35:15:02It was amazing how the peoplediscussed political issues which -
/file 0345/tc 00:35:15:06 00:35:19:05were forbidden before -
/file 0346/tc 00:35:19:16 00:35:23:23and which we couldonly talk about in private.
/file 0347/tc 00:35:24:04 00:35:27:23Ahmadinejad is my love!Why?
/file 0348/tc 00:35:28:02 00:35:33:10Because he hasn't  stolen moneyeven if he has power -
/file 0349/tc 00:35:33:14 00:35:38:00and his power is his belief in God,and he is unique.
/file 0350/tc 00:35:38:21 00:35:42:11Just Ahmadinejad!
/file 0351/tc 00:35:43:04 00:35:46:19Just Ahmadinejad!
/file 0352/tc 00:35:46:24 00:35:48:03Just Ahmadinejad!
/file 0353/tc 00:35:49:17 00:35:51:17Just Ahmadinejad!- No! Just Mousavi!
/file 0354/tc 00:35:52:11 00:35:53:08Shut up!
/file 0355/tc 00:35:53:21 00:35:57:06Say hail Mousavi!Say hail the young people!
/file 0356/tc 00:35:57:10 00:35:58:03Why?
/file 0357/tc 00:35:58:07 00:36:02:01Because the people love himand he is perfect.
/file 0358/tc 00:36:02:05 00:36:04:12Because he loves the young people.
/file 0359/tc 00:36:04:16 00:36:08:10Because the people love himand he loves them too.
/file 0360/tc 00:36:08:14 00:36:13:13We don't want Ahmadinejad again,so we vote Mousavi.
/file 0361/tc 00:36:16:11 00:36:18:20Why did we believe Mousaviwould win?
/file 0362/tc 00:36:18:24 00:36:22:24Why did we think we couldget rid of Ahmadinejad?
/file 0363/tc 00:36:23:02 00:36:28:14We didn't believe thatAhmadinejad could be our president -
/file 0364/tc 00:36:28:18 00:36:32:12and that he was our destiny.
/file 0365/tc 00:36:32:16 00.36:39:12We thought we deserveda better president -
/file 0366/tc 00.36:39:16 00:36:46:06and that we could get rid of him.But we were wrong.
/file 0367/tc 00:36:46:10 00:36:48:03Why?
/file 0368/tc 00:36:48:07 00:36:52:16We didn't understandthe intrigues of politics.
/file 0369/tc 00:36:59:10 00:37:01:17Why Ahmadinejad?
/file 0370/tc 00:37:01:21 00:37:06:16Because he isn't a thief and a liar.
/file 0371/tc 00:37:06:22 00:37:13:22Bye bye Ahmadinejad!
/file 0372/tc 00:37:17:13 00:37:23:05Look at this newspaper...Mousavi is a liar!
/file 0373/tc 00:37:23:09 00:37:27:14We can document this.
/file 0374/tc 00:37:40:02 00:37:48:18Look! Our flag is up.Whatever happens, we'll win.
/file 0375/tc 00:37:48:22 00:37:55:00God! Let Mousavi be our president.Follow me.
/file 0376/tc 00:37:55:10 00:38:00:00I can't sleep becauseI'm in love with Mousavi
/file 0377/tc 00:38:07:17 00:38:12:06Just Mousavi!

/file 0378/tc 00:38:16:14 00:38:21:09That spring not only the trees,but also the people, became green.
/file 0379/tc 00:38:21:13 00:38:24:06Green and green and green.
/file 0380/tc 00:38:24:20 00:38:30:04The green was not just a big "No"to Ahmadinejad...
/file 0381/tc 00:38:30:16 00:38:33:19But also to his Godfather.
/file 0382/tc 00:38:36:10 00:38:37:24Ali Khamenei.
/file 0383/tc 00:38:38:21 00:38:44:16The Supreme Leader andthe most powerful man in Iran.
/file 0384/tc 00:38:44:20 00:38:50:11The leader of the military forcesand the boss of -
/file 0385/tc 00:38:50:15 00:38:55:15paramilitary and security mafiawho used our oil money -
/file 0386/tc 00:38:55:19 00:38:58:16to his own agenda.
/file 0387/tc 00:39:01:18 00:39:05:08Khamenei became afraid of -
/file 0388/tc 00:39:05:24 00:39:15:21the growing popularityof the green campaign.
/file 0389/tc 00:39:19:15 00:39:23:15This fear was inauspicious for us -
/file 0390/tc 00:39:23:19 00:39:36:09and secret rumors began tocirculate about election fraud.
/file 0391/tc 00:39:36:18 00:39:42:14As a journalist I knew thatMousavi could win -
/file 0392/tc 00:39:42:20 00:39:49:23but I couldn't imaginea press conference -
/file 0393/tc 00:39:50:08 00:39:59:08where the Interior Ministerwould proclaim the victory of Moussavi.
/file 0394/tc 00:39:59:23 00:40:03:18It was impossible for me.
/file 0395/tc 00:40:03:22 00:40:09:04Why?Because the regime would never allow -
/file 0396/tc 00:40:09:08 00:40:14:18the people to elect Moussavi,I couldn't imagine that.
/file 0397/tc 00:40:21:01 00:40:28:05If the regime doesn't pull any fraud!Moussavi will win!
/file 0398/tc 00:40:28:10 00:40:35:14If the regime doesn't commit any fraud!Moussavi will win!
/file 0399/tc 00:40:35:22 00:40:43:07If there is fraud?Iran will explode!
/file 0400/tc 00:40:43:11 00:40:50:19If there is fraud...Iran will explode!
418. 00:41:20:11   00:41:22:Iran 12 June, 2009
/file 0401/tc 00:41:22:01 00:41:26:05On the 12th of June in 2009 -
/file 0402/tc 00:41:26:08 00:41:31:15the Iranian people were ready to vote.
/file 0403/tc 00:41:31:22 00:41:37:22Even if one by one,the rumours came to pass.
/file 0404/tc 00:41:38:05 00:41:43:22We as journalists knew,that millions of ballots had -
/file 0405/tc 00:41:43:25 00:41:50:04been produced more thanthere were voters and -
/file 0406/tc 00:41:51:03 00:41:55:22the SMS system was closed down.
