Dateline Breaking Up With Britain TX 14/3/23 Ep 2 VISION AUDIO DATELINE STING OPNR IMAGES JA_DM_DAY_04 – Emancipation park – Tree Street - Murals street walk 00:00:00:00 - 00:08:35:01 – Emancipation Park 00:08:35:01 - 00:15:26:10 – Tree street 00:15:26 - 00:16:02 British flags 01:11:38:10 Darren walks through Murals – Harbour sunset JA_DM_DAY_06 – Great House TONIGHT ON DATELINE, WE’RE IN JAMAICA WHERE COLONIALISM STILL CASTS A LONG SHADOW JA_DM_DAY_06 DARREN (00:01:49): So how many enslaved people would've been on this estate? BOB BETON (02:35): Well this was part of a much larger estate and they had over 2,000 slaves here. Reggae bar GVs VO WITH A NEW KING ON THE BRITISH THRONE COMES A REVIVED REPUBLIC DEBATE JA_DM_DAY_02 OPAL OPAL (01:30:28): You have stolen and benefited and now we want back what we have earned. POND 5 DRONE SHOT HERE VO HAS JAMAICA DECIDED IT’S TIME TO BREAK UP WITH BRITAIN... AND WILL AUSTRALIA BE NEXT? CRAIG FOSTER GRAB that moment when we step out into the world as our true selves, that's going to be one of the most powerful moments in our entire history. TITLE GRAPHIC Breaking Up With Britain Darren Mara, Rhiona-Jade Armont, Simon Phegan, Sissy Reyes ESTABLISH JAMAICA & WHY NOW GVs INT Tony Rebel studio JA_DM_DAY_05 STRAP RADIO DJ, MUSICIAN TONY REBEL (01:11:13): Good morning, Jamaica. Good morning world. TONY REBEL (01:06:24): So the next song I wanted to play for you... TONY REBEL (01:06:39): It's the unofficial national anthem of Jamaica TONY REBEL (01:06:45): Let's have a listen right now. --OPEN ON THE MARKETS-- JA_DM_DAY_05 – Coronation Markets – Emancipation Park – Tree Street 00:00:00:00 - 00:56:59:13 – Coronation Markets – Darren walking in Markets NICE OUTSIDE SHOTS: - BANANAS IN THE BOOT 00:04:43 - MURAL 00:05:51 - BIBLE WATERMELONS 00:06:43 - WOMAN WITH HEADWRAP 00:13:13 - NICE LIGHT BEHIND MAN 00:15:13 - SUN SHINING THROUGH 00:17:30 - MAN WITH TROLLEY AND HEAD WRAP 00:17:45 - SUN OVER SHACK 00:20:47 - SCALES 00:21:30 - NATURAL WIPES 00:25:28 - GREAT INTERSECTION MOVEMENT 00:25:44-00:25:58 EXTRA (INSIDE):  ‘KING STREET’ SIGN 00:39:40 // 00:41:08 Upsot Sweet Jamaica song TONY REBEL SINGING (01:06:53): 09.11 - (END OF SONG) “so what a nice place to live” VO Tony Rebel is a reggae music star, cultural activist and radio talk show host TONY REBEL (01:18:56): My special guest today from way down under is Darren Mara. Welcome to the program. TONY REBEL What are you doing in Jamaica? DARREN (01:19:26): We're here to talk to both sides of this debate about whether Jamaica should become a republic. NEW VO It’s clear what side of the debate Tony is on TONY REBEL (01:05:02): A new king is in England. Wow. Interesting times we are living in. It's a time when we do not feel as if we want to still maintain the relationship with London. We want to break away from the west minister system. We want to become a republic. Who say that? Say yeah. A lot of people hands are up in the air. Yes. Soon and very soon we will become a republic. MONARCHIST JASON GREEN JA_DM_DAY_01 – Cricket ground 01:11:52:07 GVs and cricket match - Darren watching cricket - 00:01:46 –old guys playing dominoes 01:05:00:00 Shot from behind Darren and Jason VO But some Jamaicans aren’t quite ready to relinquish ties the crown JA_DM_DAY_01 – Monarchist and cricket ground 00:00:00:00 - 00:09:11:13 - Cricket Ground 00:09:11:13 - 01:11:52:07 – Monarchist IV – Jason JA_DM_DAY_04 00:57:07:17 - 01:11:38:10 – More Cricket GVs JA_DM_DAY_01 DARREN (13:40): Jason, thanks so much for meeting me here at… What could be more British