Cryptocurrencies, thanks to these digital currencies, some have become millionaires.


The media and social networks love these stories.




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These examples are the envy of many.


And the scammers have understood this.


Fake cryptocurrency investment platforms have become their favorite toy.


This forty-year-old from Geneva went through one of them.


He lost a lot of money.


His family doesn't know about it and he doesn't want to be recognized.


ITV Testimonial 1

"It started with small amounts of $250 to earn between $10 and $20"


The person on the other end of the line then encourages them to invest more.


ITV Testimonial 1

"So at the beginning it's $2,500



TITLE: Who Wants to Lose Millions?


Adrien Schopfer heads the Vaud brigade that fights against cybercrime.


Here, investigations are carried out using lines of code, behind large screens.


We show him the CT MAtador investment platform through which our Genevan has invested more than 200,000 francs.


She is always online, and the police officer knows her well.


It also claimed victims in the canton of Vaud.



Adrien Schopfer

Vaud Cantonal Police



"CT Matador"


But victims usually don't know much about finance.


And once money is sent to fraudulent platforms, nothing is actually invested.


Sometimes, small amounts are paid out to build confidence, and fake charts make it look like profits.


ITV Schopfer

"Graphic design"


There are hundreds of these fake websites, with different names and appearances.


This makes investment scams the number 1 problem for the Vaud police officer.


ITV Schopfer

"Ah, we're talking millions"


In total, in the canton of Vaud, 14 million people have been lost, with more than a hundred cases in 2022.


Elsewhere in Switzerland, the situation is the same: 8 million in the canton of Geneva.

€40 million for the one in Zurich.


In Switzerland last year, 114 million Swiss francs were lost for more than 1200 cases.


According to the police contacted, the figures for 2023 will be even higher.




And to attract the Swiss to these fake platforms, the technique is tried-and-tested.



Adrien Schopfer

Vaud Cantonal Police


ITV Schopfer

"It's using fake pages on the internet"





Replace the shot with Alain Berset with the shot with Philippe Revaz at 4s in the file:




Fake websites with Swiss celebrities...

This pensioner from Valais also fell for it.


ITW victime valais

"I was on the internet with my cell phone"


The retiree agrees.


The one who presents himself as his trader then pushes him to invest more and more.


ITW victime valais

"I sometimes have phones 3 times a day"


His third pillar and an inheritance goes through it, i.e. more than 100 thousand francs.

ITW victime valais

"Really shameful."


We are trying to get in touch with the people behind these fake investment sites.


After some research, we came across an article that copied the RTS website.


He touts a miracle platform, with which one could make a lot of money.




After checking with experts: it is indeed a scam.


We decide to provide our phone number.


After only about ten minutes, we receive a call, with a Swiss number.


SOUND "Yes hello.. my name is Olivier, I'm calling you from InvestMarket"



Hello, my name is...

I'm calling you from InvestMarket



Of course, of course,

There's no problem.

So, actually, it's very simple.

It's a robot that makes the investment for you.

Okay, so it's going to open and close the positions,

And he's going to shut them down when it's most profitable for you.

All right?



It is important to remember that this is not a payment.

It's an investment.

So the money will always be yours,

it's your investment.

That's why you need proof of identity and proof of address.

After that, once all that is done, everything is autonomous.

So at that time, you'll be at peace,

You can always go to your app to see if you have any winnings.

Once you have earnings,

You can withdraw your money, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

It only takes two to three days for it to arrive in your bank account.



That is not the case, sir.

This is not the case.

You can withdraw your money at any time.

It's your money.

And there's no one who's going to tell you what to do with your money.

After all, you can't make everyone happy.

It is, after all, a financial institute



We've been active in Switzerland for 20 years, sir.

That's why you can only make the deposit with a Swiss card.






No, I told you,

the head office is in Cyprus,

All right?





The man on the other end of the line is looking for money and promises us quick wins.


"It's very simple... in your bank account."


We share our doubts and the comments of many victims who say they have never been able to find their money.


"That's not the case, sir... You can withdraw your money at any time"


But according to our research, the platform has no presence in Switzerland.

It is in fact based in Cyprus.


We decide to confront our interlocutor.


"The head office is in Cyprus..."


Suspicious, the employee hangs up on us.


Cyprus would therefore be one of the countries that host these fake platforms.


When contacted, the Cypriot police confirmed that they were investigating the Investmarket investigation:



"We can't comment on this particular company because investigations are ongoing.


We expect the Swiss authorities to send us a specific request for mutual legal assistance."



The investigations are therefore well and truly being carried out at the international level.


Other countries are concerned.



source: Europol


Here, the Lithuanian and Bulgarian police show arrests in two call centers.


A criminal network dismantled last April has claimed more than 30,000 victims, for nearly 90 million euros in damages.


These arrests and seizures are ultimately the only way to recover some money for the victims.


But often, it has already been cleared.



Adrien Schopfer

Vaud Cantonal Police


ITV Schopfer

"What's quite complicated is that"


For the cantonal police, it is difficult to carry out such actions abroad.


Especially for small cantons that have few resources to fight cybercrime.


ITV Schopfer

"It's a form of organised crime"


An appointment was therefore made in Bern, with the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland, who was accused of being too passive in the face of this cybercrime.


The attorney general was keen to respond personally to the criticism.



Stefan Blättler

Attorney General of Switzerland


ITV Blättler

"Cyber cannot be the award criteria... This can't be the solution, I think."


In the face of investment scams, the federal government's investigators do not seem to want to play too much.


The Swiss will therefore have to rely on the cooperation of the cantonal police forces,

but also be more suspicious, and not always believe what our screens tell us.




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