The 'Hillbilly Heroin' epidemic that's slowly rotting the soul of rural America

Oxyana Once a thriving mining community, now a destitute hinterland ravaged by its addiction to a prescription painkiller: the West Virginian town of Oceana is a portentous glimpse of the American dream, collapsed. It''s home to high-school girls with $800-a-day habits, former miners who turned to dealing to make ends meet, and pregnant women selling their bodies for another fix. Dubbed 'Hillbilly Heroin', the drug Oxycontin is slowly rotting the soul of rural America.

Laurel Winner - Best New Documentary Director, Tribeca Film Festival, 2013

The Producers

Sean Dunne makes his feature film directing debut with Oxyana. Dunne has directed five previous award-winning and Emmy nominated short documentaries. Hailed as the "master of fringe Americana" for his ability to realistically capture half-mythical corners of the country, Dunne's approach to documentary is to give his subjects the ease and opportunity to find their own voices and his viewers the freedom to form their own conclusions.

Making The Film

It wasn't long after I first set foot in Oceana that I knew something wasn't right. In fact, something was desperately wrong. So we started to ask questions, and we started to get answers, all pointing towards a familiar narrative. Greed that led to over-prescribing pharmaceuticals that led to addiction that led to poverty, lawlessness and hopelessness. Each story we've heard is more harrowing and haunting than the previous. Here is a place that represents our failures as a country, a microcosm of everything that's gone wrong in the American Dream.

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