than a cricket game… JASON GREEN (13:45): Well it is just as West Indian as it is British, let's be honest! DARREN (13:49): Yeah, true, true. Should we have a seat, have a chat. JASON GREEN Sure. Jason and Darren sit down VO INSPIRED BY MONARCHISTS IN OTHER COMMONWEALTH REALMS, JASON GREEN CREATED THE CARRIBEAN MONARCHISTS LEAGUE DARREN (47:49): Now that Queen Elizabeth has passed away and the republic debate is firmly on the agenda here in Jamaica, do you fear Jamaica might lose its ties to the crown? JASON GREEN (34:20): Yes. BUTT TO JASON GREEN (34:28): And there's a reason why. The thing is there is often this perception out there that patriotism means that you have to support a Republican for government. But to me patriotism means supporting whatever is in the best interest of your country. And as a monarchist, I believe that retaining the constitution we have now is in the best interest of Jamaica. DARREN (44:44): What's your best argument for why Jamaica should keep the king? JASON GREEN (58:22): My main thing is the stability of the system that we have now BUTT TO JASON 00:21:50 The republican argument is we get rid of the king, have a president and we’ll move forward and become a developed country – that’s what has been sold to us BUTT TO 01:07:07 JASON the problems that we have in this country are so close to home BUTT TO 01:08:03 Our economy for example DARREN 00:23:35 Is it your belief the Jamaican people have been sold a lie? JASON: Yes it is my belief CRICKET GVs into MARKET GVS JASON AND OTHER MONARCHISTS SAY JAMAICA IS ALREADY A TROUBLED COUNTY AND BREAKING AWAY FROM THE CROWN SIMPLY BRINGS MORE UNCERTAINTY BUT THE GOVERNMENT PLANS TO HOLD A REFERENDUM BEFORE 2025 AND CURRENT POLLS SAY A LITTLE MORE THAN 50% SUPPORT LEAVING THE MONARCHY CONFRONTING THE PAST: JAMAICA’S SLAVE HISTORY Darren enters drone shot FOR THOSE ON THE REPUBLICAN SIDE – It’s the only way to grow beyond the legacies of BRITISH RULE, which they say BROKE JAMAICA JA_DM_DAY_06 – Great House Darren and Bob walking into Great House JA_DM_DAY_06 DARREN (01:35): So this is the Greenwood Great House. BOB BETON (01:38): It is indeed. DARREN How old is this estate? BOB BETON (00:01:40): Started in 1780. Completed about 1800. DARREN (00:01:43): Wow. So quite old. 200 over 200 years old. Yes, BOB BETON (00:01:46): Definitely. DARREN (00:01:47): Should we have a tour of the house? BOB BETON (00:01:49): Definitely. DARREN (00:01:49): Thank you. So how many enslaved people would've been on this estate? BOB BETON (02:35): This was part of a much larger estate and they had over 2,000 slaves here. DARREN (02:41): 2,000! BOB BETON (02:43): On 84,000 acres of land. DARREN (02:45): And was that at one time or over years? BOB BETON (02:48): At one particular time they were the largest plantation owners. Darren and Bob inside the house 00:00:00:00 - 00:02:15:09 – Darren PTC Great House 00:02:15:09 - 00:53:16:08 – Great House tour 00:53:16:08 - 01:17:29:07– BOB IV – Great house owner 01:17:29:07 - 01:40:35:01 – Great house details and Darren PTC to Great house 01:40:09:15 – 01:42:47:13 - Eerie Music box song A BRITISH COLONY SINCE 1655, JAMAICA FILLED THE ROYAL COFFERS WITH PROFITS FROM SUGAR PLANTATIONS FOR CENTURIES ALL...OFF THE BACK OF THE SLAVE TRADE GREENWOOD IS ONE OF JAMAICA’S FEW SURVIVING ESTATE HOUSES MOST WERE BURNED TO THE GROUND DURING THE SLAVE REBELLIONS OF THE 1830s DARREN (04:20): Immediately you can see opulence and grandeur… wealth. BOB BETON (04:26): Oh yes, yes. DARREN (25:57): So the family that owned this house and the estate, how