/file 0407/tc 00:41:55:25 00:42:01:10But nevertheless we werevery expectant as voters.

/file 0408/tc 00:42:02:08 00:42:07:13The government has closed downthe SMS system and this is illegal.
/file 0409/tc 00:42:07:23 00:42:12:19This isn`t an emergency situation.
/file 0410/tc 00:42:12:23 00:42:17:02On this nice day the peopleare going out to vote.

/file 0411/tc 00:42:17:05 00:42:21:01We must not be afraid ofthe free flow of information.
/file 0412/tc 00:42:22:08 00:42:29:04Even if we journalists knewthat some of the polling-stations -
/file 0413/tc 00:42:29:12 00:42:34:03were closed too early -
/file 0414/tc 00:42:34:16 00:42:43:15we and millions ofMousavi supporters hoped that -
/file 0415/tc 00:42:44:15 00:42:52:05Khamenei as Supreme Leaderwould accept the result.
/file 0416/tc 00:42:57:20 00:43:05:23Why can't we vote?Why are the doors closed?
/file 0417/tc 00:43:08:17 00:43:16:15We are furious.Is it illegal to vote?
/file 0418/tc 00:43:17:05 00:43:23:15They have calledthe security police to beat us.
/file 0419/tc 00:43:23:18 00:43:30:06Look!They are coming to beat us.
/file 0420/tc 00:43:32:09 00:43:37:07The news we receivedfrom all over Iran -
/file 0421/tc 00:43:37:11 00:43:41:23indicated thatMousavi had the majority.
/file 0422/tc 00:43:44:23 00:43:50:14I got information from manytrustworthy sources -
/file 0423/tc 00:43:50:24 00:43:56:18 from different cities with optimistic opinions -
/file 0424/tc 00:43:57:01 00:44:01:14about the victory of Mousavi.
/file 0425/tc 00:44:01:17 00:44:07:06An important person fromMousavi's campaign called me -
/file 0426/tc 00:44:08:15 00:44:14:14and said: "Mousavi has won".
/file 0427/tc 00:44:14:17 00:44:20:06Being sure of Ahmadinejad's defeat,I was very proud and happy -
/file 0428/tc 00:44:20:09 00:44:25:14and I believed we weregoing to celebrate the next day.
/file 0429/tc 00:44:25:17 00:44:31:06The pre-election moodwould continue.
/file 0430/tc 00:44:31:09 00:44:38:034 or 5 hours before the polls closed,strange things began to happen.
/file 0431/tc 00:44:38:06 00:44:45:07Suddenly the streets of Tehranwere full of a new kind of police.
/file 0432/tc 00:44:49:17 00:44:55:05My friends informed me thatall city squares and intersections -
/file 0433/tc 00:44:55:08 00:44:58:12were occupied by riot police.
/file 0434/tc 00:44:58:15 00:45:06:06The fact that The Interior Ministry  was surrounded by the riot police -
/file 0435/tc 00:45:06:11 00:45:15:21meant that this was a premeditated action in progress.
/file 0436/tc 00:45:15:24 00:45:21:15We had no possibility of controllingthe process of counting the ballots  -
/file 0437/tc 00:45:21:18 00:45:27:00and the handling of the ballot-boxes.
/file 0438/tc 00:45:27:03 00:45:32:04I saw that the representatives ofMousavi didn't get access to -
/file 0439/tc 00:45:32:07 00:45:35:22the Interior Minister or his assistents.
/file 0440/tc 00:45:36:00 00:45:41:02We heard that Mousavi hadasked Khmanei to stop -
/file 0441/tc 00:45:41:05 00:45:45:21his military forces (Bassij and Sepah)interfering in the election.
/file 0442/tc 00:45:45:24 00:45:50:19Only Ahmadinajad's representativeswere allowed -
/file 0443/tc 00:45:50:22 00:45:56:12to control the counting of ballotsand the other candidates were -
/file 0444/tc 00:45:56:15 00:46:01:16prevented from receivingany relevant information.
/file 0445/tc 00:46:06:02 00:46:11:05The attacks against Mousavicampaigners and the arrests of -
/file 0446/tc 00:46:11:08 00:46:16:10several Mousavi supporters anda few demonstrators -
/file 0447/tc 00:46:16:19 00:46:21:20indicated thatstrange things were brewing.
/file 0448/tc 00:46:31:08 00:46:38:02Congratulations Mr. Mousavi.
/file 0449/tc 00:46:40:18 00:46:47:08Everywhere our representativesinform us that -
/file 0450/tc 00:46:47:16 00:46:54:24I am the definite winner.
/file 0451/tc 00:46:57:14 00:47:03:13I am chosen by the people.
/file 0452/tc 00:47:03:24 00:47:15:07The detailed results will bepublished tomorrow.
/file 0453/tc 00:47:31:20 00:47:38:05Tell people what you have seen!Farewell.
/file 0454/tc 00:47:57:11 00:48:05:08What do you think?Nothing!
/file 0455/tc 00:48:06:23 00:48:09:05I woke up at 2 am.
/file 0456/tc 00:48:09:11 00:48:14:02Everything was dark.Just the damn TV was on.
/file 0457/tc 00:48:14:17 00:48:20:20My family was watching TV.
/file 0458/tc 00:48:20:23 00:48:27:13I asked: "What's happening?"They said: "Ahmadinejad is leading!".
/file 0459/tc 00:48:30:02 00:48:36:15Already at 7 pm on that dayI told the media: "This is a coup".
/file 0460/tc 00:48:36:18 00:48:41:15At 12 or 1 a.m. they sentall international journalists out of -
/file 0461/tc 00:48:41:18 00:48:45:15the Ministry and asked usto return tomorrow.
/file 0462/tc 00:48:48:00 00:48:54:18Suddenly my important sourcein the Mousavi campaign called  -
/file 0463/tc 00:48:54:21 00:49:00:22and said: "This is a coup".
/file 0464/tc 00:49:03:10 00:49:08:13When I saw the first announcementof the results I knew it was a coup.
