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  • Iraq - Yazidis: Eight Months On (HD) - 10 min (30 March 2015)

    Last summer 7000 Yazidis were kidnapped by Islamic State. Women and girls were abducted, imprisoned and sold into slavery. Eight months on, several survivors speak openly about their traumatic experience.

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  • Saudi Arabia - Secret Uprising (HD) - 10 min (30 March 2015)

    The Houthi takeover in Yemen is of most concern to Saudi Arabia because of their own Shia instability. In the oil-rich Eastern Saudi province a 3-year Shia uprising has been raging, hidden from the world.

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  • Nigeria - The Hunt for Boko Haram (HD) - 52 min (19 August 2014)

    Boko Haram's brand of violence and destruction has spread terror in Nigeria. But Nigerian forces engaged in fighting the group may be guilty of war crimes every bit as shocking as the militants they denounce.

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  • Yemen - The Rise of the Houthis (HD) - 43 min (18 March 2015)

    In Yemen, Houthis have seized control but still face formidable opposition from groups linked to Islamic State. In this gripping film a brave female journalist crosses the front lines to explore a complex proxy conflict.

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  • Iran - Iran and the Bomb - 33 min (6 February 2012)

    The West says Iran is making a nuclear bomb. Tehran says they're treating cancer. This investigation cuts to the heart of a political maelstrom, uncovering truths, lies and shocking allegations.

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  • Afghanistan - Exclusive pre-capture footage of Bowe Bergdahl - 5 min (26 March 2015)

    US army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl released by the Taliban in 2014 has been formally charged with desertion. In exclusive footage filmed by Sean Smith in eastern Afghanistan, see Bergdahl in 2009 days before his capture by the Taliban at the small base he was stationed at. His fellow soldiers are filmed questioning the overall purpose of their mission

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