did they make their money? BOB BETON (26:01): From sugar. DARREN Sugar cane. BOB BETON Also from rum and others. The main source was from sugar. Sugar was king. BOB BETON (06:12): This is an exceptionally rare map of Africa from 1626. Even the Atlantic Ocean is called the Ethiopian Ocean here. BOB BETON (25:41): That's a Flemish servant cupboard. The table and chairs are Regency. So is the striped couch. The lamps are American origin. They're known as teardrop lamps. The rug is of Chinese origin. AMONG THE ANTIQUES ARE RELICS OF AN UNCOMFORTABLE PAST THAT BOB SAYS CONTINUE TO HAUNT THE HOUSE BOB BETON (12:17): As the story goes, the servant you see here died two years before the photograph was taken…. DARREN (12:36): You just gave me goosebumps. GREENWOOD LARGELY SERVED AS AN ENTERTAINMENT HOUSE… HOSTING GRAND BALLS BOB BETON (14:12): It took us about eight months to get the piece working, but it was really worth it, as the sound is now perfect. UPSOT POLYPHONE PLAYS BREATHER HERE AS POLYPHONE PLAYS UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENT VO BUT REMINDERS OF SLAVERY STILL LINGER DARREN (08:19): It's incredible to think that all this was inside, all this wealth and value. Whilst outside there were countless people toiling to maintain this wealth. BOB BETON (08:32): It exists to this day and not necessarily in Jamaica. Wherever there is wealth, there's poverty nearby. Usually. One is living off the other. -- DARREN AND BOB SITTING IN ROCKING CHAIRS ON THE PORCH – DARREN (01:05:08): I’m finding it hard to get my head around what might be a degree of cognitive dissonance in the fact that this was a house owned by a white family that enslaved black people. And what that must feel like for you to occupy the space. BOB BETON (01:05:32): The whole world was ruled and enslaved to some degree. Should we burn the world down as revenge? I don't think so. BUTT TO (01:07:46): I'm hoping eventually that Jamaicans will come through a house like this and be proud that it's part of our history. You don't make your history though. You have hardly any say in it. DARREN (56:11): So what are your feelings on the monarchy today? BOB BETON (01:10:09): One needs to be in charge of his own yard, definitely. CURRENT RELATIONSHIP: DEMANDING REPARATIONS GVs Darren driving Greeting Opal at door Interior Opal’s house FOR REPUBLICAN ADVOCATES, BEING IN CHARGE MEANS NOT ONLY TAKING BACK CONTROL, BUT HOLDING THE BRITISH ACCOUNTABLE OPAL (01:29:15): It's not that we are asking for a handout, we're saying you have reaped the benefits for 500 years or more. BUTT TO OPAL We're saying you have stolen and benefited and now we want back what we have earned. We want back what we have earned to benefit our people. GETTY IMAGES HERE BUCKINGHAM PALACE LIB 080922 RTV BRITAIN ROYALS CITYSHOTS_SBS_ID_19228143 - 0:17 – 0:25 ARRIVING LIB 230322 RTV BRITAIN ROYALS JAMAICA ARRIVALS_SBS_ID_17615238  0:05 – 0:20 MILTARY VISION LIB 250322 RTV BRITAIN ROYALS JAMAICA_SBS_ID_17688166 - 0:28-0:45 COLONIAL VIBES PROTESTS LIB 240322 ROYAL JAMAICA LVO_SBS_ID_17584148 - 0:15 – 0:27 - 0:45-0:51 OPAL PALMER ADISA IS A POET AND A LEADING VOICE IN THE REPUBLICAN MOVEMENT SHE TOOK A STAND AGAINST A RECENT ROYAL VISIT.... WITH BUCKINGHAM PALACE SOME 7000 KILOMETRES AWAY ROYAL VISITS HAVE BEEN A WAY FOR THE MONARCHY TO MAINTAIN THEIR CONNECTION ROYALS WILLIAM AND KATE MARKED THE QUEEN’S PLATINUM JUBILEE WITH A VISIT TO JAMAICA IN 2022 Upsot protests BUT FOR MANY, IT JUST REMINDED THEM OF A DARK HISTORY OPAL’S HOUSE JA_DM_DAY_02 – Opal’s house and IV with