/file 0465/tc 00:49:10:17 00:49:15:18The counting of the ballots arefinished and -
/file 0466/tc 00:49:15:24 00:49:23:01Ahmadinejad is our president againwith 24,5 millions of votes.
/file 0467/tc 00:49:23:15 00:49:29:21It was a terrible night.
/file 0468/tc 00:49:33:07 00:49:37:19What did I say?Nothing!
/file 0469/tc 00:49:44:01 00:49:46:03Excuse me!
/file 0470/tc 00:50:01:21 00:50:07:22God is the greatest!
/file 0471/tc 00:50:10:07 00:50:15:21Tomorrow we hold a funeral forMousavi's fans with my condolences.
00:50:29:24   00:50:33:14 ZahraAhmad's daughter
/file 0472/tc 00:50:33:24 00:50:39:20That night I awaited my father,but he didn't come home.
/file 0473/tc 00:50:40:06 00:50:44:11That morning I saw him cry.
/file 0473/tc 00:50:40:06 00:50:44:11That morning I saw him cry.
/file 0474/tc 00:51:10:22 00:51:13:22Not only I,but hundreds of journalists -
/file 0475/tc 00:51:13:25 00:51:18:04and millions of other Iranianswere crying clandestinely.
/file 0476/tc 00:51:18:08 00:51:21:06Because our hope was crushed.
/file 0477/tc 00:51:21:10 00:51:23:19Because a disaster was brewing.
/file 0478/tc 00:51:24:16 00:51:27:18We cried with rage from weakness.
/file 0479/tc 00:51:28:09 00:51:31:12A rage which manifested itself -
/file 0480/tc 00:51:31:20 00:51:38:20in the streets everywhereafter the election.
00:51:39:24   00:51:47:Silent demostration15 June 2009Tehran
/file 0481/tc 00:53:46:08 00:53:50:08Down with the dictator!
/file 0482/tc 00:53:50:14 00:53:54:14Down with the dictator!
/file 0483/tc 00:54:00:04 00:54:05:04After Khamenei's interferencein the election -
/file 0484/tc 00:54:05:07 00:54:10:22and the brutal reaction of his forcesagainst the protesting millions -
/file 0485/tc 00:54:10:25 00:54:16:03the holy mask of the regime fell off,and the truth manifested itself -
/file 0486/tc 00:54:16:07 00:54:21:16behind the unctuous sermons.
/file 0487/tc 00:54:41:14 00:54:47:24After the election the regimebegan an intensive censorship -
/file 0488/tc 00:54:48:04 00:54:52:03of all newspapers.
/file 0489/tc 00:54:52:10 00:54:58:02Even in the printing process,they controlled every word.
/file 0490/tc 00:54:58:07 00:55:02:02But as a silent protestagainst this -
/file 0491/tc 00:55:02:15 00:55:09:10I never used the word "president"in connection with Ahmadinejad.
/file 0492/tc 00:55:09:16 00:55:17:10It was like a hidden struggle for me.What about you?
/file 0493/tc 00:55:17:16 00:55:20:17Exactly!All journalists did like you.
/file 0494/tc 00:55:20:22 00:55:26:00I even avoided the name"Ahmadinejad" in my articles.
/file 0495/tc 00:55:26:04 00:55:30:00After the coup,I decided to break my silence and -
/file 0496/tc 00:55:30:03 00:55:38:04the chains of self-ensorshipwhich bound and frustrated me -
/file 0497/tc 00:55:38:07 00:55:42:17even more thanthe regime's censorship.
/file 0498/tc 00:55:42:21 00:55:48:03As a real journalistI couldn't close my eyes -
/file 0499/tc 00:55:48:06 00:55:53:14and be silent faced withsuch corruption and hypocrisy. 
/file 0500/tc 00:55:53:17 00:55:59:05I tried to do my job byemail, Facebook, blogging -
/file 0501/tc 00:55:59:09 00:56:02:19and even talking with ordinary people.
/file 0502/tc 00:56:02:22 00:56:08:04If the journalists didn't live upto their responsibilities -
/file 0503/tc 00:56:08:08 00:56:12:14- the world wouldn't know the truth!
/file 0504/tc 00:56:15:05 00:56:18:00After the election -
/file 0505/tc 00:56:18:03 00:56:23:05the repression of journalists wasunprecedented  in the history of Iran.
/file 0506/tc 00:56:23:09 00:56:30:08Already on the election evening,they started to arrest journalists.
/file 0507/tc 00:56:30:11 00:56:35:23After a week, 40 were in jail.
/file 0508/tc 00:56:38:05 00:56:45:03The arbitrary arrests, the killingsand the disappearances -
00:56:39:09   00:56:48:24Reza MoiniReportersWithout borders
/file 0509/tc 00:56:45:10 00:56:49:13we can't forget.
/file 0510/tc 00:56:49:18 00:56:55:02For example Alireza Eftekhari was killedfor no known reason.
/file 0511/tc 00:56:55:20 00:57:03:03Shit! Shit!He's dead!

/file 0512/tc 00:57:08:10 00:57:14:18Iranian journalism facedone of it's most sad periods.
/file 0513/tc 00:57:14:24 00:57:17:17A time of oppression and silence.
/file 0514/tc 00:57:17:20 00:57:22:13To remain a journalistwasn't easy.
/file 0515/tc 00:57:23:16 00:57:30:18Dedicated journalists were fired, jailed and tortured.
/file 0516/tc 00:57:31:01 00:57:37:15We were imprisoned for supportingMousavi and the green movement.
/file 0517/tc 00:57:38:05 00:57:45:10We were imprisoned for exposingthe fraud and the lies.
/file 0518/tc 00:57:46:00 00:57:54:12We refused to be silencedby censorship.
/file 0519/tc 00:57:54:22 00:57:57:18We refused to be silent -
/file 0520/tc 00:57:58:21 00:58:03:09about the brutalityagainst demonstrators.
/file 0521/tc 00:58:04:03 00:58:10:08We were imprisoned for writingand blogging about -
/file 0522/tc 00:58:10:11 00:58:16:06the harsh treatment bythe regime's forces -
/file 0523/tc 00:58:16:09 00:58:18:20of the demonstrators.

