Bear Dreams

Bear Dreams Worldwide, bears are still being subjected to extreme cruelty. Harrowing images of bears performing circus acts and being attacked by wild dogs for sport begs the question: when will this cruelty end?
When Jill Robinson held the paw of a caged bear in China, she became determined to help end this sort of cruelty. 'She really started the whole dream of the China Bear Rescue' explains Jill tearfully, remembering her encounter. 'She started a goal that we are never, never going to give up on until we've ended bear farming in China.' Yet the shocking treatment of bears is not restricted to China. In Russia bears are woken from hibernation and killed so their cubs can be taken and sold. Whilst in India, metal rings are forced through the bears' noses and they are prodded to 'dance for the tourists'. A shocking and sad report.

A film by Savas Karakas

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