republicans 00:00:00:00 - 00:03:05:07 – GV’c Kingston from lookout 00:03:05:07 - 00:04:15:21 – Darren in car travelling to Opals 00:04:15:21 - 00:54:45:03 – Greeting Opal and sit down IV with Republicans 00:54:45:03 - 00:59:02:10 – Noddies _ All 00:59:02:10 - 01:03:05:19 – Lunch GVs 01:03:05:19 - 01:51:24:12 – Second IV republican (handheld) 01:51:24:12 - 01:59:27:21– Opal Poem amd house GV’s 01:59:27:21 – end – Rain GV’s Opal portrait JA_DM_DAY_06 01:45:52:20 – End – Darren PTC for OPAL’s house OPAL BANDED TOGETHER WITH OTHER REPUBLICANS LIKE PROFESSOR ROSALEA HAMILTON THEY WROTE A LETTER TO PRINCE WILLIAM DEMANDING AN APOLOGY FROM THE ROYALS FOR CENTURIES OF SLAVERY. ROSALEA (14:27): One part of the letter said: ROSALEA (15:03): We see no reason to celebrate 70 years of the ascension of your grandmother to the British throne because her leadership and that of her predecessors have perpetuated the greatest human rights tragedy in the history of humankind. ROSALEA (15:27): during her reign on the throne, your grandmother has done nothing to redress and atone for the suffering of our ancestors that took place during her reign or during the entire period of the British trafficking of Africans, enslavement, indentureship and colonisation. OPAL - 00:32:20 CUTAWAY TO YOUNG GUY WITH DREAD LOCKS – 00:35:18 why is it that in Jamaica, people who wear their hair naturally are discriminated against in school? Why is it that in Jamaica, a predominantly black nation, that poor people who are black don't have land when their ancestors have built the British empire? BUTT TO ROSALEA – 00:30:23 We have a judicial system in which we still go to Britain for highest court of appeal. OPAL (18:09): We don't just want an apology because to a certain extent that is easy. We want to be compensated for the labor that our ancestors did that in fact enriched Britain and the British Empire. FILE OF PRINCE WILLIAM LIB 240322 RTV BRITAIN ROYALS JAMAICA WILLIAM SPEECH_SBS_ID_17665019 0:26 VO DURING PRINCE WILLIAM’S VISIT, HE CONVEYED A DEEP SADNESS AND REGRET BUT OPAL DIDN’T GET THE APOLOGY SHE WAS HOPING FOR UPSOT WILL APOLOGISING I want to express my profound sorrow BUTT TO Slavery was abhorrent and it should never have happened Opals house sit down DARREN (27:13): Do you feel like you're really at the forefront of correcting the wrongs of a 400 year long story? ROSALEA (27:23): I think we're at the backend. We are lead, we following our ancestors. And I wanna put it that way because this is not new, it's not a new conversation. In fact, it's a 528 year conversation ever since Columbus came to Jamaica. Opal chat GVs IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT COMPENSATION IT’S ABOUT ESTABLISHING JAMAICA’S IDENTITY BEYOND BRITAIN. A MOVEMENT THAT’S SPREADING THROUGOUT THE COMMONWEALTH OPAL (28:13): I also think there is a kind of international energy that's happening so that you have for us, not just the Caribbean, you also have Africa, you also have Asia. All of us now are speaking the same language and are pointing the same finger at the British Empire and what they've done to all of us. AUSTRALIA’S REPUBLIC MOVEMENT Darren meets Fozz at Queen Vic statue QVB BACK IN AUSTRALIA, THE REPUBLICAN MOVEMENT HAS ALSO BEEN STIRRING 00:09:50:07 - 00:09:53:13 DARREN Thanks for meeting me at this rather symbolic statue of Queen Victoria. AND CRAIG FOSTER IS AT THE COAL FACE DARREN REVERSAL 00:18:03:08 - 00:18:13:19 DARREN So what is it about this royal family that makes you feel countries like Jamaica and Australia should go their own way? 