/file 0524/tc 00:58:27:16 00:58:32:22They came to arrest me,but I wasn't at home.
/file 0525/tc 00:58:33:03 00:58:36:04So they took my brother.
/file 0526/tc 00:58:36:08 00:58:39:08What could I do?
/file 0527/tc 00:58:39:12 00:58:45:10In order to save my brother,I surrendered.
/file 0528/tc 00:58:45:13 00:58:50:12The day after the election,my father had to hide -
/file 0529/tc 00:58:50:15 00:58:53:10and I had no contact with him.
/file 0530/tc 00:58:53:13 00:58:59:03I had to hide becausethey wanted to arrest me.
/file 0531/tc 00:58:59:07 00:59:05:16So I couldn't continue withmy work in the association.
/file 0532/tc 00:59:05:19 00:59:09:23I was in jail almost 500 days.
/file 0533/tc 00:59:10:07 00:59:17:08And for 328 days I was insolitary confinement and tortured.
/file 0534/tc 00:59:21:04 00:59:27:01Who are you?Help! Help!
/file 0535/tc 00:59:27:20 00:59:35:11In the prison they wanted to rape me,but I fought against them.
/file 0536/tc 00:59:38:13 00:59:41:02I tried to beat them -
/file 0537/tc 00:59:42:19 00:59:45:07and bite themand pull their hair.
/file 0538/tc 00:59:45:10 00:59:47:02Were they men or women?
/file 0539/tc 00:59:47:06 00:59:53:12There were all Men.I wasn't strong enough.
/file 0540/tc 00:59:54:21 00:59:59:22Suddenly one of them hit my neckfrom behind with a chair.
/file 0541/tc 01:00:00:01 01:00:04:24I fell down and in the jailmy neck became swollen.
/file 0542/tc 01:00:05:02 01:00:10:12After the jail the doctors told memy cervical vertebrae was dislocated.
/file 0543/tc 01:00:10:15 01:00:13:104 or 5 men hit me.
/file 0544/tc 01:00:13:13 01:00:18:24My neck was hurt,and I have had 2 operations.
/file 0545/tc 01:00:19:03 01:00:28:17They executed my cellmateand I couldn't do anything.
/file 0546/tc 01:00:28:20 01:00:33:13We could only cry.
/file 0547/tc 01:00:41:19 01:00:46:05Like every day,I was with my mother at her job -
/file 0548/tc 01:00:46:08 01:00:49:04and taught Englishby one of her colleagues.
/file 0549/tc 01:00:49:07 01:00:52:09Suddenly somebody kicked in the door.
/file 0550/tc 01:00:53:19 01:01:02:19They arrested my motherand three of her colleagues.
/file 0551/tc 01:01:07:05 01:01:12:05When I remembered my daughter's eyes, I began to cry.
/file 0552/tc 01:01:12:08 01:01:18:00In my cell, I was crying all thefirst week for her eyes.
/file 0553/tc 01:01:18:03 01:01:23:02I thought, who are they?What do they want from my mother?
/file 0554/tc 01:01:23:05 01:01:26:05My colleagues told them that -
/file 0555/tc 01:01:26:08 01:01:31:22there wasn't anybody totake care of my daughter.
/file 0556/tc 01:01:32:20 01:01:37:04My mother said: Wait! What shall I do with my child?
/file 0557/tc 01:01:37:07 01:01:39:12They said thatit wasn't important:
/file 0558/tc 01:01:39:15 01:01:44:19"Call somebody to fetch her".
/file 0559/tc 01:01:44:22 01:01:49:12After some days my daughterbecame my sole memory.
/file 0560/tc 01:01:50:17 01:01:53:06When I thought that -
/file 0561/tc 01:01:53:09 01:01:58:08I perhaps could remain herefor years -
/file 0562/tc 01:01:58:22 01:02:03:20this impressed me likea terrible torture.
/file 0563/tc 01:02:04:03 01:02:08:19The first day in solitaryconfinement was a torture.
/file 0564/tc 01:02:09:22 01:02:11:01I thought only about my son.
/file 0565/tc 01:02:14:06 01:02:20:21I had chains on my hands and anklesuntil the interrogation.
/file 0566/tc 01:02:20:24 01:02:27:06Sometimes I was kept standing for5 or 6 hours and they beat me.
/file 0567/tc 01:02:27:10 01:02:33:03Once I was not allowed to sit for 2 days.
/file 0568/tc 01:02:36:15 01:02:39:22They forced my head down in a toilet bowl -
/file 0569/tc 01:02:40:00 01:02:45:04while raping me witha unopened cola bottle.
/file 0570/tc 01:02:45:07 01:02:50:15Once they told me that I was freeand I should gather my belongings.
/file 0571/tc 01:02:50:18 01:02:53:00I put on my clothes and felt happy -
/file 0572/tc 01:02:53:03 01:02:58:14They told me:"We can give you a ride to the city".
/file 0573/tc 01:02:58:17 01:03:03:15I asked: "Are you sure that I'm free?",and they assured me about that.
/file 0574/tc 01:03:03:19 01:03:09:16Suddenly somebody called and they said: 
/file 0575/tc 01:03:09:19 01:03:13:05"Sorry we were wrong,you have to return".
/file 0576/tc 01:03:13:08 01:03:15:02First they beat us.
/file 0577/tc 01:03:15:05 01:03:20:16And then we had toadmit our guilt.
/file 0578/tc 01:03:20:19 01:03:23:14One night after the election -
/file 0579/tc 01:03:23:17 01:03:31:22the security forces  closedand sealed the Press Association.
/file 0580/tc 01:03:32:00 01:03:42:06Even today, it's still closedalthough we tried to reopen it.
/file 0581/tc 01:03:42:09 01:03:47:15I used to not be afraid to cry,but jail has taught me not to.
/file 0582/tc 01:03:47:18 01:03:53:13Suddenly I saw on BBC Newsthat my mother was in jail.
/file 0583/tc 01:03:53:16 01:03:59:06So I became very upset.
