Australia - Pacific Despair - 20 min 29 sec (3 February 2003)  

We bring you an exclusive report filmed in the Australian asylum processing centre, where detainees have seized control of the camp and driven out their guards.

The isolated pacific island of Nauru seemed the perfect place to detain and process asylum seekers. Denied access to lawyers or journalists, detainees have been interned in a state of limbo for over 16 months. On Christmas Eve, a riot broke out at the camp that left many of the guards injured. Since then, all services and personnel have been withdrawn and the asylum seekers left to fend for themselves. We cant take it anymore. Its been a month since we had food or water, despairs one detainee. Mothers have been reduced to drinking rainwater and feeding their children expired milk. Access to medical services are severely restricted and the overwhelming feeling in the camp is one of despair. I want to die. I dont have any future, states one inmate. Unless the Australian government reassesses its policy, the plight of these asylum seekers can only worsen.



(Ref: 1498)