00:11:03:21 - 00:11:29:16 CRAIG FOSTER Well, what's changed in I think in probably the last 20 years, but an accelerated in the last few, is the journey that Australia is now taking with first nations and listening and coming to new understandings on our history If we look at, you know, our silence and our denial around the reality of dispossession and theft of the country, you know, what that's done is that's essentially kept us chained to that moment in 1788, all of us. DARREN AND FOZZ HYDE PARK WALKIES 01:33:20 – 01:36:55 CRAIG TALKS ABOUT RECONCILIATION AND EMANCIPATION – BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHY HE THINKS BECOMING A REPUBLIC CAN HELP THAT PROCESS DARREN AND FOZZ WALK TO COOK STATUE DARREN QUESTION REVERSAL 00:26:09:11 - 00:26:35:06 00:19:48:22 - 00:20:00:10 DARREN So statues like this of Captain Cook have been a bit of a focal point of anger on days like Australia Day. How do you think becoming a republic will help address some of that anger? 00:23:47:22 - 00:24:19:18 CRAIG FOSTER We need full independence to grow into our contemporary skin BUTT TO 00:24:55 - 00:25:13:18 CRAIG FOSTER genuine multiculturalism, in my view, means absolute equality and access for every cultural background, ethnicity and race in Australia. While ever we have a monarchy. As the head of state of this country, then that's not real. LIB 061199 REFERENDUM VOTE PKG_QUA_42400_1 SOURCE: SBS SYDNEY GVs of people campaigning 00:34 – 00:40 Malcolm Turnbull at Town Hall 00:00 – 00:07 John Howard voting 00:57 – 01:15 IN 1999, AUSTRALIA HELD A REFERENDUM THAT ASKED THE PUBLIC WHETHER AUSTRALIA SHOULD BECOME A REPUBLIC LIB 121099 AUSTRALIA REFERENDUM_SBS_ID_8443389 Yes and No adverts cleared for use by Rights Management UPSOT 99 yes campaign ad “let’s show the world we’ve come of age… vote yes for a republic” UPSOT 99 no campaign ad 01:32 “if you want to vote for the president, vote no to the politicians republic” LIB 071199 REFERENDUM SUNDAY PKG_QUA_42435 SOURCE: SBS SYDNEY BUT THE REFERENDUM FAILED TO WIN SUFFICIENT SUPPORT DARREN AND FOZZ SIT DOWN IV DARREN REVERSAL FOR THIS IF WE NEED IT 01:24:15 CRAIG FOSTER the 1999 referendum was an endorsement of Republicanism. Australia wanted a republic. What Australia didn't want was the form of republic put forward to the referendum by the Constitutional Convention, which was what Australians saw, rightly or wrongly, as a politician led head of State or republic. DARREN AND FOZZ SIT DOWN IV WAR MEMORIAL GVs + FLAGS WAVING 01:37:12 – 01:41:10 DARREN REVERSAL 01:20:50 – 01:21:08 Many Australians have a genuine and natural affection for the monarchy and what that represents in Australia's history and there’s a war memorial in this very park commemorating soldiers who died for some of those ideals, what does the Republican movement mean for those people who feel that way? 00:28:45:24 - 00:29:22:12 CRAIG FOSTER every aspect of Australian history has its own place. That's not to say that it has to be respected or loved. That's a matter for you and a matter for every Australian, for each of us to decide. DARREN REVERSAL 01:23:09 In Jamaica, a lot of the discussion inevitably comes to the concept of reparations for crimes in the past. Do you see that as part of the discussion here in Australia? 