/file 0584/tc 01:04:26:06 01:04:29:21They took everything from us.
/file 0585/tc 01:04:40:22 01:04:45:07I don't cry becauseof the jail and torture -
/file 0586/tc 01:04:47:21 01:04:51:09I cry for my country and home.
/file 0587/tc 01:04:58:07 01:05:03:202 days laterI moved to another city...
/file 0588/tc 01:05:03:23 01:05:05:24Please stop.
/file 0589/tc 01:05:43:10 01:05:46:10Because of this I got ill -
/file 0590/tc 01:05:47:00 01:05:55:24and I hugged the pictureof my mother and cried.

FarnazFarzane's daughterTehran27 December 2009

/file 0591/tc 01:06:21:16 01:06:23:10Don't throw stones!
/file 0592/tc 01:06:24:09 01:06:26:24They're going to shoot!
/file 0593/tc 01:06:42:00 01:06:43:10Doctor!

/file 0594/tc 01:06:45:22 01:06:49:10On the twenty seventh of december 2009...
/file 0595/tc 01:06:50:08 01:06:52:12Before my shocked eyes....
/file 0596/tc 01:06:52:16 01:06:55:00An innocent man was killed.
/file 0597/tc 01:06:56:17 01:07:02:11I lacked the courageto write about him.
/file 0598/tc 01:07:04:04 01:07:09:11That bloody sunday -
/file 0599/tc 01:07:09:13 01:07:14:09I was still the editor of the social desk at Mehr news agency. 
/file 0600/tc 01:07:14:12 01:07:17:04The events on that day,took place near my work.
/file 0601/tc 01:07:18:23 01:07:24:06However, neither I, nor my colleagueshad the courage to write and publish -
/file 0602/tc 01:07:24:09 01:07:29:09even one single story,about what happened on that day.
/file 0603/tc 01:07:31:21 01:07:34:1441 days after that gloomy sunday -
/file 0604/tc 01:07:34:17 01:07:39:17I was arrested for the last timeand they sent me to Evin prison.
/file 0605/tc 01:07:49:13 01:07:54:07My father came homefrom prison totally changed.
/file 0606/tc 01:07:54:12 01:07:56:08He wasn't like before.
/file 0607/tc 01:07:58:15 01:08:01:24His eyes didn't have any light.
/file 0608/tc 01:08:02:00 01:08:07:19Like an empty doll.
/file 0609/tc 01:08:11:10 01:08:16:11I remembered that one of thosewho arrested my father -
/file 0610/tc 01:08:16:14 01:08:19:10When leaving with him -
/file 0611/tc 01:08:19:13 01:08:24:04said to my mother:"Forgive me! I hate my work -
/file 0612/tc 01:08:24:07 01:08:28:02but I have familyand I need the money".
/file 0613/tc 01:08:28:05 01:08:33:01They told me:"We want to film your confession!".
/file 0614/tc 01:08:33:04 01:08:35:15I accepted but -
/file 0615/tc 01:08:36:00 01:08:41:12I didn't know thatthey wanted to torture me -
/file 0616/tc 01:08:41:16 01:08:44:20in a hidden place in Evin prison.
/file 0617/tc 01:08:44:23 01:08:48:06And they tortured me really hard.
/file 0618/tc 01:08:48:09 01:08:53:01In the isolation cell I went onwith the struggle and also -
/file 0619/tc 01:08:53:04 01:08:56:08with giving positive energy to other prisoners.
/file 0620/tc 01:08:56:15 01:09:01:12Do you remember a personwho whistled in block 240?
/file 0621/tc 01:09:01:16 01:09:02:23Yes.
/file 0622/tc 01:09:03:01 01:09:05:11I remember somebodywas whistling -
/file 0623/tc 01:09:05:24 01:09:09:23and an another was coughinglike an orchestra!
/file 0624/tc 01:09:10:01 01:09:14:17It was me who was whistling.
/file 0625/tc 01:09:15:13 01:09:20:05Do you remember a person singing?
/file 0626/tc 01:09:20:09 01:09:22:24Yes.
/file 0627/tc 01:09:23:17 01:09:25:20It was me!
/file 0628/tc 01:09:26:05 01:09:32:00When I was blindfolded in the jailI heard a voice saying:
/file 0629/tc 01:09:32:03 01:09:39:01"Hi, Mr. Ahmad.I heard that you were fired!"
/file 0630/tc 01:09:39:04 01:09:44:15I thought what a poor man.
/file 0631/tc 01:09:44:20 01:09:52:11They arrested almost 150 journalistsand 40 of them are still in jail.
/file 0632/tc 01:09:52:14 01:09:57:00More than 150 journalists fled from Iran.
/file 0633/tc 01:09:57:03 01:10:06:02A lot of journalists stoppedor changed their work.
/file 0634/tc 01:10:06:05 01:10:11:15Today, with 56 journalistsand bloggers in jail -
/file 0635/tc 01:10:11:18 01:10:17:13Iran is the second biggestjournalists' prison in the world.
 01:10:21:02   01:10:25:10Amir Hossein FotoohiHuman rights activistand Ahmad's cellmate
/file 0636/tc 01:10:27:14 01:10:29:23I remember that -
/file 0637/tc 01:10:30:01 01:10:35:00the guard knocked on the doorand said we have a new one.
/file 0638/tc 01:10:35:03 01:10:39:22He is a journalist and a nice boy.I remember they beat you.
/file 0639/tc 01:10:40:00 01:10:44:17When ever I was torturedand I came back to the cell -
/file 0640/tc 01:10:44:20 01:10:48:19your huge fat armswhere there to hold me.
/file 0641/tc 01:10:48:22 01:10:53:12Then I was crying in your arms.I know it sounds a bit sloppy!
/file 0642/tc 01:10:53:15 01:10:57:15Don't say such things.People might think -
/file 0643/tc 01:10:57:18 01:11:02:09prison is such a terrible placethat they won't protest anymore.
/file 0644/tc 01:11:02:12 01:11:07:07Every one thinks that in prison,the guards take down your pants!
/file 0645/tc 01:11:07:10 01:11:10:22It's not like that.It isn't as bad as you think.
