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  • Belgium - My Jihad (HD) - 52 min (16 November 2015)

    In the last year over 400 Belgian Muslims have travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS. This film investigates why so many young Belgians are becoming radicalised, and how leaders of the Muslim community are attempting to combat it.

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  • World - How To Save The World (HD) - 55 min (23 November 2015)

    As climate change continues to threaten our future, we travel around the world to explore the ways that young entrepreneurs are coming up with creative solutions, offering a fresh and positive insight into this global issue.

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  • Nigeria - Almajiri Is Begging (HD) - 10 min (23 November 2015)

    In Northern Nigeria, millions of children live in the Almajiri system. By night they memorise the Qur'an, and by day they beg for food and money. We meet the Almajiri children trapped in a cycle of poverty and extremist influences.

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  • World - Monster Salmon and Butterflies - 58 min (9 December 2015)

    We already eat GM crops, but now GM Salmon, designed to grow faster and larger than ordinary salmon, is coming onto the market. Are these 'Frankenfish' a danger or a blessing for our environment?

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  • World - My Life as a Female Bodybuilder (HD) - 6 min (30 October 2015)

    Tired of trying to look like a skinny cover model, Rene Campbell found new self-esteem as a pro-bodybuilder. But is the self-confessed "bigorexic" pushing her body too far in her pursuit for perfection?

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