00:48:20 CRAIG FOSTER There's no question that I think once we get through this process … then all of these discussions certainly around apology and reparation that we're seeing in so many other former colonies, are a natural part of that journey. DARREN REVERSAL 01:26:57 So what are the next steps in this process? CRAIG FOSTER Yeah, um, and the Albanese government has proposed the referendum in their second term BUTT TO 00:43:23:16 - 00:43:57:13 CRAIG FOSTER Um, well this year the biggest challenge for the Republic movement is to start the conversation with Australia, but in a way that doesn't step in any way in front of First Nations having this really critically important conversation around the voice. BUTT TO 00:54:47:01 - 00:55:06:11 CRAIG FOSTER By the time we come 24, 25, 26 to a republic referendum, I think we're going to be much better as a nation at holding complexity in a conversation. BUTT TO 01:18:29 CRAIG FOSTER That moment when we step out into the world as our true selves, that's going to be one of the most powerful moments in our entire history. GOVERNMENT ACTION JA_DM_DAY_04 IV with Minister WHILE IT’S STILL EARLY DAYS FOR AUSTRALIA, JAMAICA’S PARLIAMENT HAS ALREADY MADE MOVES TOWARD BECOMING A REPUBLIC BUT TO THE ADVOCATES WAITING FOR CHANGE, PROGRESS SEEMS SLOW ----BUTT WITH PTC (37:54): I've come here to the office of the Prime Minister to get some answers. SIT DOWN IV WITH MINISTER STRAP: MARLENE MALAHOO FORTE Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs JA_DM_DAY_04 DARREN (47:59): Minister, thanks for speaking with us. Where is the government in this process of becoming a republic? MINISTER (18:53): We are far advanced in fact, we have had many attempts in the past. I myself have been surprised in looking at just how much work has been done, including a draft bill that actually exists to amend the constitution to replace now his majesty the king with a president of Jamaican origin. The work is far advanced. DARREN (50:04): What guarantees can you give that Jamaica will actually become a Republic? MINISTER (26:29): I understand the concerns because so many announcements have been made in the past. People are really wondering, will it happen this time? But I can only give the assurance that the work is being done and I will in short order announce to the parliament of Jamaica timelines that I hope to meet with the cooperation of all who are involved. DARREN (27:34): What do you hope can be achieved by setting this new course for Jamaica? MINISTER (27:57): We really have to take stock. We really have to redefine what it means to be Jamaican. What do we stand for? BUTT TO MINISTER (28:57): But I believe the people can do it with the right guidance and the right leadership. INDEPENDENCE AND IDENTITY Coronotion markets Jamaican murals Darren walking past Jimmy Cliff mural 01:28:33:20 JA_DM_DAY_07 00:04:13:16 – 00:09:35:13 - Bob Marley statue Upsot music THE REPUBLIC DEBATE IS DEEPLY CONNECTED TO THESE QUESTIONS OF IDENTITY – HOW COUNTRIES SEE THEMSELVES BEYOND BRITAIN A LARGE PART OF JAMAICA’S IDENTITY, HISTORY AND POLITICS IS HELD IN ITS MUSIC FROM THE SONGS OF RUNAWAY SLAVES .. TO REGGAE SENSATION BOB MARLEY JAMAICAN MUSIC HAS LONG BEEN A FORM OF POLITICAL PROTEST AND CULTURAL EXPRESSION JA_DM_DAY_05 - Bar scene 02:18:00:00 - Shots of musicians - People dancing - Darren watching band VO I’VE COME TO THIS REGGAE BAR TO ASK PEOPLE WHAT ROLE REGGAE, THE MUSIC OF PEOPLE, PLAYS IN THE COUNTRY’S FUTURE JA_DM_DAY_05 VOX 1 You can’t say reggae without Jamaica and you can’t say Jamaica without reggae. VOX 2 It has been one of its first modes of expression... even on the plantation, beating the drums and singing songs with even the maroons, you’d sing songs in a language that would reinforce the value of fighting and resisting. VOX 3 I think the adversities we’ve gone through