/file 0646/tc 01:11:11:00 01:11:14:23Every one thinks that whenthey go to prison, they'll be raped.
/file 0647/tc 01:11:15:01 01:11:18:13While you were insolitary confinement -
/file 0648/tc 01:11:18:15 01:11:23:08you talked with an apple as if she was your wife?

/file 0649/tc 01:11:23:11 01:11:26:06No it was my daughter!Yes. And with an orange as your wife.
/file 0650/tc 01:11:30:06 01:11:37:23I was released 3 or 4 daysago from the jail.
/file 0651/tc 01:11:38:01 01:11:41:06They made her crazy -
/file 0652/tc 01:11:42:07 01:11:48:10and I talk with you from Golestan,a city in the north east of Iran.
/file 0653/tc 01:11:48:14 01:11:51:23Madam the time is up!Back to the cell!
/file 0654/tc 01:11:54:09 01:12:00:07I hope they and their familieswill be cursed -
/file 0655/tc 01:12:00:10 01:12:05:00and the director of the prison too.
/file 0656/tc 01:12:05:06 01:12:08:04After jail,my father became -
/file 0657/tc 01:12:08:08 01:12:13:12very anxious every timesomebody called.
/file 0658/tc 01:12:13:18 01:12:18:12Most of the journalists were so afraidwhen somebody called -
/file 0659/tc 01:12:18:16 01:12:23:23that they didn't openthe door after 10 pm.
/file 0660/tc 01:12:24:02 01:12:26:14Every night I checked the locks twice -
/file 0661/tc 01:12:26:17 01:12:31:12even if I was sure thatI had locked them.
/file 0662/tc 01:12:31:15 01:12:34:09My father was afraid of everything -
/file 0663/tc 01:12:34:13 01:12:39:20and suspected thateverybody was an agent.
01:12:42:02   01:12:45:05Sadeq SabaHead ofB.B.C Persian
/file 0664/tc 01:12:45:21 01:12:48:15After the election in 2009 -
/file 0665/tc 01:12:48:18 01:12:54:12they started to write disgustinglies against my colleagues -
/file 0666/tc 01:12:54:15 01:12:56:23who work in BBC Persian.
/file 0667/tc 01:12:57:01 01:13:03:11These stories weremalicious and shameful.
/file 0668/tc 01:13:03:13 01:13:06:09But about 2 years ago  -
/file 0669/tc 01:13:06:12 01:13:11:19intelligence agents arrestedthe sister of one of my colleagues -
/file 0670/tc 01:13:11:21 01:13:17:01in Tehran, and forced her to  phone her sister in London -
/file 0671/tc 01:13:17:04 01:13:22:01and then they interrogatedmy colleague over the internet.
/file 0672/tc 01:13:22:04 01:13:24:18That was unprecedented in the history!
/file 0673/tc 01:13:24:22 01:13:26:18That was the first -
/file 0674/tc 01:13:26:21 01:13:32:03internet interrogationbetween Iran and another country!
/file 0675/tc 01:13:32:07 01:13:37:07They interrogatedmy father every week -
/file 0676/tc 01:13:37:10 01:13:40:01and asked about his activities.
/file 0677/tc 01:13:40:04 01:13:47:01Until he returned, my mother and Ifelt like we were dead.
/file 0678/tc 01:13:47:04 01:13:50:12In some cases -
/file 0679/tc 01:13:50:15 01:13:55:24they have threatenedthe families of my colleagues -
/file 0680/tc 01:13:56:03 01:14:01:03and said: "It's very easy for us -
/file 0681/tc 01:14:01:06 01:14:04:11to find your child in Londonand kill him or her!".
/file 0682/tc 01:14:04:14 01:14:09:13After the jail, my fathertried to make a film about caviar -
/file 0683/tc 01:14:09:16 01:14:14:10but they kept harassing him.Once they stole -
/file 0684/tc 01:14:14:13 01:14:19:08his camera equipment.Once they beat him -
/file 0685/tc 01:14:19:11 01:14:24:04and stole his money.Once they broke his finger -
/file 0686/tc 01:14:24:07 01:14:29:05in his car door and said:"You can't make film in Iran -
/file 0687/tc 01:14:29:08 01:14:34:00- you should be happythat we don't kill you".
/file 0688/tc 01:14:34:03 01:14:40:13Once they took my father,my sisters, my brothers -
/file 0689/tc 01:14:40:16 01:14:46:09and one of my nephewsto the intelligence forces -
/file 0690/tc 01:14:46:12 01:14:51:20and told them that I'm working as an agent -
/file 0691/tc 01:14:51:23 01:14:54:04in an intelligence organization.
/file 0692/tc 01:14:54:07 01:14:59:13They threatened my family, not to contact me any more.
/file 0693/tc 01:14:59:16 01:15:05:16Just imagine, how difficult thatwas for my 90 year old father!
/file 0694/tc 01:15:06:16 01:15:11:23After jail, life was hellfor me and my colleagues -
/file 0695/tc 01:15:12:01 01:15:16:20and we lived in the shadow ofconstant harassments and threats.
/file 0696/tc 01:15:16:23 01:15:22:04It was a silent torturefor us and our families.
/file 0697/tc 01:15:28:24 01:15:31:08But the most painful was -
/file 0698/tc 01:15:31:11 01:15:36:19that some of our friends wereafraid to contact us.

/file 0699/tc 01:15:39:06 01:15:42:18Hi Sajad!What is this?
/file 0700/tc 01:15:42:21 01:15:44:13A camera.Turn it off!
/file 0701/tc 01:15:44:16 01:15:46:15Where are you going?Turn it off please!
/file 0702/tc 01:15:46:18 01:15:49:00Where are you going?What happened?
/file 0703/tc 01:15:50:04 01:15:53:06I'm afraid they are after me!Who?
/file 0704/tc 01:15:54:24 01:15:56:16Stop filming!
/file 0705/tc 01:15:56:20 01:15:59:15There was a song saying:
/file 0706/tc 01:15:59:18 01:16:06:10"I'm a guest like you in this land and we can't stay".
