The Julian Assange Show: Episode 1

The Julian Assange Show: Episode 1 A freedom fighter to some, a terrorist to others, this is Hassan Nasrallah's his first interview in the West since 2006. From a secret location in Lebanon, Nasrallah gives Assange a rare and frank insight into his vision for the future of the Middle East.

"This is exactly what America and Israel want for Syria", Nasrallah insists. He also blames Al Qaeda for "trying to turn Syria into a battleground". He's certainly not holding back, and with Assange throwing the questions the revelations keep on coming. He believes in Bashar al Assad: "I personally found that President Assad was very willing to carry out radical and important reforms. But the opposition needs to agree to dialogue." But it's not only Syria that's on the agenda. He vehemently denies allegations of corruption pointed at Hezbollah. "This is part of the rumours that they wanted to use to discredit Hezbollah and distort its image. It's part of the media war against us." What about Hezbollah's violent past? "Hezbollah resorted to bombing civilians only to prevent Israel from shelling our civilians" he says. So what is next for Hezbollah's campaign against Israel? And what does Nasrallah really want for the future of the region?

Episode 1: Hassan Nasrallah

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