are a part of our music, but it’s not just about the struggle. It’s about the joy. TONY REBEL IN STUDIO JA_DM_DAY_05 – Tony Rebel 01:01:40:20 - 02:18:00:00 – Tony Rebel House – Studio and IV - Markets - People dancing - Playing music JA_DM_DAY_05 TONY REBEL (01:45:13): Jamaican music is the backbone of our identity, is ... The music is created out of identifying who we really are. And we spread that across our nation unto the world. TONY REBEL (01:45:51): From being a rude boy to intellect, to a dancer, to a musician, to a farmer.... DARREN (01:48:13): Do you feel like Jamaica becoming a republic is the end of the story and the beginning of a new one? TONY REBEL (01:48:19): It won't be the end of the story, the colonial story, but at least we will start on a new trend and it will help us to carve our own niche into the world as a republic. So for the future, it is good. ST JAGO GVs VO COMING UP... MORE FROM JAMAICA... I HEAD TO THE COUNTRY’S MOST SUCCESSFUL SPRINT SCHOOL TO MEET THE STUDENTS CHASING OLYMPIC DREAMS AD BREAK DM_JAMAICA REPUBLIC_D3 02:47:07 Slow motion hero shots of the boys lining up and preparing for the race MORE ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC DM_JAMAICA REPUBLIC_D3 DEMARIO PRINCE (02:58:02): When you hit the line, you know... all the nerves, everything is there, all the emotion, you're right in the moment. You're in the blocks and right then and there, you know, it's time to go. (02:58:16): This is the time to show what you have really been doing. (02:58:27): The gun goes off and it's just electric. JAMAICA ON THE WORLD STAGE USAIN BOLT LIB 150816 RTV OLYMPICS RIO DAY 9 HIGHLIGHTS 7 BOLT_QUA_434716 ----- IOC-OWNED FOOTAGE ----- - USE ONLY 2 sec JAMAICAN FANS LIB 150816 RTV OLYMPICS RIO ATHLETICS FANS_QUA_434707 ATTRIBUTE: INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTE VO RECORD-BREAKING SPRINTERS LIKE USAIN BOLT Upsot fans cheering HAVE GIVEN JAMAICA ITS REPUTATION FOR ATHLETIC PROWESS THEY DOMINATE ON THE WORLD STAGE YOHAN BLAKE LIB 240812 ATHLETICS BLAKE BOLT PKG_QUA_317659 ----IAAF / WORLD ATHLETICS FOOTAGE --- - USE ONLY 2 sec ATTRIBUTE: WORLD ATHELETICS UNASSUMING SHOTS OF SCHOOL / FIELD DARREN ENTERS BUT MANY STAR ATHLETES LIKE YOHAN BLAKE STARTED OUT ON THE SAME TRACK... EXT ST JAGO HIGH SCHOOL - School main entrance - Jamaican flag - Shots of kids outside school 00:56:34 Darren looking at winning track record - Walking past trophies 01:04:20 - Trophies 01:05:27 ST JAGO HIGH SCHOOL HAS PUMPED OUT MORE OLYMPIC MEDALLISTS THAN ANY OTHER SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY I’VE COME TO FIND OUT HOW THEY DO IT AND SEE IF I STAND A CHANCE AGAINST THE NEXT GENERATION TITLE: SPRINT SCHOOL Darren Mara, Rhiona-Jade Armont, Simon Phegan DARREN’S SPORTING BACKGROUND YOUNG DARREN LOOKING SPORTY TBC FROM DARREN Push ups and running footage from THE FEED 2020 The End of Aging ep 1 4:54 – 5:02 I’VE BEEN A SPORTS FAN FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER I WAS AN AVID SOCCER PLAYER AS A YOUNG KID AND EVEN NOW I TRY TO STAY FIT BY CYCLING AND RUNNING... BUT FROM WHAT I’VE HEARD, TRAINING HERE AT ST JAGO IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART Sequence of Darren walking through halls of fame + close ups of trophies - Darren walking into the school 01:01:20 - Walking into office 01:03:54 Darren getting his St Jago bib 01:11:45 - 01:12:05 IF I’M GOING TO KEEP UP WITH THESE BOYS, I’LL NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET -- Darren getting his St Jago bib-- UPSOT 01:12:05 DARREN Will this make