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  • Iraq - Saving Baghdad - 8 min (21 July 2014)

    As ISIS take more and more Iraqi territory, this report goes on patrol with a Shia military group preparing to defend the capital. With minimal training and equipment, can they withstand the jihadi storm?

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  • Myanmar - A New Dawn - 25 min (21 July 2014)

    Since the stifling junta eased its grip on the nation, dramatic change is evident in some parts of Myanmar while in other corners deprivation prevails. Can it harness the new commercial influx to benefit everyone?

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  • World - Edward Snowden: Exclusive Interview - 13 min (17 July 2014)

    Edward Snowden talks exclusively to the Guardian about whether he is a Russian spy, his likely fate if he returns to the US, and the relevance of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four in the age of Google.

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  • World - Lost: MH370 - 43 min (19 May 2014)

    Malaysia Airlines dominates the news again with its second fatal crash in five months. This probing report forensically examines what happened to flight MH370, throwing up several uncomfortable questions.

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  • Israel/Palestine - Cleansing Gaza - 14' min (28 January 2011)

    In this revealing 2011 report Israeli soldiers spoke for the first time about their orders to target civilians in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. That 2009 incursion has many similarities with today's attack.

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  • Denmark - European Jihadi (HD) - 30 min (7 July 2014)

    From the streets of Copenhagen to the Syrian frontline, witness the gangster and drug dealer Abderrozak Benarabe's brutal jihad experience as he is smuggled across borders to battle the Assad regime.

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