Portrait of Muslim Women

Portrait of Muslim Women A collection of intimate and enlightening portraits that will disband many gender and religious stereotypes.
00.01.59: Horse riding on beach
00.02.20: Women tearing up a sheet
00.02.27: Washing the dead
00.02.34: Digging a grave
00.03.18: Interview with woman whose sun was shot by gangsters
00.04.08: Muslim funeral
00.05.14: Woman singing and playing guitar
00.05.55: Interview with Yumna Vallie about women singing
00.06.54: Interview with Maheerah Gamieldien about the stigma attached to Muslim women wearing scarves
00.09.49: Young women discussing modern marriages and the family pressures
00.11.20: Mama Rushda talking about African Muslims
00.13.20: Galima Ajouhaar talking about her poetry, and the difference between spirituality and rituality
00.15.28: Amina Benjamin's Moulood Jam'ah
00.16.42: Sulayla Appleby, presenter of "Voice of the Cape", talking about women's radio
00.18.31: Young woman talking about her marriage contract and her feelings about her husband having more than one wife
00.20.20: Fatima Erasmus talking about her disability and the fight to look after her daughter
00.22.35: Fatima talking about meeting her second husband
00.24.21: Woman talking about horse riding
00.25.24: The women who feed the poor
00.26.10: "Millie" talking about why Muslim women cannot have more than one woman: because they have a womb
00.26.21: End credits
00.27.59: End

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