China Dissident - Who's Afraid of Wei Jingsheng?

China Dissident - Who's Afraid of Wei Jingsheng? Mr Wei was jailed for 18 years for writing an article that criticised the then-Premier Deng Xiao Ping. Now, he is a leading figure in China's democracy movement and has hit the campaign trail in the months before the Beijing Games.
We join Mr Wei on the road in London, as he spruiks his message to sympathetic (and not so sympathetic) audiences.

Along the way, Mr Wei is introduced to British politicians who are happy to meet with him, but only in private. He also speaks to Chinese students, some of whom applaud him, but others heckle. He says they were ordered to do so by the Chinese embassy.

They say they don't agree with his message. "He was just misleading us, misleading foreign countries to get them to overturn the Chinese government," one student says.


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