Digital Dissidents

The warriors of the digital age fighting for transparency and privacy in the technological world

Digital Dissidents Never has the role of the whistleblower been more in the public eye. They are the warriors of the digital age, fighting for transparency and privacy in an advancing technological world. Why do they risk everything to do it and can their cause be called a patriotic duty? Critics condemn their actions and claim they endanger our security, others celebrate them as heroes. A fresh insight into those called to serve a complex, life-changing mission.

Laurel Official Selection - Raindance Film festival 2015
Laurel Official Selection - Montreal World Film Festival 2015


The Producers

Gebreuder Beetz Filmproduktion has produced more than 120 high-quality documentaries and documentary films for the international market and is, according to branch leader “Realscreen”, one of the 100 most important independent production companies worldwide. The company’s productions regularly screen in the competitions of all international A-festivals and have won multiple respected awards.

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