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For the past few years it has been one big party for the Mugabe boys.


Inigo Gilmore footage/ Mobile Phone footage Social media 


Like millions of their compatriots, South Africa became their chosen refuge, but for very different reasons.


Robert Mugabe jr, the taller one on the right, here with his brother Bellamine Chitunga

Check out the shoes. 

0:28 Stills from Social media 

For the offspring of Zimbabwe's ousted President and Gucci Grace its been a dizzying life of excess, a constant cascade of expensive champagne, beautiful women - and boundless bling.

0:34 Footage Social Media

With the Mugabe family assets estimated at one biliion, Johannesburg was the closest playground in their international empire. But what now for the Mugabe sons, are their party days - and the good times- finally over?


In the days after Pres Mugabe was ousted his sons dropped off the radar in Johannesburg's big spending party scene. But I managed to catch with some of those in their network. 

This is SERGE - who describe himself as the number one international blesser, if you like a godfather of the party scene, had invited me to see how the rolls; he was soon washing his hands with champagne costing hundreds of pounds 

Just days before their father was outsted serge was with the Mugabe boys when they baptized their obscenely expense ve luxury watches with premium champagne. -- provoking outrage when the scene was posted on istagram

01:51  SOT SERGE Cabonge 

The mugabe boys they feel the enjoy their money and toe wash. they have expensive watch....

Just to prove a point Serge washed his own expensive watch with champagne for the camera.s

The woman pouring the champagne NADIA knows the Boys well...

02:29  SOT Nadia 

Same scene you've seen today.....Everyone wants to be Mugabe boys...

But some of those who've joined the Mugabe boys at play have seen another side.


Gabriella Engels, a model, ended up partying with the boys at a hotel last August. Their mother Grace Mugabe suddenly appeared.

Engels has dramatically changed her appearance since the incident.

PX Gabriella Engels. 

Grace Mugabe never arrived at her court hearing before receiving diplomatic immunity. She denies, any wrongdoing, and painted herself as the victim. For the boys

the parties just rolled on Gabriella was in their circle long enough to witness the wanton extravagance

03:11 PX C4 NEWS SOT Gabriela Engels. 

....people dont like them 


Not far from the clubs where the brothers host their champagne fuelled parties,

the rolls Royces glide by in the upmarket neighborhood Sandhurst,.

Here its the servants who walk the dogs. 

This is the house which Grace Mugabe recently reportedly bought for 2.5 millions pounds.

Security cameras are all around. 


Its one of many properties the family allegedly owns around the world.

This one sits close to the glitzy Sandton shopping malls where the boys have bene known to shop till the drop....and keep on shopping. It's been reported that while Daddy was in charge of Zimbabwe, the son's pocket money 10s of 1000s a month 

Life is considerably gloomier on the other side of Johannesburg. Yeoville is the neighborhood hub for desperate Zimbabweans forced to come to search for work after their economy collapsed under Mugabe's rule.These Zimbabwean vegetable vendors scrape by on just 3 pounds a day. 

We met a woman who came Johannesburg three years ago to work as tailor so she could support her kids.



Perhaps he's right .After all while I was in Johannesburg, reports came through President Robert Mugabe family had

had granted immunity -plus a 7 and half million pounds golden handshake.

So what of the boys and well heeled parties on the other side of town

Was it time for party brothers to start popping again ?

(Inigo Gilmore)Mobile phone footage 

I'd heard rumor they might appear at a swanky nightclub. I came across their friend Nadia; Through a screen I could make out Bellarmine Chitugna surrounded by an adoring entourage.

Bottle after bottle of Champagne arrives - & guests were soon pouring it..... over each other.

The party days over? Not likely it seems..



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