/file 0707/tc 01:16:13:07 01:16:15:09My phone rang -
/file 0708/tc 01:16:15:12 01:16:17:24I can't tell you who -
/file 0709/tc 01:16:18:09 01:16:23:09but one of my family said:"They are at our home again".
/file 0710/tc 01:16:23:17 01:16:28:08I looked one second at my pastand my future -
/file 0711/tc 01:16:28:11 01:16:39:16and suddenly I decided to leave.
/file 0712/tc 01:16:39:19 01:16:43:22The last time I hugged my father -
/file 0713/tc 01:16:44:00 01:16:50:15I knew I was going to emigratebut he didn't know this.
/file 0714/tc 01:16:52:13 01:16:58:01Even though my wife was pregnant,I decided to emigrate.
/file 0715/tc 01:17:00:12 01:17:06:02It was so hard toleave my wife, but I did it.
/file 0716/tc 01:17:14:00 01:17:17:21Suddenly the phone rang -
/file 0717/tc 01:17:18:00 01:17:21:01and I looked at my mother's face -
/file 0718/tc 01:17:21:04 01:17:23:17it turned quite white -
/file 0719/tc 01:17:24:01 01:17:31:09she said that dad had to returnto jail the next day at 9 am.
/file 0720/tc 01:17:29:12 01:17:31:19This land is not our home anymore -
/file 0721/tc 01:17:31:22 01:17:34:15and we are like strangers -
/file 0722/tc 01:17:44:00 01:17:53:21but some people believe Iran is ours, and they should give it back.
/file 0723/tc 01:17:53:24 01:17:57:09I knew I wouldn't see him again -
/file 0724/tc 01:17:57:12 01:18:03:24I wished his smell couldlinger with me longer -
/file 0725/tc 01:18:04:04 01:18:10:14I tried to keep his smellwith all my heart -
/file 0726/tc 01:18:10:17 01:18:16:10it was the only physical memoryof my father.
/file 0727/tc 01:18:16:13 01:18:20:01I really miss him.
/file 0728/tc 01:18:20:04 01:18:23:04My heart aches to hug him again...
/file 0729/tc 01:18:27:00 01:18:30:03I miss his arms.
/file 0730/tc 01:18:40:04 01:18:46:08After the guests had left,my birthday ceremony became a funeral.
/file 0731/tc 01:18:46:11 01:18:52:01My father told my mother:"Stay if you want, but I want to leave...
/file 0732/tc 01:18:53:03 01:18:55:13I'm a journalist; not a warrior -
/file 0733/tc 01:18:55:17 01:19:00:02I'm a film maker,not a political activist".
/file 0734/tc 01:19:10:21 01:19:14:21The day after my mothersold all of her gold -
/file 0735/tc 01:19:15:00 01:19:20:11- at 2 o'clock we were in a buswith 3 suitcases, going to Turkey.
 01:19:22:18   01:19:24:07 IranAugust, 2010

/file 0736/tc 01:19:38:03 01:19:44:00Journalism in Iran is  a beautiful broken machine.
/file 0737/tc 01:19:51:19 01:19:55:19We shouldn't act as infantrysoldiers for the politicians.
/file 0738/tc 01:19:57:01 01:20:00:23Journalism in Iranmeans that every time you write -
/file 0739/tc 01:20:01:02 01:20:04:12your next words could be -
/file 0740/tc 01:20:04:18 01:20:08:01your confession in the jail.
/file 0741/tc 01:20:12:22 01:20:18:22Journalism in Iranis like journalism in the jail.
/file 0742/tc 01:20:23:09 01:20:29:20Journalism in Iranis like dancing with the wolves.
/file 0743/tc 01:20:33:00 01:20:37:16Journalism in Iranis like a mouse running from a cat.
/file 0744/tc 01:20:40:15 01:20:46:04Journalism in Iranis like walking on a minefield -
/file 0745/tc 01:20:46:07 01:20:48:24with no map.
/file 0746/tc 01:20:49:02 01:20:54:02And you don't know when one of the mines will explode.
/file 0747/tc 01:20:54:05 01:20:57:14We're dancing on the razor's edge.
/file 0748/tc 01:20:57:18 01:21:00:20Exile is cold like here.
/file 0749/tc 01:21:01:13 01:21:04:05If you stand still,you'll freeze!
/file 0750/tc 01:21:04:08 01:21:06:22You should run.
/file 0751/tc 01:21:07:00 01:21:09:07You should write. Produce. - And work...
/file 0752/tc 01:21:09:10 01:21:12:00By doing so,you'll be alive.
/file 0753/tc 01:21:12:03 01:21:15:11If you have hope,you can stay alive -
/file 0754/tc 01:21:15:14 01:21:21:00but without hope you will fall down and freeze to death.
 01:21:48:06   01:21:51:04 Denmark
01:21:53:18   01:22:04:16In 2013 the people of Iranchose Hasan Rouhania moderate president           He promised to givemore freedom of expressionand try to release the political prisoners.
01:22:08:05   01:22:19:05But still as this film is finishingthe bans on the newspapersand websites are going on. 
More journalists are being arrested.
Mousavi and the other leaders ofthe opposition are still in house arrest.
01:22:23:09   01:22:27:21We are journalists
01:21:15:22   01:22:35:22A film by Ahmad Jalali Farahani
/file 0754/tc 01:21:15:14 01:21:21:00but without hope you will fall down and freeze to death.
/file 0755/tc 01:22:40:11 01:22:43:08And we hope that -
/file 0756/tc 01:22:44:04 01:22:53:21the state would stopthe harassment of our families.
/file 0757/tc 01:22:53:24 01:23:02:03But three months after the electionof Rouhani, the new president -
/file 0760/tc 01:23:03:05 01:23:12:14the threats of our familieshas started again in Iran.
