Garbage Island

Garbage Island VBS join a crew on a trip to the Northern Gyre, a Texas-sized section of the Pacific Ocean irretrievably clogged with garbage that will never go away. After a week of sailing, to reach one of the remotest points on earth, they land upon a giant pool of chemical soup with bits and whole chunks of refuse that will never biodegrade.

The message is clear, once the plastic becomes small enough to be consumed by jellyfish it moves back up the food chain to us. We are in fact 'eating our own refuse', filled with toxins and chemicals that cause an absurd amount of health problems including cancer and genetic mutations, to name a few.

01:00:14 - Open sea of the North Pacific Gyre, sails of ship
01:00:37 - Dolphins swimming through water
01:04:25 - Boats in harbour Long Beach California
01:10:54 - Sail boat coming into harbour
01:11:48 - Orcas
01:14:13 - Underwater snorkelling
01:14:51 - Scuba diving in deep blue
01:20:16 - Beautiful sunset at sea
01:22:30 - Night-diving
01:26:47 - Dolphins
01:43:07 - Collecting rubbish in the water
01:54:57 - Sea pollution, old net in water, underwater shots
01:55:03 - Lifting huge knot of old nets out of sea
01:58:50 - Lowering the nets on rough seas
02:03:24 - Pulling into harbour
02:04:27 - Rubbish polluted beaches Hawaii
02:06:43 - Sunset at sea


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