me go faster coach? COACH For sure. TRAINING BEGINS Darren walks onto the track, ties his shoes 01:14:47 Joins the boys’ training 01:18:35 DARREN UPSOT Yeah, I’m good. I’m good. Training montage + UPSOTS from Darren and boys 01:39:15 --Fist pumping the boys-- DARREN I don’t know if my legs can go this high coach. COACH Ok... Try. -- DARREN RUNNING AROUND, PUFFING -- DARREN 01:42:57 I can feel my heartbeat in my feet and I seem to be the only one sweating here. I really don’t know why... DARREN 01:42:20 Do you think I have a chance against him? -- AWKWARD PAUSE -- COACH No. DARREN You looked me deep in the eyes there... THESE KIDS ARE NATURAL ATHLETES, INCREDIBLY FIT - AND CLEARLY HAVE THE EDGE ON ME THE PHYSICAL -- PARACHUTE RACE, LADDER RUNS -- WEIGHTS  02:01:47  02:05:00  02:05:14  02:06:39  02:09:02 DARREN JOINS WEIGHTS: 02:13:34 CHIN UPS 02:07:52 MOST OF THEM ARE TRAINING 2-3HRS A DAY, UP TO 6 DAYS A WEEK BUT WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES THEIR TRAINING SO SPECIAL? 02:24:477 DARREN So, Coach... I want to learn to be an Olympic sprint champion. Is this the place to do it? COACH Definitely. -- COACH 02:25:00 I think over the years we have traditionally developed a formula that has contributed to the rich history that we have here in Jamaica. DARREN And what is that formula? COACH Well... DARREN Without giving the secrets away... COACH No, no no. There are commonalities across programmes where you want to train as systematically as possible and also take into consideration the individual needs. THE MENTAL THE PHYSICAL TRAINING TO GET TO THE TOP IS TAILORED TO EACH SPRINTER BUT YOUNG HOPEFUL JAHEENE BELL TELLS ME THERE’S MORE TO IT DM_JAMAICA REPUBLIC_D3 KEY IV (03:03:04) Jaheene in the stands with Darren DARREN (03:03:04): Why do you think it is that Jamaica produces so many top athletes? JAHEENE BELL (03:03:09): Well, I believe it's in the mind, you know? Um, you have to like, really want it to get it. And I believe like, wow, some good athletes out here really want it. So it shows on the track. DARREN (03:03:21): what creates that attitude, that desire here? JAHEENE BELL(03:03:28): Well, it depends on your background. (03:03:34): Like, if, if you're from like you're from like a background that's not really wealthy, it's like given more, um, motivation to do the track and field and excel. A PATHWAY OUT SPANISH TOWN SIGN // CLOSE UP 00:36:52 – 00:37:28 STRAP: JAHEENE BELL High school sprinter ST JAGO SCHOOL IS IN SPANISH TOWN, ABOUT 20 MINUTES OUTSIDE KINGSTON IT’S A POOR AREA, RIFE WITH CRIME SO PROGRAMMES LIKE THIS OFFER A PATHWAY OUT JAHEENE BELL (03:02:17): Why I do this basically is to get, um, scholarship to better myself and, uh, family basically. DARREN (03:02:23): What would it mean to your family if you can get that scholarship? JAHEENE BELL (03:02:26): It would mean a lot, you know, to take off the financial burden off my mom and my sisters and family members. FIGHTING FOR THEIR FUTURES, THESE ATHLETES ARE PUSHING THEMSELVES MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY HOPING IT ALL MAKES THE DIFFERENCE WHEN IT’S TIME TO RACE FINAL RACE HERO SHOTS AT THE STARTING LINE WITH DARREN IN THE MIX DM_JAMAICA REPUBLIC_D3 02:47:07 THEY TAKE OFF FOR FINAL RACE THE BOYS HAVE LET ME JOIN THEIR LINE-UP FROM WHAT I’VE SEEN OF THEIR TRAINING, I KNOW NOW I DON’T STAND A CHANCE LINING UP FOR FINAL RACE – SHAKING OUT, GETTING LOOSE BUT HERE, AMONG US, COULD BE JAMAICA’S NEXT SPRINTING LEGEND -- THEY SPRINT OFF TO DISTANCE-- END
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