Fatherland In rural South Africa, the far-right Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) is clinging onto Apartheid-era politics. They're training thousands of youth in military-style bootcamps to take up their cause of a separate white state.
"God, our people, and Fatherland". This, according to the Bernard family, is what the AWB stands for. A deeply religious family, they form part of the small but determined minority of Afrikaner people who still wear their apartheid-era politics on their sleeve. Now, for the first time, their 15-year-old son known as Sparky will attend Kommando core, an AWB 'endurance' camp for white youngsters. By day, the young attendees are pushed to their physical limits, while by night they are subjected to lectures on white supremacy, sowing the seeds of old hatreds in a new generation. "Burn, bastard burn", they chant as they set alight the South African flag.

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