01:23:15:14   01:24:38:20The journalist featured in this film 
01:23:12:17   00:23:19:07Saled AfsharEmigrated
01:23:20:09   01:23:23:05Zahra B. ShadEmigrated
01:23:23:05   01:23:25Mitra KhalatbaEmigrated
01:23:25:18   01:23:28:00Badrasodat MofidiImprisonedMohammed Reaza Shahrokhinejad
01:23:29:03   01:23:32:Keyvan KasirianAhmad SaidabadiImprisoned
01:23:32:02   01:23:33:17Shide LalemiSahamedin BorghaniImprisoned
01:23:35:00   01:23:36:17Amir LaaliKambiz NorouziImprisoned
01:23:37:15   01:23:39:12Mansour BitarafKeyvan MehreganImprisoned
01:23:40:09   01:23:42:08Oveis ToufaniMarzieh RasouliImprisoned
01:23:43:03   01:23:46:10Mehdi EbrahimiReza TajikImprisoned and Emigrated
01:23:46:10   01:23:46:02Fatemeh TanhaieAlireza RajaieImprisoned
01:23:49:00   01:23:51:02Narges RezaieMahsa AmbrabadiMasoud BastaniImprisoned
01:23:52:07   01:23:53:21Reza JalaliMohammed Reza YazdanpanahImprisoned and Emigrated
01:23:55:04   01:23:56:21Firouzeh MozafariFarzane RoustaImprisoned and Emigrated
01:23:57:24   01:23:59:15Saied ArkanzadehMorteza KazemiaImprisoned and Emigrated
01:24:09:21   01:24:02:14Reza JalaliEhsan MehrabiImprisoned and Emigrated
01:24:04:01   01:24:05:17Maryam KhorsandSam M. SarabiImprisoned and Emigrated
01:24:06:18   01:24:08:16Behnam Saber NematiSogand AlikhahImprisoned and Emigrated
01:24:09:13   01:24:11:04Omid ToosheMasoud LavasaniImprisoned and Emigrated
01:24:13:15   01:24:14:12Nazafarin Mirza khaliliEbrahim NabaviImprisoned and Emigrated
01:24:15:09   01:24:17:05Saied AghaieHanif MazrouieImprisoned and Emigrated
01:24:18:12   01:24:20:08Hossein NourouziSheida JahanbinEmigrated
01:24:21:05   01:24:22:16Akbar HashemiSerajedin MirdamadiImprisoned
01:24:24:01   01:24:25:18Heidar RezaieMehdi RostampourEmigrated
01:24:26:22   01:24:28:13Masoud EbrahamiNaieme DoustarImprisonedand Emigrated
01:24:29:17   01:24:31:09Mashaaleh ShamsolvaeziReza TalebiImprisoned and Emigrated
01:24:32:10   01:24:34:02Reza MoatarianParvane VahidmaneshEmigrated
01:24:36:06   01:24:38:20Sina GhanbarpoAbdolalizadehFariba PajhohKaveh JalaliMohammedreza KazemianHamid FeyzabadiBahman HedayatiAbdolalizadehAnd others
01:24:38:20   01:24:42:02For security reasons the names of some persons who helped to make this film can not be revealed.
01:24:42:02   01:24:56:16WRITER AND DIRECTORAhmad Jalali FarahaniADVISER AND WRITERFrank Piasecki PoulsenASSISTENT OF DIRECTORUnknownUnknown                                   PRODUCERAnja Dalhoff
01:24:56:16   01:25:11:16EDITAhmad Jalali Farahani
SENIOR CONSULTING FILM EDITORJanus Billeskov Jansen         MUSICPovl Kristian MortensenAbtin Soheili          GRAPHICS, EFFECTS, COLOR GRADINGAhmad Jalali Farahani
01:25:11:16   01:25:22:22CAMERAAhmad Jalali FarahaniUnknownAnja DalhoffMohammed Reza KalalaniAli FatahaniFariborz KhalaatbaHanif MazroieUnknownUnknown
CAMERASahar EbrahimiUnknownZia KhaliliUnknownBahman HedaiatiHeidar RezaieReza H. HosseiniUnknownUnknownUnknown
01:25:22:22   01:25:31:19SOUNDHenrik Gugge GarnovPHOTOSLeila MalekmohammadiUnknownUnknownUnknownFars News AgencyMehr News AgencyAhmad Jalali FarahaniKhameneie. ir 
01:25:31:19   00:25:40:14TRANSLATION AND SUBTITLEPeter KocsisMichelle Mildwater Kirsten SchelbeckAhmad Jalali FarahaniUnknown          TECHNICAL SUPPORTJohs Aarup
00:25:40:14   01:25:49:20SPECIAL THANKSHanif MazrouieAli MazrouieReza MoieniSadegh SabaRoxanna ShahpourFarin FakhariMohammed Reza YazdanpanehKamelia HajghasemMorteza KazemianFarzaneh RoustaZahra Bagheri ShadMehrdad DarvishpourEbrahim NabaviSanam GhiaieMichele MildewaterSerajedin MirdamadiSajad ShahmoradiAmir Hossein Fotoohi
01:25:49:20   01:26:04:18WE HAVE USED EXTRACTS FROM FOLLOWING FILMSSki imotion in Iran (Rasto Hatiar)Iran (Saeid Samini)Tehran , the symphony of a city (Mehdi Asadi)Tehran, as a cityAlberta heritage (Hossein Shamagdari)The Gold collars (Abolghasem Talebi)ARCHIVEBBCPersian          PRODUCTIONDanish Doc ProductionNew Danish Screen         PRODUCED BYDanish Doc Production Aps          SUPPORTED BYDanish FilminstitueNew Danish ScreenBy Jakob Kirstein Høgel          2014 Danish Doc Production Aps
SPECIAL THANKSElham DaneshReza TalebiSam SarabiSogand AlikhahMasou LavasaniFreshte GhaziMahi RahgozarShaparak SalekNama JafariSaied MozafariNeriman YildrimNaiemeh DoustarReza Haji HosseiniMarie SkovgaardAida SaadatParvaneh VahidmaneshMehdi RoustampourMitra Khalatbari 
01:26:07:04   01:26:27:02We are journalists is produced by Danish Doc Produktion ApS with support from New Danish Screen 2014 Danish Doc Production ApS
 01:26:08:02   01:26:27:02TV2 DR DANISH DOC PRODUCTION NEW DANISH SCREEN            




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